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There are many types of modern machines available in the market for agricultural work, with which agricultural tasks can be completed in much less time and labor. A special machine among these modern agricultural machines is the harvester. With its help, you can also harvest crops like wheat, mustard, paddy, soybeans, etc., as well as the work of separating grains. There is also a storage capacity inside this machine that also serves to update the driver when the tank is full, so that the tank can be emptied and work can be started again. In this way, this machine is able to complete the work of harvesting, pulverization ie rosemary and grain separation very easily in a short time. This is a very useful and beneficial machine for farmers. With the help of this farm work can be completed with less labor and less time. Today we bring you information about the harvester subsidy and top 10 harvesters in India through TractorJunction.

How many types of harvesters are in fashion in the market

There are two types of fashion harvesters on the market. An automatic harvester and a tractor-driven harvester. The tractor is not necessary in the automatic harvester. There are some machine feet inside, with the help of which it works. Whereas the tractor-driven harvester works by connecting to the tractor. Explain that this type of harvester is called a harvester because it simultaneously performs the tasks of harvesting, threshing and winnowing. By combining these three words, its name is combined harvester.

The grains from which the crops can be cleaned with a harvester

The harvester is a versatile machine. With the help of this, the work of harvesting wheat, paddy, gram, mustard, soybean, sunflower and moong, harvesting (rosemary) and cleaning the grains can be easily done simultaneously. By using this machine, while labor cost is reduced, time is also saved.

How much subsidy is available from the government to the harvester

The subsidy benefit is provided by the government to farmers to buy harvesters. It occurs in different states according to the rules that exist. Generally, the benefit of up to 50 per cent subsidy is provided to women pickers to marginal small farmers including Scheduled Castes, Tribes and women farmers. At the same time, 40 percent subsidy is given to general category farmers.

Approximate price of the harvester

The approximate cost of harvesters depends on the number of cutting bars. Depending on the features and specifications, the price of the harvester can range from 10 lakh to 50 lakh.

Here are the top 10 pickers in India

The harvesters of many companies are on the market, their price also varies. Here we will only talk about top 10 harvesters in India which are very popular among farmers. These top 10 pickers are as follows:

1. KS group mower (Ks Group Harvester)

KS Group includes 11 types of harvesters recognized for their unique features and superior performance. Among these, KS Group’s Green Gold Harvester is very good for harvesting wheat and paddy. With the help of this, wheat can be harvested in 2.5 hours and paddy can be harvested in 1.5 hours in one acre. The KS 9300 special harvester comes from this group for harvesting maize. With this, the harvest of the corn crop can be done in a better way.

2. Dashmesh Combine Mower (Dasmesh Mower)

Dashmesh Company has 10 types of harvesters. It has a multiple crop harvester model Dashmesh 912 that can harvest multiple crops. Dashmesh’s autocombiner 9100 also comes. This is also a multi-crop harvester. Apart from this, Dashmesh also has a 9100 AC Cab Harvester which works very comfortably. Apart from this, the Mini Combine Harvester 3100 model of this company is very useful for small farmers.

3. John Deere mower (John Deere Combine Mowers)

The John Deere Company W-70 green harvester is quite popular. It has a cutting bar width of 14 feet. It comes with a turbo shifter engine. It has 4 cylinders. With this harvester, crop harvesting and cleaning of rice, wheat, soybean, bean, pea, black gram, sunflower, coriander and mustard can be done easily.

4. Preet Mower (Preet Combine Mowers)

Preet Company has 7 types of harvesters in the market. In this, their 987 model falls into the category of multi-crop harvesters. The number of cylinders is 6 and the width of the cutting bar is 14 feet. This Preet model also comes in AC cabin. The name of this model is Preet-987-Deluxe AC Cabin. Other than that, their models come Preet-949 TAF, Preet-7049, Preet-749, Preet-849, Preet-649 TMC, they are also very powerful.

5. Shaktiman reaper (Shaktiman Mowers)

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Two harvesters from Shaktimaan company are quite popular. One of them comes to harvest the sugarcane called Shaktiman Sugarcane Harvester. The speed of its beater rotor is 578 rpm. The second harvester is used to harvest the rice crop. Its name is Shaktiman Pedi Master 3776. Its fuel tank capacity is 110 liters.

6. Kartar mower (Kartar Combine Mowers)

There are 7 types of harvesters from the fashionable Kartar company. It has a Kartar 4000 multi-crop mower. It also comes in the AC cab. The width of its cutting bar is 14 feet. Apart from this, the Kartar 3500, 3500G, 3500W are also excellent harvesters. There is a separate harvester for your corn crop, which is known as Kartar 4000 table. It has a Kartar 360 TAF model with a cutter bar width of 2133. It is a multi-row harvester. crops

7. Mahindra mower (Mahindra Combine Mowers)

All four types of Mahindra pickups are quite popular in the market. Among them is Mahindra MSI 457 3A. The width of the cutting bar is 11.81 feet. It is a multi-crop harvester. Its only model comes Mahindra Harvest Master H12 4WD. In this, the width of the cutter reaches 12 feet. Apart from this, there are Mahindra Harvest Master H12 2WD and Mahindra Gahir 800 which are also harvesters in the multi-crop harvester category.

8. Reaper Swaraj (Swaraj Combine Mowers)

All three types of Swaraj Company harvesters are quite popular. These include Swaraj 8100 X Self Propelled, Swaraj Pro Combine 7060 and Swaraj B-525. In this Swaraj 8100 has 6 blades and is powered by a 101 hp engine. On the other hand, Swaraj Pro Combine 7060 has a fuel tank capacity of 110 liters and a capacity of 72 HP. The Swaraj B-525 has a cutting bar width of 3600 mm. Its blades are 1075 mm and 128 mm.

9. giant harvester (Vishal Mowers)

Vishal-435 and Vishal-248 Dolphin models from Vishal are quite popular models. It has 6 cylinders in the Vishal-435 model and comes with a fuel tank capacity of 295 liters. At the same time, the width of the cutting bar of its huge dolphin 248 is 8 feet and the number of cylinders is 4.

10. land harvester (Landforce Combine Mowers)

The company Landforce comes in three types of harvesters. It comes with Landforce Tractor Driven Harvester, Landforce Combine Harvester and Landforce Max 4900 Maze. In this, Landforce Tractor Drive Harvester that works by connecting to the tractor. It has an engine power of 101 HP. The capacity of its grain tank is 2000 kg. His Landforce Max 4900 Maze Harvester comes to harvest corn crops. Its engine capacity is also 101 HP and grain tank capacity is also up to 2000 kg.

Where to buy the harvester

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