Saadat Hasan Manto faces obscenity trial over these stories | Saadat Hasan Manto: Those words of Manto about whom the case was told, even Ali Sardar Jafri had said them

Manto faces an obscenity trial: “When I’ve got a gun in my hand and my heart has no self-igniting burst, I’ll go out brandishing it, and recognizing my true enemy, or I’ll put all the bullets in the chest, I will empty it or sift it myself… In this death, when someone will say to me that I was crazy, then my soul will take these words as the greatest medal and weep in my chest. .

The above written statement is from Saadat Hasan Manto, the greatest afsananigar of Urdu. The same Mantle of which many people used to say during their lifetime-

‘Manto! He is a porn writer, drinks alcohol all day, borrows money for liquor, begs and then writes dirty stories by entering his cage.

How can a person who hears these harsh words not express the tension of society in his writings? Manto did the same. Now the question arises as to whose Manto this is. In fact, to know Manto, you need to understand Manto not just by reading. When Manto is read and understood, then the answer to who Manto is will be found.

In simple words, the name of the author who does not care to say anything is Manto. Manto is the name of the writer who wrote outside the realm of false pride. Manto is the name of the author who tells the disgusting truth that is hidden in the foundations of civilized society. The name of the writer who works to record the sensitivity of prostitutes is Manto.

Saadat Hasan Manto was a fan ahead of his time. At a very young age, he wrote these stories that are alive to this day. Manto is the creator who disintegrates all that is the face of hypocrisy in society and shows a shameful face.

Manto’s Afsan characters, be it Ishwar Singh and Kulwant Kaur in ‘Thanda Gosht’ or ‘Sultana’ in ‘Kali Salwar’ or Sirajuddin and Sakina in ‘Khol Do’ or a prostitute named ‘Saugandhi’ in ‘Hatak’ Afsane, you will get all the Manto characters from your society. There is no doubt that the place that belongs to the emperor of Hindi stories, Munshi Premchand, the same place belongs to Manto, the greatest Afghan of Urdu. But there is also a similarity between Premchand and Manto. Both were not limited to readers of any language.

Unfortunately, there are two or four people who read Manto, but who understands them is a big question. Manto’s characters have always been accused of obscenity. Even today his stories are sold at the cheap stalls of the city’s railway stations in books with very poor covers titled ‘Manto ki Badnaam Kahaniyan’.

Five of Manto’s stories were charged with obscenity and prosecuted. Today we tell you what these five stories were.

first essay

The first case against Manto is his story ‘Black Salwar’ was conducted. This story was published in Lahore magazine ‘Adab-e-Latif’ in 1942. Manto was punished by a subordinate court on the charge of obscenity, but the sessions court acquitted the story of the charge of obscenity

Manto said of this story:“Instead I have described the relationship of man and woman in a cheesy way. Mary Sultana, who abuses her customers with her tongue and thinks of them as an owl strap. She was just a shopkeeper… a typical shopkeeper…”

second case

Manto’s second case after Kali Salwar, his story ‘smell’ Which was published in the year 1944 in the same annual issue of ‘Adab-e-Latif’. There was also an article by Manto, the title of which was ‘Adbe-Jadid’. He studied it at Yogeshwar College in Bombay. This article was processed under Section 38 of the Defense of India Rules. However, Manto was also acquitted this time.

When Manto was being tried, Ali Sardar Jafri had called it an attack on adab and tehzeeb. However, later in his book ‘Tarkkipasand Adab’ he criticized Manto’s story. mention of Nand Kishore Vikram Saadat Hasan Manto’s book is within. Ali Sardar Jaffrey wrote, “Manto’s story ‘Boo’ and Rashid’s poem ‘Intikam’ are sick and disgusting things. Their disgust makes them reactionary.

third case

The name of Manto’s story on which the third judgment took place is ‘smoke’, was published by Saki Book Depot Delhi in 1941. In these days, the story Lihaf by Ismat Chughtai was also processed. The smoke story was proved under section 292 of Tajiraate-Hind. Manto was fined Rs 200 which he paid in court. An appeal was subsequently lodged in the Court of Session and Manto was again acquitted. The amount of the fine was also returned.

fourth case

The fourth case His story ‘cold meat’ But let’s go This was his first story written after going to Pakistan. It was published in the special issue of ‘Javed’ in March 1949. It was requisitioned. Manto magazine printer and editor Naseer Ahmed and editor Arif Ahmed were arrested along with Mateen. Later released on bail. Manto was imprisoned for three months and fined three hundred rupees. An appeal was filed against the sentence and Manto again got bail from the sessions court.

fifth case

The name of the fifth Manto story that was tested “Up, Down and Between”, was published in Lahore’s ‘Ehsaan’ newspaper. Magistrate Mehdi Ali Siddiqui imposed a fine of Rs 25 on this story. Actually, Mehndi Ali Siddiqui was a fan of Manto’s stories and asked Manto how many court dates. Manto said-25, then Mehndi Ali Siddiqui fined him 25 rupees.

Manto described what he saw in his story. This is the reason why it is still alive among readers even today. In Manto, a world of meaning populates the aspect of reality. Manto faced so many problems in this gem of fun, but he didn’t stop writing.

Manto left the world at the age of 42, hardly anyone can regret it because we all have to die. It is only sad that after Manto’s death many such works remain unwritten. Even today many of Manto’s characters live in Yatimi. These characters are on both sides of the border. But there is no Manto to write these book characters. He has bid farewell by playing his role of hustle in Adabi Inquilab’s hustle.

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