LXME started at age 50, teaching women how to make money

“Many women work there today. Take your career seriously. She works, earns her money, but when it comes to making decisions related to that money, her confidence falters. He still hesitates when making decisions related to saving or investing. I wanted to help these women. He wanted women to not only make money, but also learn how to save and grow them. This is where LXME began.

So says Preeti Rathi Gupta, who two years ago launched LXME, a women-only investment platform. Preeti calls it Lakshmi in Hindi. When asked the story of this name, she says with great brilliance in her eyes, “Who is the goddess of wealth: Lakshmi? She protects all our wealth. I felt that when women should be educated in matters of money, to make them strong and self-sufficient, then there can be no better name than Lakshmi.

What is LXME?

Suppose you are a 25 year old urban working woman. You have your job, a good career and all the possibilities to get ahead. Every month, thanks to your tireless work, good money also comes to your account. But whenever you have to make a big decision related to money, then don’t rely on your prudence and your understanding of the market. You look at a man’s mouth for help.

LXME helps these women. It is a community-based financial platform, which solves all your financial problems and answers all your questions.

When, where and how much you should invest, how you should make your budget, how much money should be spent and how much should be saved, how should it be saved, where can you get additional benefits as a woman . LXME has the answer to all these questions.

You can be anyone. A 21-year-old who has just joined her first job or a 50-year-old maid who has learned the lesson of economic self-sufficiency too late. LXME has tips, advice and ways to help everyone.

Marriage and career break at 18 years old

Preeti was born into an upper middle class family. Until the age of 13, he lived in Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai and Varwal, a small town in Gujarat. At such a young age, he met different cities, societies and cultures.

She was keen on studies since childhood, but from the age of 17 she began to talk about her marriage to the family. He got engaged at the age of 18 and married before completing 19. Although the desire to make a career, to become something in life was such in Preeti that even before he got married, after from college, he went to a company and started learning the job of the scholarship. Tally was nine then. I went there every day after class and worked 3-4 hours.

This passion for the race could not be transformed into a career immediately. Shortly after the marriage a child was born and the race was stopped for a long time. On this side Preeti returned very late, but when he returned with all his might. There was even a delay of so many years to cover.

After the marriage, Preeti was not allowed to work. Everyone in the house used to say the same thing, “Focus on the family, keep your husband happy.” Preeti’s husband wanted to become a stockbroker. Preeti also had an understanding of the world of actions and also passion. She helped her husband and together they founded the National Stock Exchange Desk in 1994. Later, both her father’s and her husband’s companies merged and a new company was formed: “Anand Rathi Shares and Stock Brokers Ltd. “. Today Preeti is the general manager and promoter of this firm, but for many years she has worked behind the scenes staying in the background.

The mother of older children attends Harvard

After the marriage, Preeti went to HR in Bombay. Complete the B.Com of the Faculty of Science and Commerce. Then the studies between the children and the responsibility of the house were stopped. When Preeti started working at the Anand Rathi company, he felt that there were a lot of people sitting around him with big degrees. His cousins ​​carried U.S. degrees and Preeti was far behind.

Preeti decided to study again. In 2003 he joined SP He did his graduate degree at the Jain Institute of Management and Research. In 2014, he decided to attend Harvard Business School. When Preeti was going to study at Harvard, her daughter was also in college at the time. People just invent things. What is the taste of self-study at the time to focus on the professional career of children. But Preeti was not happy.

Return to Harvard and release of LXME

Also at Harvard, Preeti met many girls and women. There were girls from different parts of the world. Preeti says, “I thought this problem is not just in India. Women all over the world don’t feel safe about their money and the decisions related to it. It’s smart and it doesn’t take much risk, but she ‘s not the only one. She’ s scared too. ”

Preeti says the idea of ​​a platform like LXME was going through my head for a long time. Even while working in my husband’s company, I used to meet many women, who were equally confused in financial matters.

Why only for women?

Once the idea of ​​LXME began to take concrete form, Preeti met hundreds of women and tried to get to know her questions and problems. She made a list of tons of questions that women wanted to ask, but didn’t have a reliable place to go, to ask them.

Preeti says, “Many women would say they are afraid to ask questions because they will be judged. People will think he’s an idiot because he doesn’t even know much. ”That’s why I thought there should be a place where women shouldn’t be afraid of judgment. He can ask any question openly, no matter how trivial. be deceived or ridiculed

Do not be afraid

Film production company

Along with finance, Preeti also has creative talent, about which he says, “I understood my father’s money and my mother’s creativity.” In 2014, Preeti started a film production business. He had a penchant for film and storytelling even before. “The art of telling stories fascinated me a lot,” Preeti says. The first film of his film production company was Waiting. Nasiruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlen were the lead roles. The film received many accolades. Preeti was not the only producer of this film. It was also part of the plot, the development of the story script.

self-investment advice

Preeti says that along with investing money, the most serious lesson women need to learn is the self-investment lesson. Even as they ask questions related to financial issues, most women ask how to save for their daughter, where should I take my parents on vacation. It’s good to think for loved ones, but I think women should ask some questions for themselves as well. You also need to make a small investment in yourself. You also have to love yourself a little. You should also pay some attention to yourself.

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