Bhagwant Mann had to bear the loss of drinking pure water!

If you ever run into a drunk (meaning just a meeting). So you will know that there is only one wine in this world. That has connected all the people. And to prove your point, you won’t even let it go without hooking some of the best lines from Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s Madhushala. You can call it the loss of a brief meeting with the drunk. By the way, the harm caused by alcohol cannot be underestimated in any case. But people who have given up alcohol also have many drawbacks. And, the latest example is Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann.

I got sick after drinking “pure” water.

All heavy drinkers are, they always drink “pure” alcohol. And, in this, the distinction between wine, liquor and liquor disappears. High-class drinkers where to drink wine with care. At the same time, middle-class drinkers fulfill their desire by drinking alcohol ‘on the rocks’. And, heavy drinkers from the poor class see no need for water. Another thing is that these same NEET drinking drunks are also seen jumping after getting drunk.

Incidentally, many such videos of Bhagwant Mann had also surfaced before he became the Chief Minister of Punjab. In which the effect of alcohol dominated them. But to serve Punjab and at the request of Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, Bhagwant Mann had stopped drinking alcohol long ago. It means that this claim is made. But, this statement of Bhagwant Mann also seems strong. Because, in a viral video on social media, Bhagwant Mann is shown drinking ‘pure’ water from a river.

It is claimed that Bhagwant Mann drank a glass of water full of all kinds of pollution to prove that the water of this holy river was clean. After that, Bhagwant Mann had to be admitted to Delhi’s Apollo Hospital due to a stomach infection. By the way, these things keep happening to people who give up alcohol. Because, when the stomach that digests alcohol improves. So how would he be able to digest water full of dirt? When the kidney and liver should be sattvik for a long time. Therefore, where is the space left to digest the dirty water.

There are also benefits to quitting alcohol. Therefore, drunkards must also suffer some loss.

Now Punjab river will be clean so take care of Yamuna too

Well, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has recovered from Delhi’s Apollo Hospital and is back in Punjab. And, it is believed that now the river from which he drank clean water. It will become pollution free. Because, Bhagwant Mann will not be alone in Punjab, who will drink the water of this holy river. By the way, even in this serious matter, the political seekers were second to none. First, he exposed these claims of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Those who planned to go to Singapore to do the government hospitals and mohalla clinics of Delhi government at the highest level.

It was said on social media that if government hospitals and mohalla clinics in Delhi have become so world class. So why did Bhagwant Mann have to be admitted to Apollo Hospital? Because, it was Arvind Kejriwal who had claimed that people of Delhi are now leaving hospitals like Apollo and Max and moving to government hospitals and mohalla clinics. Well, the politicians were just busy pulling their legs. But like Bhagwant Mann, many people on social media advised Arvind Kejriwal to drink Yamuna water.

By the way, what is the state of Yamuna pollution in Delhi? It is clearly visible from ITO Chowk on normal days. Whereas, on a festival like Chhath, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party government gives the people of Delhi a sense of heaven every year amidst the foaming clouds of Yamuna water. Well, Arvind Kejriwal is currently busy ensuring free electricity and water in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election campaigns. So like Bhagwant Mann, he should not be expected to prove Yamuna water clean. And anyway, Arvind Kejriwal is already far away from things like liquor. So this demand doesn’t even seem right.

This condition of Bhagwant Mann had to happen!

Imagine the kidneys and liver that until a few years ago were dedicated to detoxifying alcohol. What will happen if they are stopped from doing this job of theirs? And, after a few years, suddenly the burden of digesting “pure” water has to be put on the liver and kidneys. Therefore, the infection itself will occur. Here I remember the story of that farmer. In which even after many years without rain, the farmer continues to plow the fields. And, one day God asks him that when it doesn’t rain, why do you plow the field? Then the farmer says that it will rain sometime. But if I don’t plow, I’ll forget to plow. By the way, whatever happened to Bhagwant Mann, happened because he did not follow the teachings of this story. However, for information, let me tell you that along with alcohol, any type of intoxication is harmful to health. So avoid getting used to it. Otherwise, like Bhagwant Mann, drinking clean water will also make you sick.

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