MLA Sheetal Angural did verification in offices, debated with officers and staff, DC Offices Association went on strike. Ruckus In DC office, MLA Sheetal Angural checked offices, asked people problems, spoke to officers

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MLA Sheetal Angural and ADC Major Amit Sareen sitting in front of DC

Sheetal Angural, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party MP from Jalandhar West, went on her own to the DC office and did the check today. By going to different branches of the DC office, he heard their problems from the people and also went to the officials and complained that the agent culture that is happening in the DC office should be stop with immediate effect.

MLA Sheetal Angural Ariana Academy Document Check

Sheetal Angural went to DC Office Superintendent Parminder Kaur’s office and said there is a line of officers outside. If a person comes directly to do the work, he is not even asked, while the work is done quickly through the medium of the agent.

He said he had kept his people in the DC office as of this morning. Who also did videography. They have evidence that agents are making people work by taking five to ten thousand rupees. While no one is asking them to go directly to the officials.

MLA asking people problems

MLA asking people problems

However, Superintendent Parminder Kaur refuted all the allegations and said that no officer is reaching him. Lawyers’ scribes definitely take the job of lawyers. The deputy told him not to talk on the air. They have solid evidence. You may be honest, but corruption is happening outside your office.

MLA complains about constables to Superintendent Parminder Kaur

MLA complains about constables to Superintendent Parminder Kaur

He said there are reports of corruption in the DC office on the sites of channel newspapers. On this, Madam Superintendent said that today she also spoke to the DC about these reports. He said all the reports are baseless. If he has taken even one rupee as bribe from someone, it should be proved.

Aria Academy the fierce tumult is over

ADC Major Amit Sareen had cracked down on travel agencies in the past. He also suspended Aria Academy’s license. But he later reinstated his license. The license was suspended because I had hidden some information. He moved his business from the place for which he had taken the license and started another place. Going to the ADC office, Sheetal Angural saw for the first time the file in which the license was suspended. He went to the DC and complained.

DC Jaspreet Singh spoke to the ADC and Superintendent sitting in front of the MLA. The MLA made allegations in the meeting with the DC that the ADC restored the license of Ariana Academy during the holidays. At 16:02, Aryan Academy defends its mail and at 16:12, they receive the mail to restore the license.

At this ADC, Major Amit Sarin got up from his chair, got angry. He said his license was suspended for withholding the information. But he said he has moved his business to refurbish some distance from where he got his license. A proper investigation was also done in this regard. If all the facts were found correct in the investigation, then his license was reinstated. He said that if corruption is found anywhere, he will be the first to be on the front line. Of course, shoot them. He also advised journalists to do journalism the right way. He said that there are more than 1100 licenses in Jalandhar out of which we have canceled four. After that he sat singing Jai Hind, Vande Mataram.

On this, MP Sheetal Angural said that the media cannot be intimidated by speaking loudly. This is the voice of truth. Travel agencies rip people off. On this, DC Jaspreet Singh has said that he will investigate it at his level. On this Sheetal, Angural said that the investigation should have a time limit. Action will be taken against the Ariana Academy.

Fury among DC office staff due to Sheetal’s action

Meanwhile, after Sheetal Angural hit different branches of DC office today, DC office staff have opened a front against the MLA. DC Office Staff Association said the MLA’s attitude was not correct. He has misbehaved with the superintendent and the ADC and also argued with the staff. The association says that apart from the authority, no one has the right to come to the office and check the records. This is a total violation of the rules. If anyone wants to check, they can check by taking permission from DC or ADC. The association has said that it is condemnable to make such serious allegations against officials without any concrete proof. It does not suit an elected representative. The DC Office Association has decided that starting Monday, all employees will go on mass leave. All work at the DC office will be halted indefinitely. He said he can’t work in this environment.

The debate has already taken place in the meeting

Today is not the first time that there is an argument with MLA Sheetal Angural with ADC Major Amit Sareen. Even before that, there was a debate in one of their meetings. During a meeting at the DC office, the MLA had alleged that the ADC does not pick up the phone. On this, Major Amit Sareen had retorted that he is in the office from morning till half past one, after that he is in the court. You can’t pick up the phone during the court process.

He even said he doesn’t get calls for work. Rather, there are calls to do a gun license in a wrong way. He said he cannot issue a gun license to such a person. It won’t do any harm.

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