Naidunia Doctor Award 2022: doctors will be honored today for their outstanding contribution and success in the service

Date of publication: | Tuesday, July 19, 2022 9:50 AM (IST)

Raipur (Representative of Naiduniya). Naidunia Doctor Award 2022: The Naidunia Doctor Award-2022 has been organized by Dainik Naidu on Tuesday. In this, the best doctors in Raipur will be honored for their excellent service, contribution and achievements. The program is organized at the Sayaji Hotel, Raipur, from 6 p.m.

We report that these doctors are included in the medical awards ceremony, which work not only to provide better health facilities to the poor through a free medical service, but also in the expansion of state health services. making an excellent contribution in medicine. It has played an important role and is continuously contributing in the interest of society. To encourage these doctors to do a better job, NaiDuniya is being honored with Dr. Samman.

Doctors from various prestigious medical institutions in the city will participate in the Naiduniya Doctor Award-2022. These doctors have been selected taking into account the work they perform for medicine and society. This includes doctors with different specializations, who will be rewarded based on their successes. We report that Naiduniya is continuously working for social awareness through news and campaigns. To encourage people with excellent work, it has been honored through programs and functions from time to time. Under this, doctors who do an excellent job in the field of health will also be awarded the 2022 Medical Award.

partners of the awards ceremony

NH MMAI Hospital, Sree Narayana Hospital, Raipur Smart City, AIDS Control Board, Radiant Cancer Hospital, ISBM University, HG Group, Shree Medicine Hospital, Skoda Automobile, Saving Store Institute are collaborating in the organization of Naiduniya Doctor Samman-2022.

Respect for doctors in these categories

At the Naidunia Doctor Award 2022, doctors will be awarded based on different categories. In this, Life Time Achievement Award, will be awarded research in the field of medicine, free health care, contribution in the social and medical field. For this, different departments and experts have been selected based on their work.

Myself. Award for the success of life to Dr. Subhash Pandey

Former State Crown Control Officer (Joint Director of Health Services) in the Department of Health Naiduniya Doctor Award-2022. Dr. Subhash Pandey will receive the Life Time Achievement Award. Tell yourself this Dr. Subhash made a special contribution to the creation of a better health system in the state during the severe crown epidemic, and treatment was available for the crown infected. During this time, despite being hit by the crown virus three or four times, he continued to exercise his responsibility. Meanwhile, he lost his life due to an infection at work. The pediatrician Dr. Pandey pledged to never do private practice for social service purposes as soon as he finished his medical studies. Along with lifelong government services, he continued to provide free medical and social services. As a state immunization officer, there has been a prominent contribution to public awareness of polio and other childhood vaccines.

These doctors will be respected

Dr. Meera Baghel (gynecologist), Dr. SBS Netam (Radiology), Dr. Sunil Khemka Senior (orthopedic surgeon), Dr. Dr. Sandeep Dave (surgeon), Dr. Rakesh Gupta, (ENT Specialist), Dr. Sushil Sharma, (Orthopedics), Dr. Rajesh Jain (Uro surgeon), Dr. Vineet Jain (orthopedic surgeon), Dr. Krishnakant Sahu, (heart, chest and vascular surgeon), Dr. Smit Srivastava (cardiologist), Dr. RK Ramachandrani (surgery), Dr. OP Sundrani (ICU Specialist), Dr. Kuldeep Solanki (Gastrologist), Dr. RL Khare (Medical Specialist), Dr. Deepesh Maske (Chestologist), Dr. Abhijit Kumar Kohat (Neurologist), Dr. Hemant Sharma, Dr. Santosh Singh Patel, ophthalmologist (retinal surgeon), Dr. Pradeep Sharma (Critical Care), Dr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma (Internal Medicine and Hematology Oncology), Dr. Arun Kumar (Pediatrician), Dr. Mrityunjay Singh, (Dermatologist), Dr. Nilay Mojharkar, (Pediatrician), Dr. Kamlesh Agarwal (Plastic Surgeon), Dr. Siddharth Turkar (Medical Oncologist), Dr. Divyendu Dey, Him Clinical at Balco Hospital Ethology (blood disease), Dr. Gaurav Gupta (radiation oncologist), Dr. Anita Tiwari (medical specialist), Dr. Vinay Verma, Dr. Raj Dewan, col · government dental law (dentist).

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