Learn why you need to listen to your children.

We all want to talk, to express ourselves. But the problem is that no one wants to listen to anyone. While listening is as important as speaking. Especially those around us and those who believe in us. When we patiently listen to someone, it not only increases their confidence in you, but also prevents the atmosphere from becoming toxic. On World Listening Day, find out why it’s important to listen to your children.

World Listening Day 2022 (World Listening Day 2022)

Can you hear some voices? You may feel it. Today, July 18, is World Listening Day, which is World Listening Day. The World Listening Project, a non-profit organization, organizes World Audition Day every year. It is dedicated to understanding the world and its natural environment, societies and cultures through the practice of listening and listening.

It establishes the relationship between man and nature through acoustic ecology. This day is celebrated in memory of Canadian musicologist and composer Raymond Murray Schafer, considered the founder of acoustic ecology.

listen to the children

We and our children are also a valuable part of nature. Just as you need to hear the voices of nature, so you need to hear and understand the words of children. If we listen to them, only then will we be able to understand their mind and heart. What they are trying to say, what their desires are and what they dream of becoming in the future, and to what extent and where parents should cooperate to fulfill their dreams, we will know all these things.

We spoke with Dr. Aarti Anand, senior clinical psychologist consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, about the importance of listening to children.

Why it is important for parents to talk to their children

The way a rose plant grows in the right direction with the right pruning and hand, or a lot of soil can be turned into a beautiful pot by hand, in the same way, unless we talk to our children, we don’t they do well. direction You will be able to show Until then your personality will not be able to develop properly either. That’s why we need to talk to children always and on every topic, so that they understand the difference between good and evil.

Here are some tips for healthy listening with kids

1 Be friends while you talk

Only after talking to her every day after coming home from school did I know that a girl always tries to harass her. It forces him to sit in the back seat so he can’t learn the lessons taught at school.

Dr. Aarti Anand says: “It is very important to spend time with children. After you come home from school, definitely talk to the kids. Tell them new things. They are very curious. So try to answer all your questions patiently.

It is through mutual communication that children develop trust in their parents. Never let them realize that you are spying on them or that you have misunderstood all their words or activities. Listen to them calmly like a friend. This not only gives an idea of ​​peer pressure falling on them, but also gives them a chance to motivate them positively.

2 Increase confidence

If your child starts yelling or misbehaving with you, don’t ignore it. Don’t cry for lack of time. Take the time to talk to them. During the conversation, he tries to figure out what the reason for his rude behavior is.

Dr. Aarti emphasizes that open communication between the child and the parents is very important. This develops confidence and self-esteem in them.

The son of an acquaintance of mine started to get along with him because he didn’t like his parents fighting all the time. He was tired of his crossings. When their parents found out about this, they both decided to never fight in front of him. Due to parental conflict, either the child’s self-confidence decreases or their behavior begins to be violent.

3 Weaknesses and mistakes must also be shared

In the semester class exam, Naman had failed in a subject. Naman’s mother found out about this at the teachers ’and parents’ meeting. Naman hid this fact.

Dr. Aarti Anand says that children are not able to go the wrong way by speaking. If your child hides any of their mistakes, it means that even their small mistakes will be scolded by you or other members.

Many times, due to parental work, children begin to feel lonely and physically distance themselves from the guardian. Talking to children makes them feel safe and they also share their weaknesses and mistakes during the conversation.

4 Let them be extroverted

If the child stays too disciplined, they stop relating to the adults. Parents also begin to behave as a guide rather than a friend in the discipline turn. Sometimes parents also eliminate the difficulties that stand in the way of their children. Both situations are bad for them.

Teach children the good and the bad. Image: Shutterstock

On the one hand, too much discipline begins to leave them without emotions, on the other hand, their decision-making ability is also affected. His personality begins to be that of a submissive type of person. If there is no emotion, it can also be of an angry nature. Speaking of, his personality develops properly.

5 Do not differentiate between children

Sometimes children also learn the wrong things from the environment. For example, the difference between gender difference, high and low, rich and poor, children learn from family members or out of society. Talk to him about it and count the flaws of this system. If you don’t talk to them, then the same feeling will settle in them and later they will accept discrimination between men as correct and they will do the same.

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