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PatnaAn hour agoAuthor: Pranay Priyamvad

Lalu Prasad and Tejashwi Yadav have brought to the Legislative Council the Secretary General of State of the RJD Women’s Cell, Munni Devi, alias Munni Rajak. Munni Rajak will take the oath of office for MLC on July 22nd. on this occasion Daily diary She had a special conversation with him. But first, you know about Munni Devi.

I used to earn between 175 and 200 rupees every day washing clothes, I still get up at 3 in the morning.

Munni Rajak’s husband, Awadhesh Rajak, is a sweeper at Mokama City Council. His house falls to the Bakhtiyarpur Legislative Assembly in Alipur-Bihta Panchayat. Her maternal uncle is in the Hilsa district of Nalanda. Munni Rajak’s father, Manik Chand Rajak, used to wash clothes and father-in-law Devlal Rajak was a farmer. His father washed the clothes of the British and after studying in Calcutta, he also learned to speak English.

Munni Rajak made a landfill for the Khusrupur shop, which someone had also given as help. Iron the clothes of the people from the same landfill and also do the laundry. He used to travel daily from Alipur-Bihta to Khusrupur by Rajgir passenger train. For this, she used to get up at three in the morning. In the morning, after doing household chores, I would prepare food for four children (Nandani, Guddu, Shivnath and Kishan) and when I returned at 8pm, I would first clean the children’s hands and feet and then prepare the food herself after cooling off.

He currently lives at the residence of MLA Anirudh Yadav near the exhibition road. He says he earns between 175 and 200 rupees a day doing laundry. But sometimes nothing. Since joining RJD, it has to come and go in party programs, so the store has to close. He still falls asleep at 3 in the morning.

He says there is now concern about how the poor will benefit. Before, she was just a worker, she used to start a movement wherever she was like Azad. Many things have to be taken care of now. But the struggle for the poor will continue. If the government wants to use sticks, make it work!

Interview with Munni Devi before taking the oath:

a quarterL- What will you do as an MLC?

Answer: By becoming an MLC, I will work for the poor and exploited victims. Lalu Prasad took this class forward. He is a great hero after Babasaheb Ambedkar. There was a Siddhartha named Buddha. Lalu Prasad became a superhero when he was born in a farmer’s house. They know the pain in someone’s mind and make a quick decision.

Question- What did you see in you that Lalu Prasad did to you MLC?

Answer: He will tell you. I didn’t care about the fruit. Water continued to pour down the tree. He has given mango-like fruit to the common worker.

Question: When did you meet Lalu Prasad Yadav?

Answer: I first met Lalu ji in 1996.

Question- Since when are you doing the laundry?

Answer: I have been doing laundry since 1993.

Q: When you joined RJD, should you close your laundry and ironing shop and go to events?

Answer: Yes, it must be closed. We used to pick up clothes every day, wash them and iron them the same day. When there was a need, the man did some work. We, the Marwaris, washed everyone’s clothes. Money was very painful in life.

Question- Where did you wash your clothes?

Answer: Khusrupur used to wash on the platform. Every day Rajgir would go home with a passenger. Iron did the same here.

Question- How much did you teach your children?

Answer- The big one did BA. Now making bed. The daughter also did BA. Studied until the average enrollment. His hand was injured in the crash. The fourth child is graduating.

Question: How far have you studied?

Answer: We studied until 10. But he did not give board exam.

Question- Do you read all the newspapers and books?

Answer: Yes – Yes everyone reads. Also understand.

Question- What do you think of those who say that the educated should be sent to the Upper House, Munni Rajak is not very polite?

Answer- There is a proverb – IA Burro, BA Bullock, best matrix failure. We are not pending enrollment. I didn’t take the exam, but you tell me where I make a wrong statement. I’m terrified. How is the employment of the poor going? How’s the stove going? Narendra Modi or Nitish Kumar do not understand this pain. Lalu Prasad understands this pain. We understand. Modi-Nitish ji makes empty promises. Hindu-Muslim is happening all over the country. The caste is happening. Advani ji had brought Ram’s chariot. What happened to Ayodhya? Hindus and Muslims must live together. The government is breaking the backs of the agitators.

Question- In a situation like this, how will you fight the government?

Answer: He will fight. There will be a one-on-one fight. He will eat sticks. I’m not afraid of sticks. I’ll clean up BJP-JDU’s trash by slapping him while I wash his clothes. When the time comes, I will work to overthrow the government at once. Babasaheb has given strength to everyone. The daughter is becoming a lawyer, a judge, a pilot. Look where Modi has brought inflation.

Question- People also accuse former chief minister Rabri Devi of not being polite, does he have a thumb impression?

Answer: People can give power with their thumb, but they can’t take it. Thumbprint The public is the real owner. Our story tells it. Akbar was literate by Jodha Bai. BJP-JDU will not lead India. The government will have to withdraw Agneepath’s four-year plan. These people just want people to keep moving and we need to keep forming the government with our EVMs.

Question: Was GST also imposed on food grains?

Answer: E people will charge GST on everything. The GST will be imposed on life or death. Serving four years in the army. Know who the country is about, about the farmer and the youth. If the two become one, no government will do the trick.

Question- Before you got up at three. What time do you get up now?

Answer- I still get up at three in the morning today. I keep thinking I have the load now, so what should I do. The village of Kishmiya, west of Daniyavan, is where I went. The Manjhi families are settled in Alang. The Ego family has no home. Nitish ji does not see. It belongs to the Nalanda district, not to London. Nitish Kumar never did the job of raising these people. Do you see how the train is today? Sale of platforms, airports. CBI attacks Lalu Prasad’s place. The CBI attacked the bloody BJP leader. Are they washed with milk? Bathed in soap, the lotus became fresh, when bathed in a flashlight imprint, he became a contaminated person. Citizens know that it represses those who raise their voices and the Modi government sends them to prison implicating them in a false case. There is a government of industrialists, authoritarians, CBI.

Question- Do you also worship? What deity do you worship?

Answer: Shankar worships God. Patan Devi remembers Sheetla Maiya.

Question – Opponents of Lalu Prasad say the rubber stamp has been made MLC, so if you are asked to walk to the right, you must walk to the right and if you are asked to walk to the right left, should you walk to the left?

Answer: Yes, this is the BJP conspiracy. If you had made the polite and polite, you would have said they were made with money. The people at BJP show 12 forms. The midwife is said to have a child, so have you ever given tickets to the babysitter’s son? Sometimes have tickets been given for laundry and sometimes for Dom? There is talk of making a clean India, but the laundresses, the people of the BJP do not give tickets to Dom. Would a clean India be made without them? Tell me?

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