Fire is fire from Nupur to Akash

Feelings did not become feelings after all, they became the nose of the kiss, which hurts the slightest thing. It happened first in India and now in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the homes of minority Hindus were burned in Bangladesh by the alleged statements of a young man named Akash against the Prophet and the police continued to watch as silent spectators. I was moved by Akash’s comment: the same fire broke out in Bangladesh, the fire of hatred and intolerance slowly engulfed the entire universe.

If I hadn’t written about violence against Hindu minorities in Bangladesh, it is possible that friends would have taken me to the death row, so before they were activated, I would oppose this inhuman violence. It is possible that right now devotees in India are feeling the heat of hatred. It’s not happening, because devotees are waking up late, but I see this fire spreading. The story is that a mob of fundamentalists in Lohagara Upazila, in the Narail district of Bangladesh, allegedly went on Facebook to comment against the Prophet Muhammad. But 70 Hindu houses and shops were first looted and then burned. This crowd of hysterics did not stop here and even looted a temple and ruined it.

They alleged that a person named Akash had made comments against the Prophet, which hurt his feelings. The ISKCON group, which operates in the area affected by the violence, says hundreds of Hindus have been brutally beaten. The houses were burned in such a way that they continued to burn for two days. According to Dipali Rani Saha, a victim of this violence, he cannot forget the moment when he saw his own house burn down on Friday night. Dipali says: “After a group of fundamentalists robbed his house, another group came and found that the door was open. Since there was nothing left to loot, we were set on fire.

It is reported that after the Ajan of the Zuma fan, the accused came to the student’s house and started asking for his arrest. Akash was not at home. After that, the crowd began to attack the houses of the neighboring Hindus. These people had nothing to do with the Facebook post about the Prophet. In the evening, police arrested Akash’s father, Ashok Saha, so that “the situation could be brought under control.” According to Bangladeshi media, so far the police have not arrested any fanatic who has burned these houses.

The victim of this attack, Dipali says, “Just because the student was Hindu and I am also Hindu, my house was burned down.” I don’t know how long this threat of violence will last and follow us. Who will do us justice? Who will protect us? As questions from the minority community in Bangladesh are being raised, similar issues have been raised in India. After Nupur’s statements to India, all the Muslim countries in the world commented, but India is silent on this issue. ISKCON in Calcutta, says Radharaman Das spokesman. 70 Hindu houses were burned

The world has kept silent.

Das said Bangladesh Hindus will not convert their religion or flee from there. They have also faced the attack of these fundamentalists in the past. Das said police were present at the scene when the attack took place, but he remained as a silent spectator. You can’t trust the police. He has called for help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the United Nations, but the question is, with what face should Modi ji speak of violence in the neighborhood. He does not talk about the unfortunate incidents that happen in his house. Nupur Sharma today Not even arrested.

In fact, this question is now not of Nupur and Akash, but of fanaticism against fanaticism. On the one hand there is minority Muslim bigotry and on the other there is Hindu majority bigotry. How will bigotry fight bigotry? Can excreta be washed with wastewater? Probably not. India and neighboring countries of India must stop the growing fanaticism and hatred in their respective countries, otherwise problems will arise for the whole continent. Hindus and Muslims have some scholar who has a direct conversation with God or the Prophet, who may ask their master if they are really insulted by the comments of a man or a woman or are they something above honor. and the insult?

Unfortunately, in matters of bigotry, the character of all authorities is the same, whether power is in India or Bangladesh. They cannot be converted or expelled from the country. It is better than India, being the largest nation in Asia, It is necessary to protect the interests of minorities in one place, while other countries have become minorities. Efforts must also be made to protect Hindus. The issue is also of humanity and also of minorities. The minority is the goal of the majority. Only change location or country.

Because of this unfortunate incident in Bangladesh, it is natural in the minds of the people of India that there are problems, so the government should talk to Bangladesh instead of withdrawing from its role. And he took the initiative.
@ Rakesh Achal

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