On the show, people said; The city council has not been able to solve the problems for years. On the show, people said; The city council has not been able to solve the problems for years

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Officials responding to people’s problems.

In order to bring the problems of each district of Sikar city to the officials and public representatives, the Rubaru program initiated by the Dainik Bhaskar group was organized at the All India school. In the program, people from 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 and 13 explained to councilors and officials the problems of their neighborhoods.

The neighborhoods included in today’s program are the densely populated neighborhoods of Sikar, mainly the issue of cleanliness, broken roads, dirty water supply problem. People say that instead of advocating for people in the neighborhood, councilors take more in favor of government department officials. The city council has not been able to solve many problems over the years.

Sewer chambers not covered for many years

Mohd Salim Tanwar del Ward No. 11 said sewer chambers are open in many places in the area. Where the roofs are mounted in the chamber. Its level is much higher than that of the road. The same road went to put the sewer but it was not repaired. Electrical wires are hung in many places in the room. In this situation, a serious accident can occur at any time. Even at the time of the election of deputies and deputies, the candidates were informed of this, but even after two or three years no attention has been paid so far.

Response to Mahesh Kumar, Municipal Council Revenue Officer : Sewer chambers are not made according to the level of the road but according to the flow. Once the work is completed, the chamber is only covered after checking the water flow. And the room is level from the road. The city’s sewer works are yet to be completed. This problem will disappear when the job is finished.

The children became ill from drinking dirty water in room 6

Abdul Latif Bisti, a resident of neighborhood number 6, said dirty water has been reaching the town for the past 20 days. The situation has become such that many children have become ill. People need to install water purification machines in their homes for drinking water. The situation is that people do not want to drink government water. Several times the officials of the water supply department were informed. But so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Response from Navya Chaudhary, official of the water supply department A complaint has been received about the matter. Checking. Dirty water does not come from the water supply but from the sewer. which is mixed. All supply will be checked. So that it is possible to know where, due to the leaks, the water from the sewer reaches the water supply of the water supply department.

Transformer installed in the drain of room number 5.

Transformer installed in the drain itself, there is always a risk of accident

Prem Sihotara, of room number 5, said the electricity department has a transformer installed in the one-foot drain near his home. There are a dozen such houses around. For whom this is the common way. In this situation, there is always fear of the accident.

Response to JEN Harendra Bajia of the Department of Electricity : The matter will be reported to the department. Work will begin to move the transformer to another location.

Irshad Bahleem, resident of neighborhood number 6.

Irshad Bahleem, resident of neighborhood number 6.

Always overflowing drains, broken roads and dirty water supply

Irshad Bahleem, from room number 6, said that for the past more than two weeks, dirty water has been supplied to the room. The councilor has also been informed of this. But so far no department official has come to do the check. In the name of cleaning, the drain is only cleaned by removing 1-2 covers from the drains. The rest of the ditches remain overflowing. Due to a hitch, there is a power outage for two to two hours. An electrical transformer has been installed in front of a school in the area. People are always afraid of accidents.

Response to Mahesh Kumar Rao, Municipal Council Revenue Officer : Cleaning work will start tomorrow.

Navya Chaudhary’s response to the water supply department Water samples are being taken from Ward. The sewer water mixing point on the water supply line will be detected and rectified.

Response from Harendra Bajia of the electricity department : The power cut problem will be fixed soon. The issue of transformer displacement will be discussed with the department.

Sharif Chauhan, resident of neighborhood number 11.

Sharif Chauhan, resident of neighborhood number 11.

Worse than Nawalgarh Road in the Bakra Mandi area

Sharif Chauhan, of Ward No. 11, said that dirty water arrives at the Mohalla merchant. So far the water supply department has not even done the research here. During the rains, water from the Bakra Mandi area should flow from Din Mohammad Road to Buchani. But the water next to Buchani reaches the Bakra Mandi area. During the rains, there is an even more fattening situation than Nawalgarh Road for hours. Even when there is no rain, the drains always overflow. The road was excavated for sewer work but was not re-laid. The city council and the councilor were informed several times of the problem. But no one will listen. Iron roofs are also not installed in some drains. When AEN calls Wahid for this, he doesn’t even pick up the phone. The house has not even been rented. There is electricity on an electric pole in the living room. Call the three vehicles in the department. but the numbers stay out

Response to Mahesh Kumar, Municipal Council Revenue Officer The water supply department is investigating the raw water supply. Cleaning work in the town will start smoothly from tomorrow. On the other hand, if the housing documentation is complete, then the lease of the State Grant will be done comfortably. Anyway, Sikar City Council is number one in the entire state in issuing leases.

Response to JEN Harendra Bajia of the Department of Electricity : When the electricity department team comes to investigate, there are people who oppose it. If any staff member does not pick up the phone call me. Work will begin immediately.

Mohammad Ali Khatri, resident of room number 5.

Mohammad Ali Khatri, resident of room number 5.

Drainage block for 6 years

Mohammad Ali Khatri, of District 5, said the sewer works in the hall have been completed. However, drains are always clogged. During the rains in the Bakra Mandi area, between 2 and 3 feet of water remain full for hours. For the past 8 years, no officer or leader will be in charge. The drainage drain near Chauhan Tent House on Deen Mohammad Road was blocked by the City Council. When city officials were informed of this, they said work would begin after the rains. 6 years have passed since then. But so far the drainage block is lying. The city council talks about making preparations before the monsoon, but in 6 years they did not understand to start the drainage canal again.

Response to the city prosecutor : Submit the complaint in writing to the city council. This will allow us to know the action to be taken in the event of a complaint. There is no sewer connection in the room yet. In this situation, the work of covering the drains is still to be done. This issue will be resolved once all connections are completed. Along with this, the drain block will also be opened after the works start in a day or two.

There is no way out of a dozen houses in the room

Akhtar Ali from room number 4 said that there is no path from Mohammad Ali’s house to Munni Bai’s house in the room. When we talk about this with the councilor, the answer is that the budget is over.

Response to Mahesh Kumar Rao, Municipal Council Revenue Officer Road construction is a long process. This will be reported to senior city officials. After that, work will begin shortly by tender.

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