Men want dowry and beautiful partner, so why not call them greedy? , Men want dowry and beautiful couple, then why not call them greedy?

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New DelhiAn hour agoAuthor: Bharti Dwivedi

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Sushmita Sen and IPL founder Lalit Modi are dating. Lalit revealed his relationship with Sushmita, since then there has been a stir. troll sushmita ‘Gold digger’ they are calling. Sushmita’s trolling ranges from writer and activist Taslima Nasreen to people like Kamal R Khan, who calls herself a film critic.

Apart from these two, the reaction of most people is also the same. They both commented on Sushmita’s relationship. ‘Gold digger’ Dit. Now both Sushmita and Lalit Modi have written the post with a lot of love for trollers.

First you know what Sushmita has written …

Sharing a holiday photo on her Instagram account, Sushmita has written a long and fun post. She writes It hurts to see how disappointed and sad the world around us is. By the way, I like diamonds more than gold and I buy them for myself. Some intellectuals call me ‘Gold Digger,’ which reflects his little thought. ‘

Men take dowry and as women seek gold

It is customary to take dowry with pride in Indian society. This practice extends from east to west, from north to south. The higher the place in Bihar, the bigger the mouth opens for the dowry. That is, this is the problem of the whole of India. Every day it is reported that women were tortured because of the dowry. Somewhere the marriage broke up and somewhere the woman got tired and committed suicide.

When we spoke to Tarashankar, an adjunct professor at Delhi University, on this subject, she said: Women’s work has never been seen as economical. It has always been the effort of patriarchal society that women did not have money in their hands. Boys in India not only receive a global dowry, but they also see that the girl is the only daughter of her parents or not a brother. That’s why in order to later get the property from the girl’s father. This is also a kind of “gold digger” mentality.

There will be many cases of dowry involving boys or their families sitting in good positions in society.  Then the question arises that when boys take dowry to get married, to what extent is it appropriate to call women ‘Gold Diggers’?

There will be many cases of dowry involving boys or their families sitting in good positions in society. Then the question arises that when boys take dowry to get married, to what extent is it appropriate to call women ‘Gold Diggers’?

Is making money the only quality of men?

Our constitution gives equal rights to both men and women. But even after that there is a lot of discrimination between boys and girls. Where all the rules and regulations have been made to control girls. At the same time, boys are taught strict behavior and harassment from childhood. It fills within them that no matter how they do a job or make a lot of money, they will easily get married or get a girl.

If a boy is not smart or beautiful according to the set standards of society and his girlfriend is beautiful, the girl is supposed to have chosen him just for the money. When two people are in a relationship, what the chemistry is between them, what kind of bond they share, no one knows, but the people around you give judgment. So, should we assume that boys have nothing but money? And the whole quality of a child is related to money.

If a woman is looking at financial stability, what’s wrong?

Tara raises the question and says, if a woman sees financial stability in a relationship, what’s wrong? In a sapiosexual relationship, people are attracted to others by seeing their intellectual abilities. It is not considered incorrect. Similarly, for this relationship, a term such as financial stability should be used instead of “gold digger”. The men take the dowry, watch over the property of the woman’s father. Men, don’t let women do the work. Men, take possession of more than two-thirds of the world’s property. Men, but women are degraded by being called “gold diggers.” .

money and Why are there no names for men with beautiful women?

It is not that in our society there is no discrimination against men. But this is rarely seen. There will be many tales of this kind where they are mocked for their color and height. Speaking of the South Dhanush actor. He has a large following in the south. a song sung by him ‘Kolavari-D’ and Bollywood film ‘Rajhana’ After that, its popularity has also increased in the Hindi belt. Dhanush married the daughter of Southern superstar Rajinikanth, Aishwarya in 2004. He had made a loving marriage. Dhanush was not a big name at the time of the marriage, while Aishwarya came from a well-known family. In an interview, Dhanush had said that people thought of him as an autowala. Obviously it was because of his appearance. Because of Aishwarya’s beauty, people called this couple mismatch.

Recently, another southern actress, Nayantara, got married. The trollers also found this marriage and said that Nayantara is better than his partner Vignesh both in money and appearance. According to media reports, Nayantara’s total assets are 165 million, while Vignesh’s are 50 million.

According to media reports, Katrina Kaif’s total assets are Rs 148 crore, while Vicky Kaushal’s is Rs 38 crore.

According to media reports, Katrina Kaif’s total assets are Rs 148 crore, while Vicky Kaushal’s is Rs 38 crore.

The same question was asked during the wedding of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal. When they both got married, people trolled Vicky. She was said to be inferior to Katrina in terms of appearance, fame and earnings. In Bollywood itself, when former Miss World Aishwarya Rai married Abhishek Bachchan, she was a bigger brand than her husband. There will be many similar examples of these. Although the boys have been trolled in different ways, they are never called ‘Gold Diggers’.

men the world knows for its women

Although many names from different fields will be found, but Mumtaz, Juhi Chawla, Shilpa Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Amrita Arora, Ayesha Takia, Preity Zinta, Sonam Kapoor, Ankita Lokhande, Asin are some of the selected names. These actresses chose the employer as their life partner. Insab came out years before the marriage and then got married. All these actresses have their own identity. He has achieved all the luxuries of life on his own. Although his partner has a lot of money, but the world knows his partner thanks to them.

Elderly relationships break up even after money.

We have such a deep gap of inequality between men and women, that it is hard to bridge. Women want to be considered human before they are someone’s daughter, sister, or wife. As the boys understand each other. They also need love, equality and respect. When you see these things in any guy, then he gives you priority. Actress Karisma Kapoor’s relationship broke down due to her husband’s misbehavior, extramarital affairs and domestic violence. The marriage of TV actress Shweta Tiwari is also a living example.

Kangana, Preity Zinta, Aishwarya Rai, Rati Agnihotri, Rhea Pillai, Yukta Mukhi, Dimpy Mahajan faced domestic violence in their relationship, after which the relationship was broken. The marriage of the world’s richest man Bill Gates is also a recent example. Bill and his wife Melinda separated after 27 years of marriage. The reason Melinda gave for the separation was also the issue of extramarital relationship and behavior.

Boys see good luck, girls have intelligence and a sense of humor

In 2017, the Tinder dating app conducted a survey of partners. 15,000 men and women participated in this survey. According to the survey results, the first thing women see in men is the sense of humor, then the common interest and the third is being smart. While men from small to large unanimously favored girls. ‘Goodlux’ dit.

In 2019, with the help of ‘My One Condom’ and ‘Göttingen University’ of Germany, the menstrual cycle tracking app met 68,000 women from different backgrounds in 180 countries who really want their couple? Ninety percent of women said the first quality they want in their partner is “humility.” 86.5% of women preferred support, and 72% of women preferred intelligence.

According to an article published on the website Brides this year, women want to see qualities such as trust, respect, sense of humor, maturity, reliability, honesty, empathy, being together in difficult times in their partners.

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