State Minister Dinesh Khatik sent his resignation to the governor, angry Jitin will meet with Shah after CM. Jal Shakti Minister of State Dinesh Khatik angry with government, discuss resignation

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Isn’t everything going well in the yogi government cabinet? This question has been a topic of discussion in the political corridors since Tuesday evening. Earlier the news came that PWD Minister Jitin Prasad could resign. After that, news of the resignation of Jalshakti Minister of State Dinesh Khatik began to circulate. According to Bhaskar sources, he has sent his resignation to the governor. However, this has not yet been confirmed by the government. The government has described these reports as mere rumors.

News related to Jitin and Khatik is not just news. There were two reasons behind this.

first: Jal Shakti’s Minister of State Dinesh Khatik did not arrive at his official residence in Lucknow after Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting. Leaving the government car and security, he went to Meerut. He also turned off his cell phone.
another: Cabinet Minister of Public Works Jitin Prasad is also said to be angry since the removal of his DSB. On Tuesday, he stayed away from the media all day. At the cabinet meeting he also came from the back door and walked out of there. Media cameras kept waiting. In the evening, Jitin also arrived in his hometown, Shahjahanpur. He also tried to talk to Jitin, but did not pick up the phone.

These are the two reasons on which the discussion of discomfort and resignation began. Now let me tell you what the real reason for the ministers’ discomfort is …

Reason for Jitin’s discomfort: Jitin Prasad, who is considered close and strong to the Gandhi family in Congress, has received a huge public works department from the Yogi government. During the transfer session to his department, many major irregularities came to the fore in the transfers. After that, the CM set up a commission and handed over the investigation of the matter. After the report, the first action was taken on its OSD. Anil Pandey, who brought Jitin from Delhi to Lucknow as his OSD headquarters, was removed on charges of corruption. This is said to have made Jitin Prasada sad. He met with CM after yesterday’s cabinet meeting. There is news that you can also go to Delhi to bring your point to the center.

Reason for Dinesh Khatik’s discomfort: Jal Shakti State Minister Dinesh Khatik is very angry with his department’s senior minister, Swatantra Dev Singh. It is alleged that neither department officials listen to Khatik nor the top ministers of his own department. Although 100 days of government have been completed, no jobs have been assigned to them.

Khatik attended the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, After that, he left the security and government car and went to his home in Ganganagar, Meerut. Earlier, he met with Organization Minister Sunil Bansal and expressed his displeasure. The angry minister has also sent a letter to 5 people. Khatik turned off the phone. Dinesh Khatik did not get along with the minister in his department. About 10 days ago Dinesh Khatik was very angry. At that time, Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya also went to his house to celebrate it.

There is a pole in this news. You can participate by answering the question before continuing.

CM Yogi had said: responsibility should also be given to the Minister of State
After the formation of the government, CM Yogi had asked cabinet ministers to assign responsibility to their respective state ministers. Also divide the work of the department.

What did the minister write in the letter?
Party sources say Minister Dinesh Khatik has written a 5-letter letter. It reads, “If I can’t do good to the society I belong to, what’s the point of being my minister? Chief officers and secretaries are usually biased. Don’t listen to me. Our Prime Minister Swatantra Dev doesn’t either. it doesn’t give me a job or share departmental information. So what’s the point of being a minister? “

This image is from state minister Dinesh Khatik. Dinesh Khatik had also threatened to resign on June 4th.

Khatik has already threatened to resign
On June 4, there was a dispute between a shopkeeper and police in Meerut. Police did not listen to Minister Dinesh Khatik who went to the rescue. After that, the minister convened a press conference, saying he would resign.

Dinesh became an MLA for the first time in 2017
Dinesh Khatik is a BJP deputy from the Meerut assembly headquarters in Hastinapur and is the state minister of Jal Shakti in the yogi government. Even in the first term of the yogi government, he was included in the cabinet in the last extension. He had a chance at the cabinet expansion that took place four months before the election. Dinesh Khatik is a resident of the Falavada city of Mawana. He ran in the elections for the first time in 2017 from the seat of the BJP’s Hastinapur assembly. Dinesh Khatik won by defeating BSP candidate Yogesh Verma for the first time.

Dinesh Khatik has been a union worker
Dinesh Khatik has been in the BJP from the beginning and has been a Sangh worker. His father was also a union worker. His brother Nitin Khatik has been a member of the Zilla Panchayat. Deputy Dinesh Khatik has a brick business in Falavada. He currently lives in Ganganagar, Meerut.

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