People say we try animals in the movies, but they are a piece of the liver, our children. Bollywood Mumbai dog trainer success story; Mere Kutte, Kutte Nahi … Actor Hai

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I am Asif Khan, a resident of Bombay. Most of the dogs you see in Hindi movies and commercials are my own dogs. I raised them from a young age. I teach work, but one by one everyone leaves me.

Without them the heart cries. I do the work like my kids do, then one day they leave me and leave. My Bruno, Sheru, Tommy, Sam … they’re all gone. Dad and I cry remembering the dogs. The father loves dogs so much that he doesn’t even let anyone call him a dog.

The story of making dogs a family member is years old. The father had come to visit Bombay from Hyderabad with his parents. During this time he separated from his parents. He was about 3 years old.

Someone left the father crying on the road after taking him to the orphanage. He grew up in an orphanage, studied there. After the tenth, he was asked to leave the orphanage. Dad grabbed his two clothes from there and headed back to the road.

After walking down the sidewalk, did you start thinking about what you can do? He began the work of walking the dogs of old people. As he turned, he began to teach them things like getting up, sitting, running.

Dad’s life started happening with dogs. Little by little they were learning the language of dogs and dogs their language. One day the father was giving an order to a dog, while passing by, a film producer saw him.

Did you ask the pope who will give you this dog for his movie? The father immediately said yes. Thus began the journey of our dogs working in the movies. Animal Gurukul started.

My dad started the job of supplying animals to the movies. He first got a job in the film Ziddi.

Sunny Deol’s film ‘Ziddi’ was first found in 1994-95. The father initially had 4 dogs. We stayed in one room. There lived 4 dogs and some cats. I wanted to dedicate myself to filmmaking, but given the inverted filming schedule, I thought it appropriate to do my father’s job.

Dad considers dogs the same as us from childhood. love very much The issue does not end here. If a worker leaves work, his father cries and stops him. They say don’t leave my dogs.

Since 2015 I took over this business from my father. We now had 25 dogs, 10 cats, many cows, parrots and horses. Today my dogs go from Yash Raj Films to Hollywood movies. I am the general manager of this company.

In fact, people say we try animals in the movies, but they’re not animals to us, they’re a piece of liver, our children. To raise and teach animals you have to be animal to animal. If you’re not passionate, you can’t raise an animal. Here, we take out the hardest jobs from our animals.

I still remember those days. he was 18 years old. I had my Jack (dog name) with me. In fact, Jack had a shoot in Belapur. We were very poor. We had no car. He took Jack in the taxi. Thinking of me as a child, the taxi driver dropped me off at the shooting site and started asking for the full fare. There was a discussion between the two of us why does it take me so far? As soon as the taxi driver turned to me, Jack attacked him. The taxi driver fled without paying any fees. That day I felt like my pet would always stay by my side.

Even today when I am sitting alone, I feel a desire! Bring my four dogs back. I miss my Bruno, Sheru, Tommy and Sam so much. The film industry knows me by Bruno. Bruno came out on screen with MS Dhoni in the Orient Fan ad.

The film industry knows me by Bruno.  Bruno came out on screen with MS Dhoni in the Orient Fan ad.

The film industry knows me by Bruno. Bruno came out on screen with MS Dhoni in the Orient Fan ad.

After that, Bruno worked on many big commercials and movies. My son didn’t listen to my words as much as Bruno did. He also worked on the film Entertainment by actor Akshay Kumar. In addition to this, he was also the hero of the television series Gabbar Poonch Wala Baalveer.

Bruno was two months old when he brought her from Delhi. With a lot of hard work, he taught her to get up and sit, about work. Bruno used to do the work of other dogs working in 25-25 dams. He taught her everything from picking up the ball to opening the rope, swimming, opening the fridge, going up and down.

Producers used to have long queues to cast Bruno in the movies, they had to wait a long time. Because kids are our pride, Bruno was my pride.

I remember Metro Shoes had a very challenging ad. Bruno had to work with Sidharth Malhotra. The scene was like this: Bruno had to bring a pair of Metro shoes to Sidharth Malhotra from the middle of a frame of about 200 shoes.

I thought it was time for Bruno to take the test. Because, out of 200 pairs of shoes, it is a difficult task to pick up the subway shoes and give them to Malhotra. He took Bruno aside and explained. He showed it and recounted it. When filming began, Bruno went to get the same shoes and gave them to Malhotra.

Tears welled up in my eyes. Whenever I went anywhere, I would get very angry if people called him a dog. That means I just point my dog ​​from behind the curtain and he runs away, comes after doing this scene. Who does so much for someone …

After the age of 10, Bruno began to grow old. It was hard for him to sit. Then we would sit in one place, but after aging as if we couldn’t get our parents out of the house. He couldn’t get his Bruno out like that. Finally one day my Bruno is gone. For me, his departure was like the passing of which member of the house. Bruno was my pride.

I remember a separate dressing table was provided for Bruno. An air-conditioned room was provided. Like other actors, my dogs are actors too. I take them on the same flight. My dogs are my children. The directors love to see them.

These dogs are my children.  When they leave us one by one, I cry a lot.  If only!  My Bruno, Sheru, Tommy, Sam ... would come back.

These dogs are my children. When they leave us one by one, I cry a lot. If only! My Bruno, Sheru, Tommy, Sam … would come back.

I remember KC Bokadia went to London to see a dog for Teri Mehrabaniyan Part 2. Then he came to me and immediately liked my Rocky. Rocky died of kidney failure.

So was Tommy. I used to shoot four or four in a day. Sheru used to appear in the Udaan series. In one day, my dog ​​used to earn 15,000 rupees. So much so that no one’s children earn so much in one day. I break up when my kids leave me.

They have to do the work from bathing to washing the toilet. Right now I have dogs on Zoya Akhtar’s web series ‘The Archies’. My Tommy worked at ‘Lal Kaptaan’.

My dogs grow up, but I keep them with the same dignity. I give everyone the same treatment and food. Liv-52, calcium is included daily in your food. There is meat. When it feeds me all my life, I can’t leave it in its old age.

The 25 dogs live in the same place. Today my poodle is earning a lot. My dog ​​saved Dad from drowning in the pond during the filming of the movie ‘Deewar’.

In fact, the father was walking by the pond with a dog, when he accidentally fell into the pond. The father was holding the dog’s chain. His dog stayed there and took out his father and took him out. If someone treats my dogs like an animal, I stop working.

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