Astro Tips: If you also regret it after getting angry, check it out that way. Astrology tips control your anger like this anger control karne ke Upay

Astrology Tips for Anger: Sometimes you get angry too or do you get so angry that you don’t stay in your senses? Do you suddenly get annoyed by small things? Is there any remorse when the matter is resolved later? If the answer to these two questions is yes, you should read this article. In this article, we will explain the reasons that lead to excessive anger and how we can control it.

Anger is a condition that happens to everyone when the opposite of our thinking happens. Some people are so angry that they don’t even know how many negative things are done with anger. When anger comes, the power to think and understand ends. The nature of any person acts as a basis for determining their personality. In this article we will explain the astrological reason for this anger and how we can control it.

From the point of view of astrology, the first reason is your ascendant in which you were born, secondly your speech from which anger will manifest and the third is the brain, that is, the fifth house from which all things are controlled. It is said that some angry people have a very hot mind. Anger is a form of energy and fire. When the burning planet, i.e. Mars and the Sun, increase the energy within the person, i.e. they increase the element of fire, their side effect is anger. When the Moon, which controls the mood of the mind, somehow makes a connection to the horoscope or space by approaching Mars or the Sun, that is, any planet with the fire element, then the mood heats up. The way water is heated after burning the gas, if the water is heated, in the same way, when the Moon is connected to Mars or the Sun in the horoscope, anger begins to come.

The Moon is, of course, the karaka of everyone’s mind, but if the Moon is also the lord of the mind in someone’s horoscope, then this situation can be created for the rise of Pisces and the sign of the Pisces zodiac. On the other hand, if the Moon is related to the house of speech and is connected to Mars or the Sun, then the softness and freshness of speech ends and the person begins to burn with anger, this situation is made for the ascendant of Gemini or the zodiac of Gemini. sign. Is.

On the other hand, if the Moon becomes the first house, that is, the ascending house, then it represents the person’s body, that is, the personality, it becomes the owner, then the anger becomes fierce, it renounces the little things. This condition is formed for the ascendant of Cancer and the zodiac sign of Cancer because its lord is the Moon and if Mars becomes strong with the Moon, then the Moon becomes fiery.

If Rahu also sits somewhere with this Moon and Mars, then the anger comes as if a bomb had exploded. Rahu causes anything, it is a catalyst and most importantly, it is very inflammatory, it causes a person without speaking and it creates a commotion. In fact, Rahu causes an explosion, the sudden appearance of anything in a destructive way is a reason for the causal element of Rahu. Therefore, if Rahu is associated with the Moon or Mars, the anger begins to increase.

If any energy-giving planet comes with the explosive planet Rahu, then fire will become uncontrollable and anger is also a form of fire.

There are many types of anger

Anger also has many forms or states, such as getting angry in some circumstances to oppose something bad or to convince a person of their mistake. You have to be angry to understand it.

positive anger When Mars and Jupiter combine or have their vision in the horoscope, that person’s anger is in a positive way, that person only gets angry when there is a lot of need.

Anger at the ego The combination of Sun and Mars makes a person angry, the Sun is a princely element, the Sun is important for you to be below and us above.

secret anger There is a secret rage when Ketu is involved with Moon. Ketu is introverted, if the planet that causes the anger comes in contact, then these people get angry, but that anger is not able to get out. The person keeps his anger repressed in mind, he is not able to show anger easily.

negative anger The combination of Rahu and Mars distorts a person’s anger and puts them in a destructive state. Therefore, this person is not able to control his anger at all and often making big wrong decisions creates a destructive and violent situation, this is a negative form of anger. The special thing here is that Mars is considered the cause of anger, but only “Rahu” does the job of distorting or giving a destructive form to a person’s anger. Aside from Mars, it is primarily Rahu in the intensity of anger.

how to control anger

Ganesh Stotra should be recited regularly on Tuesdays, offering red fruits like pomegranate to Hanuman ji, because here Hanuman ji should be kept quiet. Woman jaggery or whole red lentils on Tuesday. It is also appropriate to apply white sandalwood tilak on the forehead. This controls anger.

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