Expert advice to understand babies’ sleep and know how to set it up.- Know when babies sleep and how to make them sleep well.

For a new mom and dad, the biggest struggle is getting enough sleep. They try hard to put the baby to sleep and the baby falls asleep. But as soon as it’s bedtime, the baby wakes up. Sometimes the whole day and night is spent with this struggle. This is the reason that in the early days of parenting, most parents Google the questions about the child’s sleep cycle and their sleep compliance. So if you are also going through a similar struggle, we are here to help. Here are some expert tips to help you understand baby sleep. So you can get some sleep too.

Most new parents search Google for sleep-related questions

When babies are born, does the new mother not understand when her baby sleeps and when he wakes up? When it’s time for the mother to sleep, the child wakes up and starts bothering the mother. In this situation, the mother’s sleep is not complete. However, newborns sleep most of the day and night. He wakes up some hours only to drink milk. It is often difficult for new parents to know how long and how often a newborn should sleep.

There is no bedtime for the baby at first. Sometimes he sleeps during the day, and sometimes he stays awake at night. We spoke to find out how new mums understand their baby’s sleep cycle and how to fix it From Dr. Rakesh Tiwari, Senior Consultant, Paediatrics and Neonatology, Paras Hospital, Gurugram.

Why do children wake up again and again?

explains Dr. Rakesh Tiwari In general, newborns sleep between 8 and 10 hours during the day and about 9 hours at night. Some babies stay awake for 5-6 hours a night until at least 3 months of age, while others may not sleep for 3-4 hours a night until they are around 1 year old.

The reason for this is that babies have small stomachs and need to wake up every few hours to drink milk. In most cases they are hungry every 3 hours. It also depends on the amount of milk according to age and weight. Sometimes, due to some problems, the baby stays awake for a long time at night.

Bottle feeding can be dangerous

In the absence of information, new mothers put their baby to bed and hold the bottle to their mouth to sleep. This is incorrect practice. This can lead to ear infections and choking.

If your baby stays asleep for a long time or suddenly wakes up while sleeping and starts crying, he may have an ear infection problem. For this, consult your pediatrician immediately.

First understand baby sleep

Like adults, children also have different types of sleep. Baby’s sleep patterns begin to form during the last months of pregnancy. First they are active, then they are quiet until about the eighth month.

There are two types of sleep in babies:

rapid eye movementREM, It is light sleep when babies dream and their eyes move rapidly back and forth. Although a child sleeps about 16 hours a day, REM sleep accounts for about half of that.

Non-rapid eye movement (non-REM sleep), It consists of several stages. At first, the eyes open and close several times. Light sleepiness or the baby may move and startle at the sound. In the third-fourth stage, the child calms down and falls into a deep sleep and then a very deep sleep.

Recognize the symptoms of sleep in the baby

When the baby is sleepy, it signals with different activities

rub the eyes


look elsewhere



It is best to feed babies before they reach the crying stage. Because when they are hungry, they start crying so upset that they refuse to breastfeed or even the bottle.

help your baby sleep

Babies may not be able to establish their own sleep-wake patterns, especially at bedtime. You can teach your baby to fall asleep on his own by recognizing the signs that he is ready to sleep. Always try to give him the right environment to sleep comfortably and safely.

How to establish the baby’s sleep pattern

The children themselves do not know the army. They only indicate drowsiness. In this situation, the mother can fix her sleep cycle and put her to sleep. Most often, most mothers start moving or nursing the baby as soon as the baby starts to feel sleepy.

The mother must develop a routine for the child. Make sure the baby does not fall asleep while drinking milk on your lap. This will make your sleep pattern the same. Try to make it a habit to rock her in your arms after nursing or for a while. Then, when his eyes start to fall asleep, gently put him to bed. In this way the child learns to fall asleep alone.

When your baby sleeps, play soft, slow music. This can help him establish a bedtime routine.

also note

The child’s bed must be a soft surface.

The bed should not be hard, but loose.

Do not put too many blankets on the baby, as it can make breathing difficult.

Get him used to sleeping on his side, not his stomach.

The mattress of the crib in which he sleeps must be suitable. Too hard a mattress can disrupt sleep.

Remove pillows, quilts, toys of any kind from the crib.

The baby has just been born and is cold. So, cover it with a sheet or a light blanket while you sleep even on a hot summer day. Do not cover your face with a blanket, so that you can breathe well. The child cannot sleep even if it is difficult to breathe.

The baby’s head should remain open.

Never use baby seats, car seats, strollers, baby wraps, baby swings for sleeping. That is why there is a danger of suffocating the child’s breath.

Always wear light clothing while sleeping.

Give the baby milk before putting him to sleep. Image: Shutterstock

Don’t turn on a bright light bulb in the room. Use dim lights when the child is sleeping. Make sure the light is in the opposite direction of their eyes.

Prepare her milk before she wakes up or prepare for breastfeeding.

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