This girl did not lose even due to a childhood illness, she will take part in a special fashion show in America

The disease not only tries to break the person, but also upsets their relatives. Most families break up and some fight. find the way. Keep moving forward while staying mentally strong. Examples of this are Anita and Riza Rezi. People all over the world are taking inspiration from its history.
In fact, Riza Rezi, 23, who lives in Bangalore, has been suffering from Down syndrome since childhood. But now she has been selected for the annual ‘Be Beautiful, Be Yourself’ fashion show organized by the ‘Global Down Syndrome Foundation’. This fashion show will be held on November 12 in Colorado, USA. This fashion show has been organized by this foundation for 14 years. The money raised goes to research related to “mental illness.” Riza Rezi is the first person to represent India on this platform.

News 18 spoke with Riza and her mother Anita. Anita said: “Riza’s childhood has been spent in the East African country of Tanzania. She got her primary education there. There she went to the ‘Special Needs’ school along with the normal school. But then to grow up, she had to return to India for lack of opportunities for “Special Needs” education.After that, Riza completed the rest of her studies in Bangalore.In Bangalore, Riza was admitted at the “Special Needs” school there “Beautiful Mind Astitva.” ‘Beautiful Mind Astitva’ is a clinic where special training and counseling is offered to people with mental disabilities.

more interested in theater and dance
She says: “Seeing Riza in her childhood, she understood that she was not very interested in her studies. She has always been more interested in theater and dance. So we enrolled her in theater and dance and allowed her to pursue her interests. “Dance is Riza’s passion today. With as much enthusiasm as she dances, she does almost no other work. Now dance is her means of expression.”
the need for the sensitivity of society
This penchant for Riza’s arts is familiar. His two parents were associated with works related to art. Now, now they both work as teachers. Riza’s mother, Anita, has opened her own organization called ‘Beautiful Together Foundation’ in 2020. The aim of this foundation is to give work and an opportunity to people with ‘special needs’ to prove their worth. He says that through this platform he will sell things made by people with disabilities, which will give them work and also give people the opportunity to understand that these people are not much different from normal people. They just need the sensitivity of society.

Mega event, fashion show, Bangalore

Anita often keeps looking for opportunities on the Internet for Riza. He says I met a fashion show and one day he saw that he had received an email from the ‘Global Down Syndrome Foundation’ to audition for the annual ‘Be Beautiful, Be Yourself’ fashion show. Seeing this match, Anita and Riza’s happiness knew no bounds. After that, they both started working hard for the audition. This time the audition for the show was done by video call.

three stages of hearing
To appear in this fashion show, a contestant must go through three audition stages. The first stop is the costume. For this, Riza chose an Indo-Western dress. After that, the second stop is ‘Ramp Walk’. During the video call, Riza was to be shown walking down the ramp. In the third and most important stage the personality of the contestant is tested. It was only after successfully completing these three phases that Riza was selected for this mega international fashion show.

Anita says, “Riza did a great job in this audition. Even before the result, she was very happy with it. But as soon as the results came, four moons were added to her happiness. Speaking to News18 , says: “I am very excited about this fashion show. I’ve always enjoyed acting on stage. This time I had the opportunity to perform on such a large international stage.

Zor-Shor Prepares for the show
Riza has started getting ready for the fashion show. With the help of his coaches, he is working on his vocabulary and speech. Along with this, he is also practicing his movement and walking ramps with theater coaches. For this mega event, Riza will have her costumes made by a local designer from her city. This costume is sponsored by the event organizers.

Disability cannot become an obstacle
Anita says, “Riza never let her disability become a hallmark, but she always expresses herself openly. She loves spending time with her friends. When we came to Bangalore, we didn’t have many friends at first. But, Riza “He befriended a lot of people because of his behavior. Because of his kind behavior, he didn’t have a lot of trouble meeting people. According to other people with Down syndrome, he’s very frank.”

Mega event, fashion show, Bangalore

Don’t face social isolation
However, he says many other victims of Down syndrome associated with his organization have faced social isolation. Being the mother of a Down syndrome victim, her organization’s effort is to make people aware of mental disabilities. At the same time, it seeks to ensure that people are sensitive to victims and do not shy away from any Down syndrome or mental disability and do not isolate themselves and their families from society.

post fashion show
Riza’s mother is already looking for other opportunities for her. He believes this opportunity will open up many new opportunities for Riza. According to Anita, her daughter has made her famous all over the country and she is very proud of her daughter.

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