Rahul Gandhi had rightly said that this is Gabbar Singh Tax.

GST has become the Gabbar Singh tax. This is seen from the new government decisions because its direct impact now falls on the common man. After 75 years of independence, food was taxed in the country and the saddest thing is that although the government has imposed VAT on milk, the government’s intention is to snatch milk from children’s mouths. GST 1.5 percent in diamonds and 5 percent in milk, cottage cheese, paneer, lassi, butter, flour, and so on. Looking at the 1.5 per cent GST of diamonds, it seems that the Modi government is doing all the work only after looking after the interests of the capitalists.

The tax rate has been increased to 18 percent on products needed for early childhood education, from milk to maps, graphics, paper, pencils, machines, needles, colors, atlas graphics, drawing, and navigation, but only one and a half percent in diamonds. . Is. A lot of things happen and this new GST has been a problem for the middle and lower class. At the same time, small and medium traders will also be heavily criticized for this.

Today I was watching an ad on TV about raw milk and packaged milk. The Ad-amool package was in the milk, as it sure is, avoid bringing unopened milk and unopened milk into the package, as it may adulterate. The intention of the posters was clear that they would not take any loose items as there is a risk of adulteration and this ad has been appearing on television for some time. Before I only saw it, but now, when the new government GST decree arrived that will charge 5% GST to packaged and labeled foods, the game behind this TV ad has also been understood. People were airing themselves with Amul Doodh’s TV ad that says “You don’t carry anything open, you may be adulterated.” So give 5 percent GST, of course, but when it comes to health, that 5 percent GST is nothing. If you put GST in the necessary things, the man cannot survive because the child has to be fed milk and also drink tea.

Now why do you have to buy packaged things because there are so many restrictions on unpackaged things. The increase in housing spending will definitely affect and the public will have to bear it. But with that the small trader will also be greatly affected. Small traders, ie those who are not registered, their customers will receive double GST. Our economy suffered greatly due to erroneous government policies like sudden blockade and so on. The economy, of course, was affected during the two-year crown period and the government could have made up for it by increasing the GST of luxury goods, but that government did not. It could have increased the GST of plane tickets by 20 percent, but it didn’t increase the ticket money from the opposite platform. Now this GST will also become a reason to exclude small traders from the supply chain.

Today the common man is doing trahimam-trahimam and has started saying that the government is recovering the losses of the poor by giving tax exemptions to rich capitalist traders. Economists say that instead of raising the tax this way, it was better to raise money with the direct tax. GST has been imposed on food until death, that is, rites performed after death will also attract GST. Hospital treatment will also be expensive now. Hard to live and hard to die.

The rupee is also in the ICU, jobs are declining and revenue is declining. In this situation, the government would give relief to the citizens, but has taken steps to remove milk from the mouths of children and bread from the plate of the poor. Along with customers, shopkeepers are also concerned about the rising price of everyday items. After Kovid, the income is eighty and the expenditure is above the rupee because inflation is very high, it is now a very strong success in the food supply of 5 per cent of GST. Even in private hospitals, 5% GST has been imposed on rooms of five thousand rupees. Already patients and their caregivers said hospital bills are very high, but now there has been a 5 per cent increase in GST. Private hospitals also believe that it is wrong to increase the financial burden on patients because only when someone arrives at the hospital when they are sick, no one comes to the hospital just to rest. Yes, this 5% GST will not apply to the ICU. Although I do not know much about economics, but everyone understands that due to rising prices, the home car is collapsing. To be honest, the government has done a lot of harm to the people.

It is now said that this decision is the real decision of the GST, as what is the real decision of the GST by joint decision of the central government and the state governments. It is well known that the BJP has a majority in both the Center and the states, and it was decided to implement it as well. So in general, Modi government figures in the Center and BJP majority figures in the states have broken the backs of the people and small traders together. Along with unemployment, inflation also rose.

BJP MP Varun Gandhi has also said that now was the time to give “relief” and then we are “fainting badly”. Those who previously called former Congress President and MP Rahul Gandhi as Pappu, have now also started saying that Rahul Gandhi had called GST “Gabbar Singh tax” 5 years ago, now it is proving to be true. This GST is scaring and looting all the houses like Gabbar de Sholay.

In general, the phrase we used to say “wet the flour in Vangali” is true because incomes have gone down, unemployment has gone up and now the GST of 5 per cent of food has led us to snatch only the plate of food. It is clearly visible that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reversed his own promises by imposing GST on food products like flour, milk. (ck)

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