Nuh DSP Murder: No Illegal Mining Stopped Here For Years, No Police Encounters – Land Report

  • Shubham Kishore
  • BBC correspondent from Nuh, Haryana

image source, ANI

An old viral video is again in discussion among the people of Tawadu, Haryana. In this video from December 2020, you can see how the police are trying to stop illegal mining.

Showing the same video, a local journalist says, “The killing of a DSP is very sad, but the question is whether it could have been avoided, illegal mining is not new here, nor are there clashes with the police And this can’t stop, why is it like that?

In the video it can be seen that some people are doing illegal mining in the Aravalli hills, the policemen reach the bottom of the mountain and make them stop.

Then suddenly the attack starts from above with stones. The police repeatedly warn them, but the stone pelting intensifies. Due to the stone being thrown from a height, the policemen cannot deal with it and have to run away.

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