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Patwari became a prison guard, his comrades congratulated him
Suman Kumari, the guard of Bikaner Central Prison, has now become a patwari. Suman Kumari has obtained a destination in Jodhpur after passing the Patwari examination conducted by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission. Suman Kumari was congratulated in a simple ceremony held on Sunday in Central Prison. Prison Superintendent R. This congratulatory ceremony was organized under the leadership of Ananteshwar. Superintendent of Ananteshwar Prison dressed Suman and honored him by giving me a souvenir. Many guards and prison staff, including Deputy Superintendent of Prison Indraj Jhurria, Prison Superintendent Vinod Kumar and Satyendra Katewa, who were present, made garlands at Suman. On this occasion, Ananteshwar said that Suman is a very hardworking and hardworking employee. With his work, he gained everyone’s trust and never gave anyone a chance to complain. He said Suman has been selected in the Patwar Direct Recruitment-2019 exam. His recently published Patwar Training School, Jodhpur, has been done in the Department of Land Management. Suman said she was selected for the post of vigilante in 2018 and was working in Bikaner Central Prison. On the show, many colleagues congratulated Suman by giving souvenirs on his behalf.

Celebrated the festival of Sankranti with great pomp, river of hymns
Under the auspices of Shri Jain Shwetambar Tapagachh Shree Sangh, Chaturmasik’s first Sankranti festival was celebrated on Friday with pomp in Poushdhashala, located in Rangadi Chowk. Sadhvi Soumyaprabha, the obedience of Shrutabhaskar Gachadhipati Shrimad Vijay Dharmadhurandhar Surishwarji Maharaj, said that today the Sun has entered Cancer since Gemini. The resolution taken on the day of Sankranti is definitely fulfilled, therefore, with the resolution of penance and meditation, advancing towards religion throughout the time of Chaturmasik. Kochhar Kuldeepika Sadhvi Soumyadarshana said that by absorbing knowledge, truth and character, make your life a success. Knowledge is the greatest power. The truth is God, whoever adopts the truth may be distressed but not defeated. That pure character can never be doubted, so be virtuous. Earlier, Sadhvi Akshaydarshana said that spiritual education is fading, only degrees dominate.

There is a great need for an education full of culture. Sadhvi Akshayadarshana said that you give time to your children, give them spiritual knowledge, teach rites, do not get angry with them, do not behave harshly with them. Rikhbchand Sirohiya, president of Shri Jain Shwetambar Tapagachh Shree Sangh, said the Mohanlal Manakchand Shantilal Ajay Kumar Sethia family took advantage of today’s first Sankranti festival and the Sangh Puja. The Sethia family, who pioneered religious events, were congratulated by the Sangh at the festival. Neelam Sethia and Kiran Devi Sethia were congratulated by Kusum Baddani and Madhu Baddani. Surendra Jain Baddani, the main beneficiary of the Chaturmasik event, while expressing his feelings said that only the presence of Guru can bring a change to your life. In the Sankranti Mahotsav, Raunak Kochhar and Kunal Kochhar were encouraged by Surendra Jain Baddani in giving the message of addiction and the presentation of poetry by Samkit Kochhar. The director of the program, Vikas Sirohiya, said that Sadhvi Paramdarshana, Babita Kochhar, Mahendra Kochhar, Sunil Parakh, Vinod Sethia, Satyendra Baid of Veer Mandal, Kochhar Mandal and the senior singer Magan Kochhar of the society performed hymns. Vijay Kochhar and Sundarlata Kochhar gave expressions of emotion. Kamal Kochhar presented the traditional Sankranti Bhajan. Sirohiya said that after the Sankranti festival, a Vatsalya ritual was organized in Suraj Bhawan. It is worth mentioning that the Suraj Bhawan has been selflessly provided for the Chaturmasik period by Lilam Sipani of the Sangh. Along with this, Gaudi Parsvnath Bhawan has been selflessly provided by the Kochhar Panchayati Trust.

