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06:00, 20-Jul-2022

India-Africa: India can be a valuable partner of South African countries, startups will work together in the defense sector

Trade Minister Goyal said India wants to strengthen ties of friendship on its part to fulfill the dreams of 1.4 billion people in Africa. Read more

July 20, 2022 at 12:39 p.m.

Rajendra Kumar: Rajendra Kumar had fled to Bombay after leaving his police job, so he became the “Jubilee Kumar” of Bollywood

Rajendra Kumar's Birthday Meet an unexplained fact about Jubilee Kumar

Whenever the great actors of the 60s and 70s are mentioned, the name of Rajendra Kumar is definitely included. He was born on July 20, 1929 in Sialkot. Read more

18:28, 19-Jul-2022

Naseeruddin Shah Ratna Pathak’s love story: Naseeruddin Shah-Ratna Pathak met during the play, became lifelong friends as well

Actor Naseeruddin Shah Happy Birthday Meet his love story with Ratna Pathak

Naseeruddin Shah Ratna Pathak Love Story Read more

05:56, 20-Jul-2022

Supreme Court: To prove innocence in the NDPS case, a credible basis of truth is needed

The Supreme Court said a credible basis of truth was required to prove his innocence in the NDPS case

“It is not safe to say at this stage of the hearing that the accused has successfully demonstrated that there are reasonable grounds for his acquittal in the case,” the superior court said. Read more

05:52, 20-Jul-2022

Drone Varun: For the first time in India, a human flight drone is ready, it will fly two meters from the ground, now it will do a “fire test” at sea.

Drone Varun: for the first time in India, the human flying drone is ready, the test on land is successful, now it will test at sea

Testing at the Varuna Sea will begin in the next 3 months. That will meet many needs of the Navy. Currently, the Navy has to move goods from one ship to another, then the two ships approach and then the goods are transported. Read more

23:22, 19-Jul-2022

Live deputy municipal election results: results of 5 municipal corporations today, the reputation of big unconditional at stake

MP Municipal Corporation 2022 election results live in Katni, Ratlam, Dewas, Rewa and Morena News Updates

The results of five of Madhya Pradesh’s 16 municipal corporations will be announced today. Earlier, on July 17, the results of 11 municipal corporations were made public. Of these, the BJP won seven, Congress three and the Aam Aadmi Party mayoral election in one. Read more

05:37, 20-Jul-2022

Lok Sabha: Age can be reduced by 10 years in Delhi, said Union minister: no death toll due to air pollution

Life expectancy is not directly related to air pollution

Union Environment Minister Choubey said the University of Chicago’s Institute for Energy Policy had made the report, but air pollution is one of many factors that can cause respiratory illness. . Read more

05:30, 20-Jul-2022

India-Taliban: Taliban said they will not allow their land to be used against India

The Taliban said they will not allow their land to be used against India

The Taliban will not allow Afghan land to be used against any of its neighbors. Of course, India is also included in this. Read more

05:25, 20-Jul-2022

Construction of highways: environmental permit is not needed to build a road 100 km from the border, the army benefits

Construction of motorways No environmental permit is required to build a road less than 100 km from the border

It is believed that with this, the army will be able to get roads capable of carrying missile launchers to the border with China. The Himalayan and northeastern highway projects, which will facilitate the Chardham Yatra, will also be completed. Read more

05:25, 20-Jul-2022

Central government: The government earned $ 4.3 billion with the oil tax

The government earns Rs 4.3 billion rupee for duty on oil

During the fiscal year 2021-22 a customs duty of Rs 50,902.43 million was levied on the importation of petroleum products into India. Read more

23:06, 19-Jul-2022

Dr. Deepti Death Case: CBI released a closure report on this famous Agra case, know the whole incident

CBI filed a closure report in the event of the death of the dowry of Doctor Deepti of Agra

The incident took place in August 2020 at Vibhav Valley View Apartment in Tajganj Read more

05:08, 20-Jul-2022

Palm oil: Palm oil prices may fall 20 percent in September, expected to rise to $ 673 per tonne

Palm oil prices could fall as much as 20 percent in September

Falling palm oil prices will help contain food inflation globally. Inflation peaked in May and June. Because in April Indonesia banned the export of oil. Read more

10:30 p.m., July 19, 2022

Mushrooms: The mushroom spice will keep you healthy in taste, rich in vitamin D and nutrients

The direction of mushroom research makes mushroom masala beneficial to health

Mushrooms are considered the best source of vitamin D. Vitamin D strengthens bones. Mushrooms are also said to be a storehouse of nutrients. Read more

22:19, July 19, 2022

Jalshakti Department: Officer moved from Badsar to Nadaun, government vehicles also taken away

jal shakti vibhag himachal pradesh official pres government vehicle

Shyam Kumar Sharma, chief engineer of Jal Shakti department, Hamirpur, says a written response has been requested from the officer in this regard as well as orders have soon been given to leave the government vehicle in the division of Badsar Read more

July 20, 2022 at 12:29 p.m.

Budaun: Amazon to buy paint made with cow dung, order in Chennai

Amazon Company will purchase cow dung paint at the Badaun Grand Cow Protection Center facility and make it available to customers who shop online. Read more

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