The pollution crisis is deepening

The main cause of air pollution in Delhi is mainly vehicle smoke. The situation is so serious that people of all ages, even young children, are falling prey to serious illnesses due to this air pollution. This situation worsens at the beginning of the winter season.

The problem of pollution in the country is becoming serious. Well, there are many types of pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, food pollution, etc. But the way pollution caused by smoke, dust and noise has taken on an increasingly dangerous form is very worrying. Some time ago, a study on air quality conducted at the University of Chicago, USA, ‘Air Quality Index’, revealed that India is the second most polluted country after Bangladesh.

More than ninety per cent of the population of India breathes polluted air. Sixty-three percent of these people (about 70 million) are technically victims of extremely dangerous air pollution. The effect of this has been that the average age of Indians has dropped by five years. In northern India, the average age has decreased by seven and a half years. And the average age of the population of Delhi, the capital of the country, has decreased by ten years.

Not only that, it has also been said in this study that India’s contribution to the increase in pollution globally has been forty-four per cent. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the amount of particles (PM) in the air should be between two and a half and five micrograms, but in most areas of India, that amount was of 76.2 micrograms per cubic meter during the year. 2020. That is, fifteen times more than the established maximum limit. Several studies have refuted the allegation of air pollution due to stubble burning and claim that the proportion of stubble smoke in total air pollution is barely four percent, while air pollution Vehicle smoke is more than sixty percent. Even more so than the pollution of factories.

Significantly, about forty-fifty years ago, factory smoke pollution was the highest. The Chembur area of ​​Mumbai became known as the “Gas Chamber” due to factory smoke. The effect of the coal and dust particles released in the coal areas and in the cement factories and lime work areas is so great that the black layer of coal on top of the houses and farmland, lime in areas of cement or asbestos. The white layer and so on around the thermal power plants, the floor, the houses and even the humans are painted brown.

The color of Hasdeo’s water, etc. of Chattisgarh turns white due to the ash emanating from the thermal power plants and becomes like milk. In the Raigad district, which is a major center for the production of iron and steel sponges, the lives of the common man are always in danger due to dust, smoke and barrels running at a monstrous speed. That is why questions also arise about these forms of development.

The main cause of air pollution in Delhi is mainly vehicle smoke. The situation is so serious that people of all ages, even young children, are falling victim to serious illnesses due to this air pollution. At the beginning of winter this situation worsens. When this issue is raised in front of the system of government and seems to be taking a serious form, then the centers of power start some ostentatious conversations and measures, but no one seems to be moving towards a permanent solution.

When the smoke of Delhi begins to cross borders and affects the elite and their families, then the power system begins to feel this justified concern. Today there is more than one vehicle crore in Delhi. This problem has increased due to the practice of having several vehicles in the same family. It is clear that the rich prioritize their own self-interest and convenience.

The question is, what can the government do in such a situation? What steps can be taken from a practical point of view that can be useful in controlling air pollution? However, to eliminate this problem in Delhi, an even traffic system was introduced. But this experiment was unsuccessful for political reasons and for the opposition of the majority of the people. With this arrangement, it was certain that the pressure on vehicles on the roads would be reduced and air pollution would also be reduced. But to put these experiments on practical ground, the public transport system, which is lacking in most cities, needs to be strengthened.

When it comes to noise pollution, the situation is that the sound of horns and vehicles in cities is pushing people towards the problem of deafness. The orthodox nature of society, lack of civic understanding, evils and superstitions are also the reasons for this. Using speakers to break the rules is not a new problem. The rule of banning its use after ten or eleven o’clock at night applies to most places.

But you can still hear them sounding late into the night. The loud sound of the DJ is so deadly that even the houses around him feel trembling. But the most amazing thing is that action is rarely taken against those who do this. Police can say we did not receive the information. But the other side is also that it is a difficult task to complain to the neighbors and instead of making them feel their mistake, the head of the family will stop the children, on the contrary, they will start saying that there is the marriage of a daughter. , they are not happy.

The use of chemical fertilizers is destroying soil fertility. The man is receiving poison in grains, fruits and water. The situation is that we are eating poison, drinking poison, planting poison and harvesting poison. Breathing poisonous and falling prey to an unbearable sound. Therefore, the question arises of how these problems can be solved. Not that this is a difficult task. If we even develop a little understanding of civic behavior and the local administration adopts a cooperative attitude along with the people, then we will be able to make our environment free of pollution.

With regard to the use of chemical fertilizers for agricultural purposes, it is very important to limit their use, so that there is availability of food cereals compared to the population and people can get cereals without poison, cereals, fruits. and vegetables. . Farmers who cultivate without using chemical fertilizers should not suffer losses due to low yields, so this aspect must be taken into account when setting the price of their crop. To control air pollution, you need to consider ways to stop the smoke coming out of vehicles.

Now, the emphasis is now on electric vehicles. But it will take a long time. When the number of private vehicles such as cars is very high, the rule of “a family a car” can be considered. However, it is not easy and not only can there be large protests at the grassroots level, but car manufacturers will also go through exasperation. Similarly, there is great potential in the country for solar energy. Work is also being done in this area. In this situation, the government should encourage people and industries at all levels, so that cheap and pollution-free energy can be obtained.

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