PFI supporter Chishti said 10 years ago

The number of faces of Ajmer Sharif Dargah’s Chishtis has come to the fore from his recent statements. Dargah Management Committee Secretary Syed Sarwar Chishti could have been saying that he does not support Khadim Salman Chishti’s statement, in which Salman had spoken of giving his home to who beheaded Nupur Sharma, but now his direct connection with PFI has come to the fore.

An old video by Sarwar Chishti, which talks about shaking India, has appeared, in which he describes the radical organization Popular Front of India (PFI) and its political organization Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) as leaders. of the Muslims.

In the video, Sarwar Chishti says, “We are the supporters, the helpers, the supporters of the Muslims and in this system, PFI-SDPI raises the voice of the Muslims.” Meanwhile, SDPI leader Taslim Rahmani is also sitting with Sarwar Chishti. Along with PFI Anees, Mohammad Shafi, SDPI general secretary, Rajasthan PFI president Asif is also there. Sarwar Chishti is praising them.

Sarwar Chishti says, “Rahmani sahib continues to raise the voice of Muslims on television.” Please say that this is the same Taslim Rahmani with whom Nupur Sharma had a debate on television. Rahmani was constantly making reprehensible comments about Lord Shankar and Shivling, about which Nupur Sharma had said that she too can talk about marriage to the Prophet’s girlfriend. After that, there was a stir all over the country making it a problem.

Recently, raids on the PFI module and training center in Patna have revealed that this organization is trying to make India a Muslim nation in 2047. Therefore, it wants to spread hatred and riots all over the country. , so that, creating fear among Muslims, it can be linked to PFI.

The recovered PFI document states that if even 10 per cent of the country’s Muslims join it, it will “bring Hindu cowards to their knees” and establish Islamic rule in the country. The document also says that Muslims have never been a majority, have always been a minority and have still won.

Sarwar Chishti, PFI member

Rahmani sitting with Chishti and praising him seems to be part of a well-planned conspiracy as Rahmani instigates Nupur Sharma in a debate and forces him to talk about the Prophet. After that, violence is done all over the country making it a problem and PFI gathers the sympathy of Muslims for itself. At the same time, Sarwar also praises PFI-SDPI.

Sarwar Chishti is described as a member of the Popular Front of India. He has been seen several times with members of this organization. He has praised PFI many times in public forums. In 2020 he had defended the PFI saying the organization is “saving the Constitution of India”.

It threatens to shake India

Sarwar Chishti is the same person who a few days ago had said provocative things about Nupur Sharma. He opposed Hindu support for Nupur Sharma, saying Muslims would not tolerate it. He said: “The situation in the country right now. The glory of Namous-e-Rasool sallallahu ‘aleihi wa sallam is becoming shameful. We will never accept that. They will make such a move that the whole of India will be shaken.”

Aiming at Hindus to close shops in Ajmer market, Sarwar Chishti had said that these shopkeepers eat at the dargah and then close the shop in support of Nupur Sharma. He said that our feelings have been hurt by the demand to show unity with him in the face of the demand to arrest the woman who held the pride of our prophet.

After that, when Kanhaiya Lal was murdered with his throat cut in Udaipur and there was outrage across the country, the Congress government organized a demonstration of goodwill. Sarwar Chishti was also found in this manifestation of Sadbhavna.

If Modi becomes prime minister, Muslims will become terrorists: Sarwar Chishti

10 years ago, while delivering a speech from the People’s Front of India (PFI) platform in Karnataka, Sarwar Chishti had said something reprehensible about Narendra Modi. There was then speculation about making Narendra Modi a candidate for prime minister.

Sarwar Chishti had said at the time, “If Narendra Modi becomes prime minister, it will not be surprising that all Muslims become terrorists.” Following this statement by Chishti, a case was filed against him in Karnataka. However, no one knows what happened to that case.

Sarwar’s son, Adil, mocked the Hindu gods and goddesses

Sarwar Chishti did not stop beating his chest in the name of Rasool’s insult, but his son Adil Chishti did not stop mocking the Hindu gods. Adil had said on June 23, 2022, “How will the existence of 333 million gods be considered? How is that logical? One can understand God. But how will 333 million gods, wholesalers of gods, be considered? I think that even if a person is a thousand years old, he cannot convince all the gods of 333 million.

Adil Chishti further said, “Secondly, I would also like to ask Nupur Sharma that Hindu mythology says that Lord Vishnu has 10 avatars. Some of these avatars are human, some are animal and some are made up of humans and “I want to ask him if these 10 incarnations are possible or credible that you say he is one god and then he appears in ten different incarnations. Some as humans, some as animals and then some as fusions.”

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