Outbreak of grass hopper pests in Kharif crops, farmers should protect crops like this

Learn hopper pest control measures and precautions

The sowing of Kharif is underway in the last phase in the country. In many states, farmers have completed their planting, while somewhere their planting period is moving towards the end. In this situation, problematic news has appeared for the farmers. In fact, this time the outbreak of lobster insect is being observed in the Kharif crops of corn, jowar and basara. If not controlled in time, it can cause crop losses to farmers, which can cause financial losses to farmers. With this in mind, the government of Rajasthan has issued advice to farmers. In many districts of Rajasthan, the outbreak of this pest is being observed in the initial phase of Kharif cultivation. This has increased the concern of the government and farmers. Explain that this insect attacks the leaves of the crop and licks it, which destroys the plant before it develops. If not controlled in time, the entire crop is ruined.

What is the grass hopper insect

This insect is green to brown. It has a small pair of antennas. Its adult length is one to seven centimeters. Her female lays two hundred eggs in an entire season. If the weather is favorable, the number of eggs can reach 400. The adult female lays the eggs two inches from the ground. These pests multiply rapidly, which is detrimental to farmers ’crops. This insect is most active at night and attacks the leaves of the crop. It eats the edges of the leaves and eats them. Due to its infestation, the crop is badly damaged and sometimes the entire crop is destroyed. Hopper plague is known as hopper disease.

How do farmers distinguish between a grass hopper and a locust?

The hopper is an insect that looks like a locust. Farmers sometimes get nervous considering it is a locust. But there is a difference between these two. Grass hoppers are larger in size than locusts with a pair of smaller antennae. Although the lobster is smaller than the hopper, it has a pair of very long antennae. They also differ in body color. In general, lobsters are bright green, while lobsters are green to brown. However, both are insects of the same species. But the main difference between these two is due to their body size, antenna length and color.

It must be controlled in childhood.

The young of the lobster insect begin to eat the leaves from the edge while the adult insects cause direct damage to the crop, so it is necessary to control it in its infancy. Farmers can control this pest using chemical drugs. The government also gives subsidies to the purchase of these pesticides.

Farmers should control the hopper pest in this way

The Rajasthan Department of Agriculture has issued advice to farmers to protect the Kharif crop from Phadka plague in the state. He claims that farmers can use chemical insecticides if there is more economic damage to crops or if there are more pests. Use insecticide on standing crop in the morning or evening. For phadka pest control, spraying of quinalfos 1.5% (churna) 25 kg per hectare, quinalphos 25% (EC) 1 liter per hectare or malathion 5% (churna) 25 kg per hectare is recommended. Apart from that, burning rubbish, bonfires or old tires next to the farmer’s fields can also reduce the outbreak of the pest. A light trap per hectare of pest control area should be installed.

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Farmers can also take these steps to control hopper plague

  • To control this pest, the number of natural enemies of the hopper can be increased.
  • In the fields, bitters, oar flies, land birds, lizards, frogs, spiders, etc. must be protected.
  • Their numbers can be reduced by plowing the field, clearing tall grass, weeds, and putting the birds in their place.

The state government will provide subsidies for the purchase of pesticides

In view of the outbreak of the grass hopper plague in the state, the Rajasthan Agriculture Commissioner, Kanaram, ordered that after completing the survey or the quick survey report of Phadka Pest Disease (Grass Hopper), send it to the Joint Director of Agriculture (Plant Protection) without delay for government subsidies to be given to farmers, but physical and financial targets can be assigned to supply insecticide chemicals . The Agriculture Commissioner said farmers can now buy pesticides from any authorized distributor as well as negotiate with the distributor as they wish. Timely pest control can save farmers’ crops from damage.

Keep these things in mind while spraying insecticide

Farmers should also take some precautions while spraying insecticides. These precautions are as follows:

  • Insecticide spraying should only be done in the evening.
  • Duster should be used while spraying insecticide powder.
  • A cloth or mask should be used in the mouth while spraying the insecticide.
  • Insecticide spraying should be done in the wind direction. If you spray the insecticide in the opposite direction of the wind, its effect on the insects will be less.

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