He concludes the statewide workshop on respiratory diseases in children
The two-day workshop organized under the joint auspices of Bikaner Pediatric Society, Central IAP, Respiratory Chapter Rajasthan and Department of Pediatrics Sardar Patel Medical College concluded after an in-depth discussion on the prevention of respiratory diseases in children. A two-day statewide workshop was started on Sunday at the Marudhar Hotel in Rani Bazar on TB disease in children and its treatment. Specialist doctors internationally and nationally discussed in depth about lung and respiratory diseases in infants and children through slides, lectures, audio video presentations and through a mutual dialogue at the Assam Pulmonology 20220 conference held at Marudhar Heritage in Rani Bazaar. .SMS at the inaugural session of the workshop. Senior Professor, Department of Child and Pediatric Medicine, IAPRC, Jaipur Hospital. After the president of Dr. Jagdish Singh Karona, people have raised awareness about the prevention of respiratory diseases. Children’s respiratory illnesses should be treated quickly with the advice of a good doctor. Do not take home remedies in respiratory diseases.

Dr. SK Kabra of AIIMS Delhi, an internationally recognized physician from the Department of Pediatric and Respiratory Diseases, SMS. Dr. BS Sharma, former and currently Professor of Neo Clinic Children’s Hospital Jaipur, Department of Children and Pediatrics, Hospital Jaipur, former Head of Department of Pediatrics and Pediatrics affiliated to Sardar Patel Medical College and well known pediatrician Dr. PC Khatri, PBM Dr. PK Berwal, Head of the Hospital Pediatrics Department, Dr. Jagdish Prasad Goel, Professor of the Department of Pediatric Respiration of AIIMS, Jodhpur, AIMS of Bilaspur. Associate Professor Dr. Smriti Gupta, Director of Jaipur Allergy & Asthma Solution Meta Allergy Lab, Dr. Dr. Mukesh Gupta, AIIMS Praveen Kumar, Additional Professor, Jodhpur, Dr.JK, Director, Department of Neonatology, Neo Clinic Children’s Hospital Jaipur. Mittal, professor at RNI Medical College, Udaipur, Dr.M.Asif, on diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, etc., on various respiratory diseases in children, including breathing in children, pneumonia, narrowing of the trachea in newborns, etc. . He gave detailed information.

Publication of Pratibha Samman ceremony poster by Rajasthan Youth Club.
Umesh Purohit, Youth Secretary, Rajasthan, said that as every year, also this year, the youth club will pay tribute to the students of Sarva Samaj who have got the 10th and 12th, 80 per cent marks and Bikaner PBM as to guest of the program. The poster was released under the leadership of former hospital superintendent Dr. Pramendra Sirohi, former city development trust president and social worker Mahavir Ranka, district congressman Dhanpat Chail Youth Congress and Jaideep Singh Java. Youth leader Jaidayal Godara, lawyer Shyam Sundar Choudhary, secretary Sohan Ramrao, Chandrakant Vyas, Moolchand Ramawat, Mumtaz Sheikh, Pawan Ramawat, Kailash Gehlot, Sunderlal Prajapat, Naresh Purohit, Max Nayaky, B di Naresh, Bhavania, Bikaner social workers including Dhurv Vyas, Vishal Beniwal, Balram Nayak, Raghunath Beniwal, Tolaram Siyag, Vipin Purohit, Asu Vyas, Shiv Chura and Vikas Ranga were also present.

The swearing-in ceremony of the Shri Baba Development Committee Ramdev Mohalla has been organized
The swearing-in ceremony of the Shri Baba Ramdev Mohalla Development Committee was held on Sunday at Baba Ramdev Park in Meghwal Ka Mohalla, located in Swaraj Nagar of the 23rd district which was chaired by committee chairman Bhavar Lal Gandher. The main guest of the program was Councilor Pati Hemaram and Special Guest Surjamal Padihar. In the program, Narayan Ram Chauhan, chairman of Rajasthan district Meghwal Parishad and lawyer Sukharam Dawa swore to all committee members to work with sincerity, goodwill and reverence towards the office and committee. In the Shanti Devi program, Councilor Hemaram’s husband, Narayan Ram Chauhan and Sukharam Dawa were greeted with shawls and garlands. In the program, committee chairman Bhanwar Lal Gandher, senior vice chairman Jetharam Leelad, secretary of the drug conservation board and 5-member Shravan Kumar, treasurer Maniram Mehra and 10 members were sworn in. Bhuraram Gat, Ram Pratap Gat, Ram Pratap Bhargava, Dev Kishan Suthar, Tejaram Gandher, Megharam Gandher and all the residents of the locality were present in the program. On this occasion, Councilor Hemaram’s husband announced the construction of a high light mask on the park and the park’s boundary wall. Surajmal Padihar, Sukhram Dawan and Narayan Ram Chauhan also expressed their opinion on this occasion. Shravan Kumar Dawa directed the stage.

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