Sushmita Sen is called ‘Gold Digger’ as far as the relationship with Lalit Modi is concerned, what is the story of this word, before and for whom was it used?

It is the trending topic of social media. Various types of memes are being shared and Sen is constantly on target for trolls. It is being told to the Gold Digger. Sushmita Sen is also being abused on social media.

Sushmita Sen’s love for Lalit Modi, a runaway businessman ten years her senior, has become a stir. The affair of both was revealed on July 14th. When Lalit Modi shared pictures of Lavi-Dwee with Sushmita. This thing was an exasperation for some people. There are some Raichands of the population of 135-40 million in our country, whom they definitely think about whether they ask or not. Those who have not been bandaged even after a small cut near the fingernail, also tell you about the treatment of cancer. Sushmita Sen was also accused of many things and jokes were also made. Along with this, it was also called Gold Digger. A little heavy on hearing English words, if you look at Google, many meanings will come out, such as gold digger, gold extractor, and finally one who has a relationship or marriage with a man rich for money. Then we thought what is Chakkar Bhaiya, Gold means gold and Digger means excavator. So what does it mean to marry or have a relationship with a rich person?

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In fact, it can be considered one of the ten most used words to degrade women. It may come from outside, but here if a girl marries a rich person or has a relationship, then she is called a gold digger. Are women gold diggers? This has been repeated so many times that the greatest truth on earth has begun to appear. Whether the monkey turned out to be the man’s ancestor or not, but the woman is believed to be greedy! The term used for this is Gold Digger.

what is the history of the word gold digger

The first use of the term was seen during a play in 1919. The Broadway drama The Gold Diggers featured women looking for a wealthy husband. It was directed by Avery Hopwood. Peggy Hopkins Joyce was an American actress, model artist and dancer in the 1920s. In addition to her artistic career, Joyce was known for her extravagant life, with numerous engagements. He left home at age 15 after falling in love with a cyclist. But then he met millionaire Everett Archer Jr. He left the cyclist and married Archer in 1910. Joyce later claimed that he divorced Archer because the life of a millionaire’s wife “was not at all what I imagined.” Joyce met near the private Chevy Chase for Girls School in Washington, DC, downtown. She was married to Sherburne Hopkins, the son. Then, at the age of 20, Joyal married Hopkins on September 1, 1913. Joyce moved to Hopkins, New York City in 1917 to pursue a career in the show business. The couple divorced in 1920. Joyce married a millionaire. Lamber J. in 1920. Then, after a few days of marriage, Joyce made many headlines by buying $ 1 million in one week. He gradually became the most talked about figure in the American press. The term Gold Digger was used for Peggy Joyce in the pop culture of the time. In 2000, a single “Gold Digger: The Outrageous Life and Times of Peggy Hopkins Joyce” book also arrived.

woman marrying a rich man for money

The 1920s period was a time for the United States when there was no shortage of money for men. But compared to them, women were in very limited numbers with less money and better jobs. Most women didn’t even leave home to work. She used to have the opportunity to live a luxurious life of a rich husband. It was a time when women did not even have equal opportunities to participate in the labor market. According to the Onati International Institute for the Sociology of Law or Defense of the Gold Digger article, women were more likely to marry wealthy men because of their economic security.

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Now coming to India, Lalit Modi’s relationship with Sushmita Sen has recently been the trending topic of social media. Various types of memes are being shared and Sen is constantly on target for trolls. You are being informed up to the Gold Digger. Sushmita Sen is also being abused on social media. Meanwhile, Sushmita Sen has thrown her anger at the troll through a message to call herself a gold digger. Sharing an image on his official Instagram handle, a long note has been written. In that note, Sushmita wrote that: “In the past, my name is being thrown a lot on social media saying that the wealth of the gold digger is greedy. I’m being heavily criticized. But these critics don’t matter to me. nothing.I have the ability to judge diamonds, not gold.In such a situation, calling gold seeker through some intellectuals clearly shows their inferior mentality.

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Before this kind of thing with a womanIt was used when Rhea Chakraborty was accused of killing Sushant Singh Rajput so that she could take control of her money. Vish girl, murderer, black magician, greedy and in that word ‘Gold Digger’, she was the target of the media and netizens. Similarly, when Monali Thakur surprised everyone by revealing their secret marriage. When she revealed her marriage to Swiss-based businessman Mike Richer three years ago, some people started chopping her up by calling her a gold digger. Another example is Anushka Sharma, who is known to be admired by Virat Kohli in the field. performance constantly guilty The actress was hit by allegations of being a gold digger on social media. trollers He was also asked to tweet from the side asking, “Why don’t these so-called actresses marry ordinary men?

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