#FighterNotSurvivor: After battle with cancer and separation from husband, she took the blogging world by storm

It is said that God makes a great test of some people, that he does not take the name of the end. God also made a similar test for Anamika, which continues till today. But Anamika had not lost her courage earlier and is not giving up now. Rather, Anamika has thought that she will defy God and prove that if a woman has passion and drive, then she can decide her own path and her own destiny.

Anamika’s story begins 12 years from today. Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, Anamika had many dreams in her life, which were also fulfilled. But it is a matter of regret that, after their fulfillment, these dreams were shattered very soon. While studying in college, Anamika befriended a boy with whom Anamika loved spending time. After finishing college, the two drifted apart, but their friendship remained intact.

After a few years passed, they both began to realize that there is more to each other than friendship. But they both tried to hide this relationship for a few years because they both couldn’t get on their feet. Similarly, a few more years passed and the time also came when both of them had to explain this relationship at home. Both families were not prepared for this. But after a few years of fighting, the families on both sides finally agreed and Anamika married the prince of her dreams.


After leaving Madhya Pradesh, Anamika came to Delhi NCR. Here some obstacles started to arise in her life, which Anamika faced with her husband. Anamika’s mother-in-law didn’t like her at all and that’s why she used to create trouble for her every now and then. Anamika did not eat without vegetables, but her mother-in-law deliberately cooked in the kitchen every day and brought it to the dining table. But avoiding all these things, Anamika kept trying to move forward in life.

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Meanwhile, Anamika’s husband was supporting Anamika but somewhere he got stuck between his mother and his wife. He could not even leave his mother as he was the only child in his home. Meanwhile, whenever Anamika went to her maternal home, she stayed there for a month. The kind of comfort that came there, did not enter the in-laws’ house.

Meanwhile, Anamika also had a daughter, after which her mother-in-law’s strength began to walk over her. His wish was to have a grandson, which Anamika could not carry. However, the truth is that having a son or daughter does not depend on a woman but on a man. Anamika and her husband also tried to explain this, but the mother-in-law was not ready to hear anything. Anamika was going through a deep mental shock during this time.

Anamika Story

One day Anamika felt a lump in her chest and shared it with her husband. The next day, Anamika was at the doctor’s clinic and the doctor advised her to get a biopsy. Anamika’s days were spent in a lot of pain until the biopsy results came. Meanwhile, the mother-in-law came to know that Anamika is likely to have some serious illness. Soon the mother-in-law’s fear came true, the biopsy result revealed that Anamika had breast cancer.

Anamika battled breast cancer

Amid all this, Anamika’s husband helped her a lot, but she didn’t know why Anamika felt that the distance between the two had started to grow. Anamika came to Mumbai for treatment and along with her mother and father also went there. The daughter was with him, but the husband came and went. Anamika did not pay much attention to him and thought that after all it is necessary for him to go to work or where will these expenses for the treatment come from. However, he had the full support of his father in his treatment. Meanwhile, Anamika’s mother-in-law neither called Anamika once nor came to Mumbai to inquire about her well-being.


Similarly, months passed day by day and Anamika’s condition improved. Meanwhile, the husband was coming and going to Mumbai, but every time he came, Anamika felt something was missing. She also tried to talk to her husband about it, but he flatly refused. After about 5 months, Anamika returned to her home after recovering, meanwhile the hair on her head had disappeared. She didn’t like looking in the mirror, but when she saw her 2-year-old daughter’s face, she was able to bear her pain.

Anamika reaches her home and realizes that the distance between her and her husband has increased even more than before. Her husband started coming home very late, by then he would have slept with his daughter. He used to get up very early in the morning and go to the office. This distance from her husband was eating her up from the inside. After all, Anamika, who was always calm and had no choice, angrily asked her husband what was going on.

Relationship problems

Anamika’s husband was also shocked to see this angry nature of her, but during the debate, he accepted that there is no room left for Anamika in his heart. Anamika was shocked to hear this. He couldn’t understand anything and the world around him seemed to be falling apart. He also brought up his next question if there is anyone else in his life. The answer came out of her husband’s mouth, which Anamika was not ready to hear at all.

Anamika’s world shattered, she immediately agreed to leave. The husband tried to persuade her to stop because of the daughter. By then the mother in law had entered the room and immediately ordered Anamika out of the house. Despite withholding lakhs from her husband, Anamika immediately packed her luggage and left for the airport with her daughter. On the way to the airport, he called his mother and informed her of the whole situation.

Problem in the relationship

Within hours, Anamika was at home, soaking her mother’s lap with tears. But her mother did not lose her courage at this time and gave her full support and said that this is her home and she can stay here as long as she wants. Each ring finger felt like a year. Meanwhile, a friend of hers came to visit her and, seeing her state, asked her why she doesn’t write again. Anamika said that she is not interested in any job now. Then Anamika’s friend Meeta introduced her to the world of blogging. He also gave him his senior’s number and told him that he is a master in blogging and can help you.

For a few days, Anamika ignored Mita’s words, but one day her mother encouraged her and asked her why she does not speak even once. Anamika felt an energy within her as she talked on the phone and thought of writing again. Soon he wrote five or six articles and made his own blog. He started getting all kinds of help regarding Meeta’s senior blogs. It was only 12 days since she started her blog that Anamika got to know that her blog was ranked in Google. Anamika felt a new enthusiasm within herself.

Today Anamika is a budding blogger and everyone in the blogging world knows her very well. She has also filed a lawsuit in court to divorce her husband. At this time, Anamika tries to shape her personal life in the form of a novel.

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