Why is menstruation a painful “religious act”?

“Now you are preventing yourself from sitting with your father, now you are preventing me from going to the aarti, why this mother?” … In response to this “innocent question,” the only thing the mother can say is, “This is The fate of the woman is daughter.” Here is another question about the answer to that question, but it is necessary. After all, what is the fate of women? Has the real position of women changed in the 21st century, when we seek to settle on Mars after the Moon? Even today, does any father sit down with his daughter and talk about those topics that Orthodox society has been considering taboo? The answers to all these questions can be seen in the film ‘Innocent Question’, which will be released in cinemas on August 5th.

The trailer for the movie ‘Innocent Question’ has been presented. After watching her first look, it is known that this film presents all the superstitions related to women’s menstruation / periods from a new perspective. Produced under the banner of Nakshatra 27 Production, the film is directed by Santosh Upadhyay. Santosh, who debuted as a director through this film, has written the story of the film along with Kamlesh Kumar Mishra. Ekavali Khanna, Shishir Sharma, Rohit Tiwari, Shashi Verma and Brinda Trivedi play important roles alongside child artist Nitanshi Goyal in the film. Nitanshi Goyal has previously worked with stars such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty, Geet Maa and Hrithik Roshan.

The film stars Nitanshi Goyal in the lead role, which has received the award for best children’s artist.

In the 2-minute, 55-second trailer for the film ‘Innocent Question’, it is shown that the relatives of a girl are giving her the idol of Shri Krishna as her brother. The innocent girl begins to love Shri Krishna’s idol as her brother. Keep it with you at all times. Love calls laddus. His age increases with the cycle of time. One day he suddenly gives voice to his mother in panic. The mother goes and sees that the child has had menstruation. Does the innocent child know nothing about menstruation? But after that discrimination starts with him. He is not allowed to sit with his father. He is not allowed to stay with his Laddu Gopal. There are restrictions all the time.

“Come to the temple during the month. To worship. Touching the idol. Scripture is not compatible. Her mother tells her,” If a woman or a girl remains unclean 5-6 days a month. “The wounded girl for these things it is still very sad.Here, the matter comes out of the family and reaches the society.Embarrassed to touch the idol of the girl with menstruation, some people present a case in court.The matter reaches the judge. “The story of the film takes a turn for the worse. Her questions overshadow the allegations against the girl in court. What happens next? We’ll have to wait for the film to find out.”

Watch the trailer for the movie Masoom Sawal …

Prior to Menstruation / Periods Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Padman’, Reka Zhatabchi’s short film ‘Period: End of Sentence’, Priyanka Pathak’s film ‘Gaukor: A Period House’, the film ‘Adhiraj Krishna and Nirav Purohit Menstrual Education’ and Tanisha Aggarwala’s film ‘: A Story of Father-Daughter Relationship’ has been released. In all these films there has been talk of the times in different ways. Things related to him have been highlighted. But Santosh Upadhyay’s film ‘Innocent Question’ presents such a sensitive subject in a unique way. In this, religion has remained at the center, but the evils and superstitions of society have also been attacked.

How did the idea of ​​making this film come about? In response to this question, director and writer Santosh Upadhyay says, “It’s a matter of 2014. A girl who was studying in class 8 came to me. She separated from her parents and asked me to speak in private. She told me “Sir, why do girls have periods? To be honest, I had no answer to this question. It was only after that that the idea of ​​making a film on this subject came to my mind.” i wrote her story.Even today in a metropolitan city like Delhi, a 14 year old girl cries for it normal and natural.There is still a superstition regarding menstruation, which is the misfortune of the country.

Let me tell you that there are superstitions about the periods not only in India but all over the world. In our country, during the ages, women or girls cannot enter the kitchen, or touch any food. Going to the temple and worshiping is a long way off. In many places, pickling is not allowed during menstruation. People think pickles rot because of this. In Nepal, women are evicted from their homes when they are menstruating. Even in America, women are considered unclean during this time. In Israel, when a girl has her period for the first time, she is slapped in the cheek. This is done to make the girl look beautiful.

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