Victory of Knight Mitra Sanjay, even after the defeat in the elections

Indore. Until yesterday, political and media pandits described the election to the mayoralty of the Indore Municipal Corporation as favorable but very difficult for the BJP. Today these opportunists have begun to applaud the BJP’s victory in the thousands of thousands of euros.

Whatever the air estimators said, right after the vote, the Sangh said the results would be in favor of the BJP. In the previous elections there will be a record victory.

Vikas Dave, a senior Sangh worker, had long ago made it clear that the number of BJP councilors and the mayor’s victory will remain as large as in previous elections. This is what happened after all.

It should be noted that, despite being in coordination with the Sangh and the BJP, Dave’s role was important from the selection of the mayoral candidate to the electoral strategy.

On the other hand, the days of selection of candidates and now the victory has shaken even the great banyan of the party. To maintain their existence in power within the party, they are engaged in the line of candidacies for mayor and leaders with other constitutional obligations are also stunned.

The circumstances in which this victory took place also testify to Pushyamitra’s direct popularity and political innovation in preparing the Sangh’s youth leadership, as news of the organization’s apathy in the elections grew. diffusion.

In this sense, the personality and brilliant image of Mr. Trustworthy, a knight of the Sangh and knight of Pushyamitra to some extent, have also been instrumental in the victory.

So why was the storm created at the organizational level? The answer was also simple. Leaders who were unhappy at the next assembly and then in subsequent elections also seem to have lost their family policy and themselves.

Therefore, the news of his own candidacy came due to the freezing of expectations. Questions arose about the siege. The answer to the questions has been simple. Look at the chronology / sequence of many developments in this election period, from the selection of BJP candidates to the announcement and then, while not in the fight, to the vote.

The same circumstances say that, leaving Arjuna alone in battle, he appears to have marched from the wazir to the pawn. The situation was revealing, as if the angry class accepted nothing less than settling the bill with their parent organization, the union, and the organization.

The reason is that many BJP leaders, who have been enjoying unlimited power for many years, wanted to become mayor. They could not be. The Sangh, showing the ground to all the arrogant leaders at once, declared the young Turkish newborn Pushyamitra Bhargava as a candidate.

Internally, it was an exasperation for the BJP. Its leaders indirectly showed different colors. The Sangh also, after innovating in the selection of candidates, stepped away from the electoral role and handed over the elections to the BJP. It was called a new experiment.

During the first days of the election, the organization fell silent. It was said that efforts were also made to weaken Pushyamitra’s morale, but the opposite happened. Pushyamitra became more independent and strong.

There has never been any negative reaction from the public about him until now. It was the growing revenue from their public support. Here, hearing the attitude of the BJP leaders, the Sangh organized unannounced internal meetings as well as organized meetings of Pushyamitra affiliated organizations.

No responsible van volunteers showed up, but they continued to do their job for Pushyamitra. The organization also received advice on gestures and gestures. In this way, BJP moved to hasty action.

Until then, taking advantage of the situation, Congress candidate Sanjay Shukla and his field colleagues tried to dominate the election by waging a psychological war and were also successful. Simply put, the forced propaganda systems from here played the game of calling Congress a lion, while Pushyamitra was a lion and never said that.

Initially a little distracted by this attack, Pushyamitra was very casual, simple, calm and totally committed to the organization, advancing like a mature politician. The disgruntled section of the party, playing the last bet, pointed to the vote.

However, public opinion was already made by BJP and Pushyamitra. In this way Pushyamitra proved to be a powerful politician. He was accompanied by the support of the powerful invisible Sangh and the public. For those who did not see it, Pushyamitra was a weak candidate.

A section of the organization also understood this. It was widely reported in the media that the BJP’s victory and defeat would survive with very few votes, but the spontaneity, simplicity, image of its common man and Pushyamitra’s grassroots conversation remained effective.

He made no exaggerated statements. There was never any sense of arrogance and most of all, Pushyamitra’s candidacy as a neo-blood in a corrupt and rotten politics gave new hope to the people, especially the youth. There was also the trend of women. The rest is the effect of Modi Impact, the head of the BJP and the central government.

Describing all the news and discussions as a joke, a senior Sangh official, who was active before and during the vote, had said in a mutual conversation that the influence of the Sangh and the BJP is deeply rooted in the people of Indore. in Malwa.

Right now there is no such adversity that people should have a sense of animosity towards the Sangh. Anger with the BJP government may be in place. It may have some effect. There may also be a loss of councilor selection.

On the BJP’s discontent with the Sangh, you say there is not much courage in the organization. Ending all speculation, he had said at the end of the vote that the results would be completely normal. The number of councilors and the victory of Pushyamitra will be practically the same as in the previous elections.

The effect of the Sangh and the BJP is that after Sunita Arya, the BJP councilor, who was very inactive last time in Room 78, this time despite her older husband and previous inaction, won despite the ‘internal opposition of factions and internal fights. There are other examples like this.

That’s why the congressional candidate proved to be a “fighter”.

Sanjay Shukla fought many powerful fronts in the unorganized elections. The traditional policy of Congress was that after giving the tickets, they are left alone in the electoral struggle.

In this regard, Sanjay continued to struggle alone with the strong deep network of the Sangh, the power of the BJP, the government and the government machinery of the BJP. Sanjay fought the fort to the end with personal resources.

Through these elections, he has also made the judgment for the next assembly elections. With these elections, Sanjay has demonstrated his importance in organizing the statewide Congress and has given a message that now leaders like Sanjay should be given important responsibilities in organizing the old leadership.

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