The story of Saas Bahu Achar Pvt Ltd, a housewife who finds herself after a divorce!

A typical housewife whose world is her children, husband and mother-in-law. From waking up in the morning to sleeping, the woman just thinks about them. He has decorated his normal house with care. The trees and plants that are kept in the yard of the house are green. He doesn’t even think about his future, because he feels like this is his life. However, this illusion is broken when her husband falls in love with another woman. Marry someone who divorces his wife.

A woman has to leave her in-laws ’house after separating from her husband.

After the separation of her husband, the wife has to leave the house of her in-laws. Get out of the house, yard. The children and mother-in-law also leave. In this way his world is destroyed. Now that he’s alone, he doesn’t know what to do. No one would have prepared him for that day. As a child, they told him this story that, one day, the prince of dreams will come sitting on a white mare and take her with him to his world. Where nothing will bother her, she will only have to take care of the prince. No one had said what he should do if the prince let him on his way in the middle of the journey?

When he goes to his maternal home, his brother-in-law also refuses to help. Now where will he go, what will he do, I don’t understand anything. She lives alone in a rented room in another location. She wants to stand up doing one thing or the other so she can bring her children to her.

        saas bahu achaar pvt ltd, saas bahu achaar, housewife, divorce, husband, wife, children, mother-in-lawSaas Bahu Achaar Private Limited Series which you can see in ZEE5

Basically ‘Saas Bahu Achar Private Limited’ is the story of women who start looking for each other after divorce. This story explains how important it is for a woman to be self-sufficient. The less educated woman. Who doesn’t know how to speak English right away. Which is simple in appearance. Which is at that stage of age where a woman’s beauty fades.

She doesn’t know anything else, so she starts a pickle business, but her neighbor Shukla ji keeps making her silly for a few days. The story of the divorced woman’s struggle and the bitterness of the relationship has been well chained by this story. Apoorva Singh Karki is the director of Saas Bahu Achar Private Limited. You can see it at ZEE5. In which Amrita Subhash is the lead role, which has dissolved and drunk the character of Suman.

In this series, this myth has been broken that the mother-in-law can never live like the mother-daughter. They can only fight among themselves, because here the mother-in-law gives her life to put the daughter-in-law standing. This daughter-in-law has kept her mother-in-law’s number on the phone with her old name. Although there is a heated discussion between them, they both end up killing each other.

Another myth that has been broken is that the stepmother does not take care of the children, because Manisha, the second wife, has adopted them. She lives life like a stranger in her home. Finally, Suman’s husband, Dilip, realizes her mistake. It has also been shown in this series that after separating from the mother, their children Juhi and Rishu start wandering their way.

    saas bahu achaar pvt ltd, saas bahu achaar, housewife, divorce, husband, wife, children, mother-in-lawIn this series this myth has been broken that the mother-in-law can never live like the mother-daughter.

The story of Saas-Bahu Ke Achar tells what a housewife can do if she comes alone. Each scene is shown clearly and in great detail. How does a woman hesitate to go home alone? He is not even able to say his words correctly to people.

Suman used to go picking up pickles on the bus, but he can’t talk to anyone. Only then does his mother-in-law accompany him in the sale of pickles, becoming a passenger. People like pickles, this way the mother-in-law starts selling pickles together, but the police find out she is selling pickles on the bus and her shop is closed.

They add up feeling like they won’t be able to do anything. She gets depressed, only then her neighbor Shukla ji realizes her mistake and becomes Suman’s partner. Suman seems to have a housewife mind and, with the help of Kamwali Bai, starts handing out marinades from house to house. He goes from house to house preaching ethics. Even after doing so much, your business is not successful. However, he does not give up and begins to adopt one idea after another to make his behavior famous. Finally, his dream comes true.

saas bahu achaar pvt ltd, saas bahu achaar, housewife, divorce, husband, wife, children, mother-in-lawShukla ji realizes his mistake and becomes Suman’s partner.

This story explains that a divorced woman can live her life happily without remarrying. This story explains that two single people can only be friends on the age sides.

They can become companions in the happiness and sadness of others. This series teaches how to simplify complex relationships, forgetting less bitterness and learning to speak openly. It teaches you how to resolve tangled relationships. This story explains how important communication is in relationships.

After many ups and downs, Suman’s pickle business finally takes off. He becomes able to care for children, meeting their needs. Talk to your ex-husband and jump and resolve the complicated relationship …

Suman’s children, who felt they could do nothing, are now proud of their mother. Suman, who seemed sad, poor at the beginning of the series, is now full of confidence. There is a confident look of self-satisfaction on his face. Now she is not considered weak but a strong woman …

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