Lucknow Pitbull Case Dogs Side Effects of Pets Aware of These Risk Factors That Can Cause Death and Other Causes of Accident Due to Pets | Lucknow Pitbull case: dog lover, beware, we know why the social status symbol is becoming deadly

Pet Side Effects: In the Kaiserbagh area of ​​the Uttar Pradesh capital, Lucknow, a Pitbull companion dog devoured the housewife, Sushila Tripathi. Eighty-year-old Sushila’s son, Amit Tripathi, is a dog lover. Amit is a gym coach. He had a pit bull and another labrador in the house. After that there was a commotion. He brought the dog to the Municipal Corporation. After this incident, so many things started coming out of his mouth. Why didn’t Amit kill the dog? Why does Amit’s love for the dog continue even after his mother’s death? What happens to the dog? Is this particular species banned in forty countries? How did you get permission to browse here? Should Amit go to jail? Can the dog be punished? What solution can be found by punishing the dog? Amit is an adopted child, so a dog killed his mother? Is the pit bull often used to kill?

Whether it is the millennial city of Gurugram or the towns of Lucknow, dogs of different types of foreign breeds will be found in the homes of people everywhere. Now these dogs have begun to appear in their city, which were previously seen in foreign cinema. People no longer see this “class” or elegance in a German shepherd or a doberman. Now the state symbol is no less than the Lhasa Apso, Alaskan Husky, Pitbull, Chihua Hua. Now the Labrador and the Golden Retriever are common. He is now fighting the race like a pit bull. The voiceless, of whom there is no trace of knowledge, the only photos of which have been seen, need only be raised at home.

These are not only atrocities for these animals, but they also create a danger and a risk for yourself, your family and others.

Pet dog (photo: social media)

Superficial obsession with exotic dog breeds

In fact, urban Indians have developed a superficial obsession with exotic dog breeds, which also says a lot about our sociology. Many things happen just in sight. For example, when the “Pug” started appearing in Vodafone ads, people started buying them without knowing the difficulties of raising this breed. It is believed that even today 50,000 Pugs are brought illegally to India every year.

In the blind race to own the trendiest races, people go for anything. From shaving the skin of dogs to keeping them locked in air-conditioned rooms. Nowadays there is a lot of fashion for raising Huskies. This breed is found in snowy and extremely cold areas. Husky skin is naturally such that nothing happens to them even at minus 52 degrees. But people are feeding them, moving their cars with the weather approaching 50 degrees in Chennai, Delhi and Lucknow.

In cities like Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, etc., there are many incidents of dog abandonment on the road. People who do this take a foreign breed dog with them, but when they are not able to take care of it properly, they leave it on the road.

Pet dog (photo: social media)

The craze for pets is on the rise

In fact, the mania or tendency to have pets in India is growing very fast and is likely to increase rapidly in the future as well. Over the past decade, many have seen an increase in their disposable income and the accelerated growth and expansion of cities. Because of these reasons, people’s attitude toward pets has changed. Now people place pets as family members. Many people also keep dogs for the mitigation of the planet. At the Lal Kitab it has been said that one should have a white or black dog in case of obstacles in the happiness of the children. The dog is said to be Yama’s messenger to Sanatan Dharma. It is said that Bhairav ​​Maharaj likes to feed the dog. Giving bread to a black dog, keeping a black dog reduces the effect of Saturn and Ketu. However, the crying and barking of a dog is considered ominous. At first, the man started having dogs to help him.

The dog can smell the scent up to several miles away. The domestication of wolves in Western Europe began 11-1600 years ago. Origins of the Dog: Domestication and early history records that excavations in Israel found the remains of a large human and a four- to five-month-old puppy buried together.

The scientific name of the dog is Canis Lupus familiarise. The dog is a species of the wolf family. The average life span of a dog is only twelve years. The name of the longest dog was Maggie. who lived 29 years and five months. There are thirteen types of dog blood groups. Dogs cannot see the colors red and green, the smell of dogs is a thousand times greater than humans. Dogs dream too. The footprint of each dog’s nose is different. A dog can also hear a sound of 45,000 vibrations per second, while humans can only hear twenty thousand. A dog can bark at ten different sounds. The temperature of the dog is between 100 and 120.5 Fahrenheit. Eating chocolate can cause the death of a dog. The first animal to come out into space was a dog. The name was Laika which was sent on November 3, 1957.

Dog meat is eaten in most northeastern states. It is the largest seller in Nagaland. Dimapur is the largest market for dog meat. People lick 30,000 dogs every year. The Dog Meat Festival is held in the city of Yulin in China. There is a tradition of eating dog meat in China, South Korea and many Asian countries.

The mania of companion dogs (Photo: social networks)

pet care market

The pet care market in India is growing at a rate of 13.9% annually, making it one of the fastest growing markets in the world. It is estimated that this industry in India will reach $ 800 million by 2025.

Dogs will be the most popular pet in India with about 30 million pet dogs by the end of 2023. Cats are the second most popular pet in India. 20 percent of pet owners have cats.

In 2021, 41% of people in India did not have a pet. In India 600,000 pets are adopted every year. The pet food market in India is worth over $ 310 million. Pet owners in India spend around 4,000 rupees a month on their pets. The veterinary health market in India is valued at $ 169 million and is expected to reach $ 186 million by 2027. Pet hairdressing companies in India per month earn between 10 and 25 one thousand rupees. Look at it from this perspective, even if the market is big. The number of dog lovers may increase. But people don’t have time to take care of them.

For these reasons dogs become aggressive

Statistics show that in cities, fifty percent of the population lives in flats. Where the needs of many dog ​​breeds cannot be met. Dogs also don’t have a chance to mate. For all these reasons they become aggressive. In Iran it is forbidden to have dogs and cats. More work is also being done to make it a crime. There is also a dog prison in Iran. Will it be necessary to see what happens to the pit bull that devoured his lover Sushila Tripathi, so he died?

Yes, before adopting a dog it should be understood that it is a living being, not a plastic toy. Nor is it a photo to decorate at home. Pets need care just like humans. You can do this? Or will he hand him over to the responsibility of servants like the sick old men in his house?

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