Parsi population: the government celebrates the marriage of young Parsi and not only interest in children, but also through online dating: emphasis on “online dating” to encourage single marriage of 30 percent of adults eligible in the Parsi community

New Delhi: The population of Parsis in our country has decreased. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of interest in marriage among young Parsis. The situation is that about 30 percent of married adults in this less populous minority community are single. This is why, under the “Jio Parsi” scheme of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, emphasis is placed on “online dating” and advice to motivate Parsi men and women. Shernaz Cama, director of the Parzor Foundation, the implementing body for this scheme, said that people in the Parsi community should be encouraged to marry and have children, as the total fertility rate in this community is of about 0.8 per pair. An average of 800 people die each year against an average of 200 to 300 births, which is much worse for Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians.

The government gives 5 million rupees every year
According to the new National Survey of Family Health and Welfare, the total fertility rate is 1.94 in the Hindu community, 2.36 in the Muslim community, 1.88 in the Christian community and 1.61 in the Sikh community . According to the 2011 Indian census, the population of the Parsi community in the country was 57,264, more than the 1,14,000 in 1941. The Ministry of Minority Affairs had launched the ‘Jio Parsi’ plan on November 2013 with the aim of balancing the population of the Parsi community and increasing the total fertility rate, for which a budget of 4 to 5 million rupees is provided each year. This ministry scheme is implemented by an organization called ‘Parzor Foundation’ in partnership with some other Parsi organizations.

Shernaz Cama, the organization’s top official, said: “Since the launch of the Jiyo Parsi program so far (July 15), our efforts have produced 376 children, which is more than the average of 200 children born in the Parsi community every year He says the main reason for the low birth rate of children in the Parsi community is single adults.

“The study found that about 30 percent of adults in the Parsi community are unmarried even though they are eligible for marriage. About 30 percent of those who marry have an average of one child. about 30% of the population is over the age of 65. In the Parsi community, the average age of marriage for women is 28 and that for men is 31.

know the reason
According to him, “The main reason for not getting married is the strong feeling of independent living among young people, especially women. Young Parsis have a responsibility to take care of the elderly, so they cannot get married. The situation is that every young couple has the responsibility of caring for eight to eight elderly people, although the government gives a monthly allowance of four thousand rupees to people earning less than 10 lakh rupees to take care of the people. big, which is not enough … ‘

Shernaz, an associate professor at Lady Shri Ram College, also reported that not only were many marriages celebrated during the Kovid period, but a large number of children were also born. He said that thanks to the efforts made under the ‘Jio Parsi’ program, 61 children were born in 2020 and 60 in 2021.

When asked what efforts are being made to encourage young Parsi people to get married, he said: “In the Covid era, we started ‘online dating’ which has worked well. There were a break in between when our advisors started working in the field.Now resuming this “online dating”.

Elaborating on the modus operandi of arranging “online dating” for the purpose of marriage, Shernaz said, “Our counselors attend community events at the local level about the likes and dislikes of men and women seeking marriage, the expectations and expectations of their future spouses. “Some others collect personal data. After that, these people are presented through an online medium. These people decide at their discretion regarding marriage. We only provide them with a platform to choose a life partner.

The government celebrates marriage
Under the “Jio Parsi” scheme, not only “online dating” is offered, but also marriage counseling services and face-to-face meetings “marriage meetings” are also organized. Shernaz said: “Parsi adults who are determined not to get married receive advice to prepare them for marriage. We also have a worthy success in this. He says many Parsi couples face problems such as infertility due to marriage at an older age, so they are offered an annual assistance of up to 8 lakh rupees each for “IVF” and many modern medical services.

Social conservatism is also a major challenge in maintaining the balance of the population in the Parsi community. For example, if a Parsi woman marries a man of another religion, her child will not be counted in the Parsi community, despite the couple’s wishes. On this, Shernaz Cama says, ‘There is nothing religious in conservatism that is seen. These are the rules made by the male-dominated society. Religious institutions and courts must also decide on this.

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