Director Mehul Kumar said: The idea of ​​making a film arose out of the deteriorating conditions in the country. Krantiveer director Mehul Kumar on 28 years of filmmaking | Bollywood news

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Pratap Tilak (Nana Patekar) gambles, so his mother Durga Devi (Farida Jalal) banishes him from the house. Arriving in Mumbai, Pratap Chawl saves Atul (Atul Agnihotri), son of Laxmidas (Paresh Rawal) from drowning in the sea, then Laxmidas keeps Pratap in his house. Pratap encourages people to make them strong, not to fight against himself. Chatur Singh (Danny Denzongpa) and Yograj (Tinnu Anand) plan to build a resort at this place. They burn the basti with communal riots. Chatur Singh has Laxmidas killed for macaroons. He takes revenge for Laxminath’s murder by killing all the criminals.

Nana Patekar, Dimple Kapadia, Atul Agnihotri, Mamta Kulkarni, Danny Denzongappa, Paresh Rawal starrer film Krantiveer released on this day 22 July 1994 not only won at the box office but also won Awards. The dialogues of the movie- Kalam wali bai, they come to see the show of my blood, the blood of this Muslim, the blood of this Hindu, explain which of the Muslims and which of the Hindus.. All this is made it very popular. Producer and director Mehul Kumar explained the interesting things related to the film. daily newspaper he said…

The idea to make a film arose from the deteriorating state of the country
There were riots after Babri Masjid. After that I was looking for a topic that talks about Hindu-Muslim but it should be on the commercial web. The idea for the story came from here. But if we make a film only about Hindu-Muslim, it might look boring, so while we entertain, from the romantic to the cop, the builder, the politician, the businessman, the judge casts all the characters. What had to be said through the film was told in a tremendous way in the last two reels.

The character of Nana took from a friend
I had a friend from college, when I met him or talked to him on the phone, he would say more than once that this should happen in India… it should happen. I used to tell him that you talk so big, so why don’t you show yourself doing something? His only reply was that I have taken a contract for a bit of the country. Those who do, I will say what I feel. I was inspired by him.

Hindu-Muslim dialogue found from the handcart
Is it the blood of a Hindu or the blood of a Muslim… This scene was set immediately after the interval. His first copy was also released. After watching the first copy, I thought that this is such a powerful scene that it wouldn’t be right to keep it immediately after the interval. Because some people come comfortably after having tea and breakfast and then this powerful scene will come out.

In fact both I and Nana Patekar roamed around Mahim area, Byculla in jeep during the right. One day, while returning from Mahim with Nana, a man was carrying fruits in a handcart, so we stopped him and asked him that if you go with the cart on such a night, there will be a commotion, don’t be afraid. He then replied that if he is a Hindu, he will kill as a Muslim and if he is a Muslim, he will kill as a Hindu, that he will do what he has to do. I told Nana: This was done by speaking powerful dialogue. Well, immediately after the interval he added the actual incident.

Nana’s health deteriorated during the climax:
The climactic scene had to be filmed. 800 junior artists including the lead artist were dated. But during this time Nana’s health deteriorated and he had to be admitted to Nanavati Hospital. When he went to meet Nana, he told her that you should take care of your health. Don’t worry about shooting. He will film the climax scene later. Nana started saying that all the artists have a date, so many junior artists will come. Then you will suffer a lot. Do it so you can shoot the entire climax scene in one day.

I said it can happen in a day, but you have to remember all the dialogue. Well, Nana came after remembering her dialogue from home. He read the dialogue once. I shot the entire climax scene in one day with four cameras. The interesting thing is that the whole climax scene was fine all at once. But if you tell someone today, they won’t believe it.

Actors’ reaction after hearing the role:
When she narrated the role to Danny Saheb, he was happy to hear it, but started saying that she will be wearing only black clothes in the entire film. I said you run a black business so you have to wear black clothes. Paresh Rawal was doing more Mostly Villain role at that time. On hearing the role, he started saying that I have not played any character.

All the movies out there have negative roles. So how will the audience digest me in this role? I said you can justify and this is what happened. After that he started doing positive roles. Dimple was doing a lot of romantic movies at that time. He went to narrate the story at his house, then he also started saying that I have not done this role till now.

I explained her well that this would create a deep image of you, then she was ready. Even today, if found anywhere, he says that wherever I go, people call me ‘Kam Wali Bai’. Mamta Kulkarni and Atul Agnihotri, both had said yes to audition for her character.

Dimple says that if we had made a film today, we would have had a case against everyone:
Sometimes Dimple is in a party, then she says Mehul, if you had made this film today, we would have been under a case. You have not spared anyone, from the judge to the police, the minister, the builder, etc. But the most surprising thing is that there was no cut except for the word ‘Chief Minister’. Actually Vilasrao Deshmukh was the Chief Minister at that time and the character was named Chief Minister Deshmukh. The highlight was that the film was tax free across India.

You will be surprised to know the cost of the film:
The cost of making a Krantiveer film is so low that today’s man can’t even imagine. You will be surprised to know the cost of the movie. The first copy was cleared for just Rs 70 lakh. After that, the total cost of the film including dubbing and advertising was Rs 1 crore 20 lakh. The entire film was completed in 6 months.

Here’s how the star was paid her dues:
At that time, artists’ fees were only in the thousands upon thousands of euros. He had given 51 thousand rupees to Mamta Kulkarni in the movie Tricolor, while one lakh 11 thousand rupees to Krantiveer and the same rate to Atul Kulkarni. Dimple had taken Rs 10 lakh, while Danny Denzongappa took Rs 11 lakh. Paresh Rawal had taken five to five and a half lakh rupees. Maximum Nana had given Rs 15 lakh. Talking about the earnings of the film, Tiranga and Krantiveer had fixed me financially. It was only after that that I not only built a multiplex in Jamnagar but also earned a good name for myself.

Seeing the judgment, Dilip Kumar said: As long as Nana lives, this level will be with him:
After watching Krantiveer’s trial at Ajanta theater (at Sunil Dutt’s bungalow), Dilip Kumar came out and sat on the seat. I got nervous thinking I didn’t know what to say. Well, the next instant he also called me and made me sit on the seat. They began to say that a film has been made so that a man is forced to think. The climax is the highlight.

Looking back, showing the picture on the wall, he began to ask who is this? I said, there is Nargis ji’s photo. After seeing the trial of Mother India, Nargis was told that as long as you live, the level of Mother India will be with you. Now tell Nana that as long as he lives, Krantiveer’s level will remain with him. He may make a better film than this, but this film will remain immortal in his career.

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