Is being obedient and chaste the seal of a good woman? This is what Indian TV shows show

Our society has prescribed certain roles for women and for decades women have been doing their best to play these roles and give them the best performance. These real-life roles also inspired many real-life characters. But the problem began when these characters began to be taken for granted and used as benchmarks.

Thanks to patriarchy, we have long seen women oppressed and followed by others and in many cases they still are. But Indian television programs have even left patriarchy behind by stereotyping women. It may sound strange, but it is true that our society and our entertainment industry are so obsessed with the ‘Abla Nari’ label that this is why ‘Saas-Bahu Drama’ has become the most popular category. of television programs.

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But what is even more surprising and troubling is the portrayal of female characters in these shows. In Saas-Bahu Shows there are 3 main characters, a simple daughter-in-law, a naughty mother-in-law who after a while will change her mind, a negative character who can be a woman or a man, but it is better if she is a woman, but “a woman is a woman.” How will the fire of “Ki Dushman Hai” be propelled?

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Our society has already divided women according to labels and categories. And TV shows are doing the job of Sone Pe Suhaga. The definition of good and bad women given by TV shows is too problematic and incorrect. The qualities of a good woman are almost the same in most Indian TV shows, whether in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi or any other language.

Recently, an internet user shared a clipping of a Bengali series on social media and we ran out of words after seeing this scene. In this scene, the show’s heroine first collects coconut water in a pot, then washes her husband’s feet with it, and then washes her feet with her hair (yes, you read that right, your hair).

The rest of the house is watching this whole process with a lot of love and enthusiasm. At the same time, an old lady in the house makes fun of this new daughter-in-law who could have cleaned her legs better if she had longer hair. The daughter-in-law of the house is also happily doing such a wasteful process or ritual by sticking a 6-inch smile on her face and seeing that she is enjoying herself a lot.

Now we go back a few years and talk about a very popular Hindi TV show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. The show begins with the story of a girl who always wanted to be an IPS officer but due to the sudden death of her parents, she marries, also with an illiterate boy who is a pastry chef by profession and his family it is extremely regressive. it is regressive. The girl only finds out after marriage.

As women are shown in the Indian television soap opera
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Now that this girl is the protagonist of the show and a “good girl,” she accepts it as her destiny and does her best to learn and adapt to the ways of her new family. When her husband supports her in her studies, it is obvious that she automatically becomes a “good husband” and a “good man.”,

However, for a woman to be a “good woman” it is not enough to pass the IPS exam or become a police officer. For him, it is very important for him to keep the stick in his head, learn to cook, take care of the happiness of each family member, give his heir to the family, sacrifice his little happiness and make many other little ones. and small. great things like this. Then somewhere she will be called a good woman.

My question is that if a woman doesn’t do all these things and is only good at one thing or let’s say she’s not good at anything, then why does her goodness as a woman diminish or end? To be a good woman, why should she be polite, cultured, versed in household chores, and put others above herself?

Bengali television programs
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Now back to today’s time and talking about the blockbuster show ‘Anupama’ which is the Hindi adaptation of the Bengali show ‘Shrimoyi’. In both shows, the audience sympathized with Anupama because, even after thinking and doing so much for the family, he was not getting that love and respect from his family. Then Anupama got married for the second time, but the public had no problem with that, as Anupama was still as interested in the problems and affairs of her old in-laws as before.

From which it follows that for Anupama her former mothers-in-law are even more important than her life and, by this logic, Anupama is a ‘good woman’. The main female characters in most TV shows are versatile and multi-talented and that is why she is the main character and good in the eyes of the audience.

The little sister who runs away from home to make a career or the middle sister who marries against family members of her own free will or Jhalli or the younger daughter-in-law who wears modern clothes will never be the protagonist of the show for sacrifice and sacrifice of the main character.Having an idol is very important.

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Unfortunately, in the world of entertainment, especially TV shows, we are still trapped in a phase where everything from winning the heart of husband and mother-in-law khadoos to making the female protagonist look good, to wearing the kidnapped sister-in-law. the law returns safely and well. Preventing terrorist attacks is also important. At the same time, for a female character to look bad or negative, a strong and ambitious make-up is enough.

Television programs portrait of women
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It’s easy for the audience to believe that Maya (Jennifer Winget) from ‘Beyhadh’ can kill someone and watch for yourself. But if Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) of ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ has killed someone, then there must be some noble intention behind her. TV shows have categorized women in this way.

On the one hand, on the OTT platforms and To a large extent, also in the film industry, women are being portrayed with new, improved, and largely realistic characters.In such a situation, it is very unfortunate to see characters crying or conspiring on television wearing the same 5 kg sari, 2 kg makeup and jewelry from all over the town.

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