Unannounced blackouts everywhere, alleys, hospitals, annoying people. Unannounced blackouts everywhere, alleys, hospitals, annoying people

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Patients and relatives sitting for an X-ray at JAH due to an electrical failure.

  • Maintenance could not continue with tree felling, so there was a power outage each season, patients had to wait for hours for the x-ray at JAH on Tuesday in the heat

The blackout in the city does not bear his name. Both on the streets and in hospitals, a one-hour power outage in the heat environment occurred on Tuesday. This upset the patient. At JAH’s OPD, the light went out at 12 noon. After that, electricity was restored to the doctors ’rooms from the OPD generator, but the X-ray machine could not work.

As a result, patients had to wait hours for x-rays. The light came on at 1:10 p.m., and then the x-rays began. The superintendent of the hospital, Dr. RKS Dhakad, said he had not received any information about the power outage. Today there will be a 4-hour cut-off: Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., there will be a power outage around New Colony, 1,2,3, Man Mandir area, Aramil, Kori Samaj office.

There is a power outage in these areas every day

Gol Paharia, DD Nagar, Adityapuram, Gole Ka Mandir, Fair Ground, Thatipur, Suresh Nagar, Vinay Nagar, City Center, Govindpuri, Padav, Laxmibai Colony, Dwarkapuri Colony, Huravali, Sirol, Gudha, etc. These are the localities of the colony, where But every day there is a power failure. Sometimes there is a power outage for an hour and sometimes for two or three hours. Since last midnight there have been frequent cuts in all these areas.

The power company says it does maintenance every month and that regular patrols of the line are also being done. In this situation, what are the reasons why, even after that, the deduction does not stop? Dainik Bhaskar investigated this. Experts in the field gave 10 important reasons, due to which the common people are facing a crisis of power and those responsible are not yet paying attention to these points.

Expert in Bhaskar- PK Tiwari, retired chief engineer, electrical company

There is a power failure for these 10 reasons

  • During maintenance, more attention is kept on tree felling. An adequate number of bridge replacements are not being made, so breakdowns occur due to bridge breakage during rain and hot summer.
  • Load balancing is not being done on the faces of the transformers. It is seen that if the load on one side is more, there is less load on either side. Because of this, the FOC increases and people are upset by a power failure.
  • The biggest problem is pine insulators. Especially those pine insulators from the TIPL company that puncture quickly under rain and heat and cause breakdowns. Currently, the problem arises due to the puncture of these pine insulators. There are about 60,000 pine insulators in the city, of which 10 percent of pine insulators are from the TIPL company which are of poor quality, which need to be replaced on time.
  • Error analysis is not happening. Which feeder has had the maximum number of faults and which feeder has had the least. What are the reasons for the error. It must be analyzed, only then can work be done to solve the problem. Now even SCADA is there, although this work is not being done. this is wrong.
  • For maintenance, a separate division has been made for the HT division. That is why the equipment in the area is moving away from maintenance. this is wrong. Working as a team is not happening.
  • The AE-JE in the area does not have a systematic maintenance record. That is why there is also an attitude of procrastination.
  • Patrol and maintenance tasks have been left in the hands of line personnel. The patrols of the AE-JE line do not go to the field with the equipment. AE-JE should lead the patrol line. This is how things happened in our time.
  • The biggest problem is implementing the maintenance system every month. Very stupid idea. In our time only maintenance was done before and after the monsoon. If that’s enough, they used to do a maintenance schedule before Diwali. Therefore, when turning off the power in a limited time, they used to complete the maintenance. But now it looks like these people are doing maintenance every day. Now, if people stop the power supply for maintenance, people get angry and even after that, even if there is a failure, people are upset because of a failure. energy, so what is the use of maintenance each month.
  • If maintenance needs to be done, do it at a time when the weather is good. In humid and summer heat, do not turn off for maintenance.
  • The city has a line staff of about 1100 employees. But of these regular employees there are only between 50 and 100. The rest are subcontracted workers. In the absence of regular and trained line personnel, neither maintenance is being done properly nor defective equipment replacement work is done on time by line patrols.

We are replacing old pine insulation and installing new ones

It is true that TIPL has become one of the main reasons for the failure of the company’s pin insulation. That is why the insulators are changed every day from 100 to 300 pins. Instead, pine insulators from the Deccan company are being installed. But it will take time to change everything. Instructions have been given to increase online patrol. So that defective equipment can be replaced before an error occurs.
Nitin Manglik, general manager, Gwalior City Circle, Electricity Company

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