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The Massey Ferguson 9500 4WD tractor name also has a prominent place in the Indian tractor industry when it comes to powerful and powerful tractors. The company has manufactured this tractor for heavy and commercial work. Work with the bucket loader and grader can be easily done with this tractor. The company has given features like Super Shuttle, Offset Shaft, Planetary Drive System, Spool Valve, etc. in this tractor they are given together for the first time on any tractor. This tractor look is very luxurious. A halogen type headlight is given. This tractor company comes with bumpers. The bumper weighs 80 kg. To make the tractor heavier from the front, a heavy plate has been installed on the bumper. The front axle is of the T-5 type. The rear axle comes with planetary drive. The height of the tractor is higher than that of other tractors, which attracts farmers to it. This TractorJunction post has given you information on the features, specifications and price of the Massey Ferguson 9500 4 Wheel Drive tractor, so stay tuned with TractorJunction.

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4-wheel tractor Massey Ferguson 9500 – Meet USP


Like other Massey tractors, this tractor has a Simpson engine. This tractor comes with 3 cylinders, 58 horsepower and 2700 CC of capacity. This tractor generates 1750 rpm. The engine is covered on the side to protect it. They are seen for the first time on this tractor. This tractor fuel injection pump is of the rotary type. It belongs to Bosch company. The special thing about the rotary pump is that it uses every drop of diesel, so the farmer’s savings are high. The power of the takeover of the tractor is of 55 CV.


In this tractor has given transmission type Comfimesh. The gear system of the planetary galaxy has been given on both sides. Super Shuttle equipment is also available. The advantage of this is that the speed at which the tractor is advancing can be driven backwards without changing gears at the same speed. In this tractor there are 8 gears in front and 8 gears behind. The maximum speed of the tractor is 31.3 km / h at the front and 12.9 km / h at the rear. This tractor comes with double clutch. The tractor battery has 12 watts 88 AH. The alternator is 12 watts 35A.


Like the luxury vehicles of this tractor, the power steering has been given with a smart look that turns with just one finger. This tractor offers oil-immersed brakes. These brakes have a long service life and these brakes protect the tractor from slipping. The tractor stops as soon as the brakes are applied. The seat is adjustable. The clutch and brake pedals of the tractor are given in the type of suspension.


The Massey Ferguson 9500 4-wheel drive tractor is powered by a single 6-speed live PTO that provides a speed of 540 rpm to 1790 rpm.


This tractor has 3-point hitch with pull, position and response control. The capacity of hydraulics elevation of the tractor is of 2050 kg. A double distributor coil valve company has been installed on the tractor. With the help of which laser leveler, Reverse MB Plow can be operated easily. A 60 liter diesel tank has been given.


The front tire size of this tractor is 9.50×24 and the rear is 16.9×28. A weight of 35-35 kg has also been given to the two rear tires.


The total weight of this tractor is 2660 kg. The total length of the tractor is 3914 mm. The total width is 1850 mm and the height is 2310 mm. The wheelbase is 1972 mm. The free height to the ground is 379 mm. The turning radius with brake is 3485 mm.


Price of Massey Ferguson 9500 4-wheel drive tractor at Rs 10.50 Lakh to Rs 10.90 * Lakh. This price is the price of the showroom. The price may vary depending on your state and city. The company offers a warranty of 2 years or 2 thousand hours on this tractor. If the farmer brother wants, by filling out a company form, the warranty can be extended for a period of 2 years.

What are the features of the Massey Ferguson 9500 4-wheel tractor?

Specifications Massey Ferguson 9500 4-wheel tractor
Engine HP 58 hp
Cylinder 3 cylinders
HP PTO 55 hp
gear number 8 forward + 8 backward
maximum speed 31.3 km / h
direction power steering
fre brakes immersed in oil
lifting capacity 2050 kg
val Rs 10,50-10,90 Lakh *

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