After interviewing the child, he told her, “You have no right to study in class,” you will not get admission. After interviewing the child, he said, “You are not eligible to study in class,” you will not get admission

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  • After interviewing the child, he said that “you are not eligible to study in class,” you will not get admission

New Delhi21 minutes agoWriter: Sunakshi Gupta

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Under the Right to Education Act (RTE), there is a rule to give children free admission to private schools. But RTE rules are being violated in Noida, next to the country’s capital, Delhi. Schools are presenting incorrect data on RTE places. They even categorically refuse to accept admission to the school’s primary classes.

In fact, under the Right to Education Act (TEN) of 2009, all children up to the age of 14 in the country have the right to study for free. This system is especially for those children who are economically and socially weak. Under this, each private school must teach and enroll children in 25% of their places in each class.

In fact, even after the children’s lottery names, parents go through the school and the education department. So sometimes private schools interview children and send them in as ineligible. Sometimes these children are shown leaving school indicating the distance from home to school. In the race for admission under RTE, Gautam Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh has become a place among the main districts. While more than 40 private schools in the district have cluttered places on the RTE portal. 16 schools have withdrawn only infant and primary classes from their schools.

After interviewing the child, it is said that it is not worth studying in class 1
Mohammad Wasim, a resident of Salarpur, Noida, says he applied under RTE to enroll his son Mohammad Jian in the early childhood education class. The boy’s name also appeared in the second RTE draw. Jaypee School located in Sector-128 was assigned for admission. On July 16, the child was interviewed for class 1. He later told the parents that your child cannot study in class 1 and cannot enroll in kindergarten.

While under the RTE Act, no school can interview a child nor has the right to deny admission to the child on that basis. Admission is based on the age and qualification of the child.

After interviewing a five-year-old, the teacher said he is not fit to study in class 1. The child asks when I will go to school.

After interviewing a five-year-old, the teacher said he is not fit to study in class 1. The child asks when I will go to school.

The only daughter of a single mother did not receive the income even remotely
The central government has given the slogan ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ to educate the girl. But the only child of a single mother is worrying about studying at school. Noita’s Anita Chauhan (renamed) explains that her daughter Ishita Chauhan (renamed aunt) has appeared in the second RTE lottery. He was assigned to Shri Ram Millennium School, Sector-135 for admission to the early childhood education class. But upon arriving here, the girl’s mother did not even enter the school. Ishita’s mother is a single mother, the girl’s father died in January this year. Ishita is taking care of the girl living in a rented house. To make a living, he teaches children in the neighborhood. When the girl’s maternal uncle came to the school, they returned telling her that the girl’s address is not within a radius of 2 km from the school, so admission will not be given. . Admission will only be given if the parents carry a BSA letter. In the process started in June, it has also passed mid-July, the family only goes around the school and the education department, but admission is not available.

The school is doing arbitrariness, first seat is missing, now class is also missing
Supreme Court lawyer Rudra Vikram Singh, who exposed the irregularities in RTE’s admission to Gautam Buddha Nagar, says many private schools in the district are violating the RTE Act in a significant way. 16 schools in the district have given incorrect information of the admission class on the Uttar Pradesh Government Department of Basic Education portal. Even after having had elementary and early childhood education classes at these schools, these schools have only given class 1 information to the department. There are fewer admissions to class 1, so these schools take fewer admissions to RTE giving information from the students themselves. Although there is no provision in the RTE Act, according to it, schools must admit children to the admission class.

RTE offenders include well-known private schools in the district such as Step by Step School, Sarla Chopra DAV School, Kothari International School, Ramagya School, DPS School and Apeejay School.

There are 39 schools in Gautam Budh Nagar district that have given incorrect information about RTE seats in their school. Schools have shown only 40 places in primary so 25%, that is, only 10 admissions to RTE should be made. While there are actually between 200 and 250 admissions to kindergarten and primary classes each year in these schools. Information about these schools that have caused disruptions to RTE is posted on Uttar Pradesh’s own RTE portal. In Rudra RTE, a letter has been written to the Director General of School Education, Uttar Pradesh, complaining that schools are playing with the future of children. Aishwarya Lakshmi, a basic education officer, Gautam Budh Nagar did not respond.

How the admission of the record was made in a single year, the question arose
There are 1140 private schools registered under RTE in Gautam Budh Nagar. There are a total of 18,299 places in all these private schools. In the year 2021-22 about four thousand students were selected. In this one, private schools did not even admit more than half of the students. More than 30 schools had shown their places less compared to 2020. The education department had issued notices to these schools.

This year, five thousand students have been selected from the list of three lotteries for the 2022-23 session. This time the schools have been arbitrary, they have shown fewer places, they have also made the classes disappear. But there are more than four thousand children enrolled in the Department of Education records.

Procedure and rules for admission to RTE

  • All private schools in the district post information on admission class places on the state’s RTE portal.
  • According to seat data, 25% of the seats in each class are reserved for RTE.
  • The Department of Basic Education checks the information provided by the centers.
  • Parents apply on the RTE portal.
  • Parents select schools that are within a 3km radius of their home neighborhood.
  • The Department of Basic Education verifies the documentation of all applicants.
  • The online lottery is drawn three times on behalf of the Department of Education, in which the list of selected children is drawn up and sent for admission to schools.
  • Parents go to school and send their children’s documents and get admission.

Admission rules: –

  • For admission to RTE, parents ’income must be less than Rs 3.5 lakh per year. Parents may also be from backward communities.
  • Orphaned, transgender children suffering from HIV or any other dangerous disease apply.
  • If the selected student is not eligible for their age in the selected class, the school will have to admit him / her to the second class based on his / her merit.

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