India reaches 2 billion vaccinations against COVID-19 United Nations News

Schomby Sharp, UN resident coordinator in India, said 25 million vaccines were initially administered in one day in India, then one billion vaccines in 10 months, and now the 2 billion target of vaccines, which will be used for adults. two vaccines for children.

India started its vaccination campaign against COVID on January 16, 2021 and since then, vaccination coverage has been progressively expanded to protect as many people as possible from this greatest health threat. current.

Congratulating the Government of India, compatriots and in particular the millions of health workers and front-line workers, scientists, vaccine manufacturers and policymakers involved in this work, Schomby Sharp said: “Since the launch of the world’s largest vaccine campaign, just 18 in months, India has managed to deliver more than two billion lives-saving vaccines, showing unparalleled scale and speed in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.

© UNICEF / Sandeep Biswas

Two vaccines for children have been approved in India.

Active cooperation of United Nations agencies

The UN resident coordinator said: “Since the onset of the pandemic, the United Nations team in India has been firmly on India’s side, supporting front-line workers, providing essential equipment and medical supplies to strengthen the system. Working with communities, fighting misinformation and protecting the most vulnerable, leaving no one behind. “

In the fight against the global pandemic, UN agencies have given all possible support to India

UNICEF India Representative Yasumasa Kimura said: “Since the beginning of the pandemic response, UNICEF has assisted the Government of India by purchasing and supplying more than 4,195 electrical equipment from the Pandemic chain. refrigerators including refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators and freezers.provided We have also provided more than 6 thousand refrigerators and vaccine holders.

The UNICEF representative, congratulating India on achieving the remarkable achievement of providing two billion doses of vaccination against COVID-19, said: “Complete two billion doses of vaccines in 18 months in such a country. as vast and diverse as India, it is an unprecedented achievement, and it is a testament to the patience and dedication of the health workers of India, who have worked tirelessly to ensure vaccination in all parts of the country, despite the challenges of repeated pandemic waves, inclement weather, inhospitable terrain and remote areas. Eh “.

He said this moment is also to pay tribute to the hard work of scientists, health professionals, vaccine manufacturers and policy makers who ensured the timely availability and fairness of vaccines for all.

He said: “UNICEF will continue to support the Indian government in the nation’s communication campaigns to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, promote appropriate behavior and further accelerate India’s immunization campaign.

UNICEF helped raise awareness about vaccination campaigns by communicating, advocating and uniting society. Real-time media tracking has helped dispel myths, combat misinformation, and combat fake news that makes vaccines difficult.

The simple scientific messages and audiovisual materials created by UNICEF have helped in COVID-19 vaccination campaigns by disseminating accurate information about the government’s immunization program. “

digital platform

The digital platform CoWIN (Winning Over Covid-19), developed by the government of India, is the cornerstone of the success of the country’s immunization campaign. Vaccination tracking, vaccination record and vaccination certificate are issued through this platform.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) provides technical and implementation support to the Ministry of Family Health and Welfare, Government of India, to operate the CoWIN platform nationwide.

Since 2015, the United Nations agency has been training staff involved in vaccine and cold chain work to use the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network, i.e. eVIN.

Through this digital technology introduced by the government of India, vaccine stock digitization and cold chain temperature control is performed.

Shoko Noda, resident representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in India, said: “India’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign has reached another milestone with two billion doses in 18 months “.

“The CO-WIN platform has been instrumental in ensuring equitable access to vaccines for all. UNDP is committed to supporting the Ministry of Health of India and front-line workers to ensure that no one participates in The world ‘s largest vaccination campaign. Don’t be left behind either. “

UNICEF in India is organizing a door-to-door immunization program to reach all people for the first, second and preventive dose of COVID-19 vaccination through the campaign

© UNICEF / Sandeep Biswas

UNICEF in India is organizing a door-to-door immunization program to reach all people for the first, second and preventive dose of COVID-19 vaccination through the “Har Ghar Dastak” campaign.

a real mass movement

The representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in India, Dr. Rodrico H Offrin, believes that “the response to the Indian pandemic has proceeded with the true spirit of the mass movement. Every citizen s ‘has included in this and everyone has played their part in it. Everyone’s questions were answered and rumors and doubts were identified and clarified.

He said the WHO will continue to support the Indian government in responding to COVID.

To date, the World Health Organization in India has deployed 26,000 field agents to provide field support for vaccination campaigns and to control post-vaccination adverse effects.

Apart from this, the monitoring of more than 4 thousand vaccination sessions against COVID-19, community surveillance of more than 29 thousand beneficiaries, more than 75 thousand program officers and doctors, 7 thousand 30 thousand health workers and a one thousand 60 thousand front-line workers. training for workers.

In addition, SAFEVAC 2.0 was developed for integration with COWIN to record post-vaccination adverse events and to facilitate analysis of surveillance data, to enhance COVID-19 vaccination.

“The whole world is a family”

Dr Rodrico H Offrin said: “India has shown exemplary leadership in providing COVID-19 vaccines to middle- and low-income countries, to support the global fight to end the pandemic.

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” that is, the whole world is a family. No one is safe until everyone is safe. India has shown how we can move forward as a world. If India is ready, it means the whole world is ready! “

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