Jagran Research) No books in schools, how children will become “Nawab”

Author: JagranDate Posted: Wednesday, July 20, 2022 8:25 PM (IST)Date Updated: Wednesday, July 20, 2022 8:25 PM (IST)

Jagran Research) No books in schools, how children will become ‘Nawabs’

Jagran Team, Kannauj: Padhoge-likhge toh banege nawab … This saying is very old, but it cannot be studied without books. The government has organized free textbooks for children in council schools, but so far children do not have them. There are 1459 municipal schools in the district, in which about 1.73 lakh children are enrolled. The schools open from June 16. A month has passed, but the children have not yet received the books. Schools are taught arbitrarily. In many schools, the curriculum is not even ready. In this situation, how basic education will be strengthened is a question. Here is this report that examines the primary education system:


abc learning in schools without books

Samvad Sutra, Saurich: A total of 181 council schools operate under the Block Resource Center. This includes 130 primary schools, 28 upper primary schools and 23 composite schools. A total of 14,000 pupils are enrolled in these schools. At the request of the government, this time the schools of the town hall were opened from 15 June. The teaching task began. From June 15, teachers and children go to regular school. At the same time, children’s books have not yet reached these schools in the town hall. July is coming to an end. On Wednesday, the children were sitting in the Adhanapur primary school classes. The teacher taught them. Many children did not have books. Some were reading with the help of old books. There is unease among parents over this lax attitude of the government. Students studying at the school Abhay Ram, Sachin Kumar, Priyanka and Pawan Kumar, etc., said that so far no new book has been given to any student of the school. Some children carry old books. It is taught.


Schools have been open since June 15th. It’s been over a month. So far no new books have been made available to children. This is affecting studies. It will be difficult for children to understand if they receive books late.

Umesh Chandra, guard

The children go to school without books. His course is delayed. Some children in the class only have books. Early childhood education is affected. The government should pay attention to this

Ajay Kumar, guardian

A new session is taking place. 20 days have passed since July. Some children are studying with the help of old books. Therefore, they will have to face difficulties in understanding it when they receive a new book.

Laxman Singh, guardian


So far no books have been made available to government children. Old books deposited in BRC have been redistributed. This is being taught. The books are expected to arrive soon. As soon as they arrive, it will be distributed to students.

– Sarvesh Kumar Yadav, education officer of the Saurich blog


Kids who have been reading books for the past three months

Samvad Sahayak, Tirwa: There are 325 primary, secondary and compound schools in the Umarda development block. 33,216 students are enrolled in these schools. The 2022-23 academic session in schools began in April. Since then, classes have also been held continuously in schools and students have completed three months of study. From April 1 to May 20, studies continued in schools. After that, the summer vacation was from May 21 to June 20. From 21 June, teaching in schools has resumed. So far this year, students have not been able to get lucky enough to study a single book. Education is done in schools without books. To make alternative arrangements, the teachers deposited the books of the promoted students and distributed them to the new students. In this, about 30 percent of students could receive old books. Even in these books, more than half of the chapters are torn. Five students study from a book. He has no books to read at home. On top of that, it’s also hard to get books until August. Because, until now, the books could not be supplied by the government at the district headquarters.

This is the situation of municipal schools

school number student

Primary 228 21,479

Secondary Education 63 4,260

Compound School 34 7,477

This problem is governmental. The tender has been made. After the supply of books to the district headquarters, the books will be distributed at the block level and then at the Nyaya Panchayat level.

Rajesh Kumar Verma, BEO, Block-Umarda


A letter has been sent to the government for the textbooks, so far all the teachers have been instructed to teach from the Diksha app and the Read Along app and the books from the previous session available at BRC. The curriculum is being completed on time.

Kaustubh Kumar Singh, BSA

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