The candidacy of Draupadi Murmu and Jagdeep Dhankhar is the perfect move for the Modi 2024 mission

For the past eight years, Lutyens ’media have learned a lesson that they are not trying to speculate on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decisions and if anyone from the BJP ruler tells you that he understands Modi’s mind, then his statement is light. Don’t get news of what these people are saying. You can take his words only as conjectures.

No one was surprised when on Saturday the BJP Parliamentary Board (i.e. Modi) decided to nominate Jagdeep Dhankhar as the party’s candidate for vice president. Anyway, everyone was expecting the unexpected. Draupadi Murmu was also surprised to declare a similar candidate for president. For the post of vice president, some omniscient people named Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi as a candidate until Saturday.

Dhankhar and the politics associated with it

Knowledge comes later in the Modi era. Today we understand why Murmu and Dhankhar could not have other names.

How perfect is the name of the governor of West Bengal for the post of vice president! The personality of Yogi Adityanath among the prime ministers of the BJP is the same personality as Dhankhar in the owners of the Raj Bhavans. Both are great sources of inspiration. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was harassed by Dhankhar as much as not all BJP leaders could have done together.

In February, a senior state government bureaucrat wrote to Raj Bhavan indicating a date for convening an assembly session. Raj Bhavan answered him and questioned his qualifications. Later, the governor, while accepting the recommendation of the state cabinet to start the assembly session at 2pm from 6 to 7 March, tweeted that “convening the assembly meeting at 2pm it’s unusual and makes history, but after all, this cabinet is a decision! ‘ The Secretary of State wrote to the Governor asking him that due to a typing error, “2 am.” It was written, please do so “2 PM.” The Raj Bhavan declined and said the chief secretary was not qualified to request this change.The distressed Mamta Banerjee made this request by calling the governor, but without success.The state cabinet had to meet again and send another recommendation for the governor to convene the assembly meeting at 2 p.m. instead of 2 p.m.

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