TV9 EXCLUSIVE: The story of pickpockets, why they break the fingers of their own hands!

The more you look into the world of zebras, the more you will see the dark truth. It’s not easy to get there. This work has been done by TV9 Bharatvarsh. Not to glorify jewelers, but to alert the public. Read another story from the mouth of Jebtarash.

Jebtarashi training centers are functioning in all cities including Delhi!

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By sneaking into the middle of the pockets, he would alert you by bringing out the dark truth of this black business of theirs, TV9 Bharatvarsh This special series presented by “History of the pockets of the pocketsIn the last three installments of “You have seen and read many startling truths. The very mouth of the same dreaded pickpockets, who once used to speak loudly in this black business. Through these words, we have told you in the previous installments that how can we save ourselves from pickpockets? Now read further how hard is the training of these zebras? Why do zebras often stay intoxicated by alcohol? When pickpockets get to bloodshed and start donating stabbing in the crowd?

It has been made clear in previous installments that pickpocket They don’t even reveal their identity to the gang. Just so that their personal, family or band life is not exposed if they are caught by the police or the public. In such a situation there was also a pickpocket who called himself as Sunil Ganja aka Sunil Takla aka Sunil Chikna. However, this infamous zebra has been known even 20-22 years ago when it was caught by a special team of the West Delhi District Police and sent to Tihar Jail. In those days, Sunil used to talk about bald Takla Jebtarash.

The words of the infamous Jebtrash Sunil Ganja…

In our eyes and in the eyes of the law, even if he is a feared criminal. Jebtarash band may be from Yamuna Par area of ​​Delhi or South Delhi, Outer Delhi, Dwarka, Sultanpuri-Mangolpuri. In all of Jebtash’s bands, he used to speak loudly then. According to Manish Mehta, a well-known Canadian lawyer at the time and a former inspector posted in the Delhi Police in the 2000s, “The infamous Jebtarash Sunil Ganja alias Chikna and Sunil alias Takle ki Baat hai. So the Delhi Police send to jail many times and saw him. At that time, he wasn’t even ready to get better. Where are you now? I have no idea.”

Now I’m tired of this business.

Sunil Takla, who was the head of the zebra gang in the 2000s, has now given up on this boring business. When he got it now, he said, “Pocketmary spoiled all his life. Now there is a little left, as it will be cut. Otherwise, the young man went through the closing of the entire Tihar Jail, the police station and the outpost. That time was the worst of life. Worse times than that are being seen now.” why so In 20 years, you had your own gang of pickpockets. You were not afraid of the police station and the advanced police.

The fear of him had also disappeared from your face because of his coming and he was going to Tihar Jail every day. You also said then that if 5000 is earned in a day, less and 1 lakh revenue will come to the pocket cutter’s ‘pocket’, not so much! So why did he turn his back on that business now? You used to run your own pickpocket training center yourself? After all, how did this sudden change in life get so far out of pocket?

“Dubi Aankh” ruined the business

On being asked, the reply was received, “Actually, the game of eating and winning in those days was nothing better than that. So I used to work hard day and night at this. Rest was available only when the police used to pick them up and beat them in jail. Or the policemen used to sit hard in the police station for two to four days of their own accord. Otherwise, at that time there was no time to die in this work (in the pocket ).There used to be an indiscriminate influx of Blue Line buses. Now there are no crowded buses like Blue Line either. Nor has the police been as slow on the streets of Delhi as they were then. Then there was no trace of eyes (cctv cameras) in delhi.Now even police heard in buses that eyes (cctv cameras) have been put.Now where is the courage of any cutter or machine (both types are of pocket-pickers) which, after cutting the pocket, remains whole.On Line buses Blue, even the doors were not complete. At first light the pocket was cut and at the next light, as soon as it was light, they jumped and lost their way. Today I am hearing on buses that there are these doors (doors / doors), the buttons of which open and close only when the bus driver presses them.

The world of zebras has changed

When you used to cut pockets, run your gang, what has changed in today’s pocket money? When asked, he said, “The world has changed. I said that in those days when I was doing this job, even the doors of Delhi buses were not complete. Many Blue Line buses were running without doors. The riders used to get out of them crushed on the road and ride to their deaths. Today the subway is gone. In which we (the pickpockets) will stand out from the crowd by our promotion and dress appearance. Anyway, sir, the days of pickpockets are over. Many of those I taught would have died. Because most of the boys in my gang used to drink too much.

The fifteen hundred rupees (in their pockets) that was used after the day part, they all spent the night on the same day to eat alcohol and chicken meat. The rest of the money used to be thrown away on GB Road (spending on prostitutes). Sir, if the income from our business is fruitful for anyone, I have not done it. I folded my hands now at 58-62. Here and there through the palladari (daily work), I only juggle the roti twice.

A strong liver will become a “machine”

You yourself say this trend since you, many of your disciples (novice pickpockets) later emerged as dangerous pickpockets (deserving or excellent in the language of Jebatrass gang leaders). Many of them went from “pocket-cutter” (ordinary type of pocket-pocket) to “machine” (the most dangerous type of pocket-pocket in the world of pockets). Is there any special training for zebras? When asked, Sunil Chikna said, “To tell the truth, one who has a strong liver, the power to kill and the certainty of having no one behind him, then he can become a good cutter (common pickpocket in the language of pockets). ). va. It is difficult to become a “machine”.

In a crowd of 500-1000 machines, only two or four are made. In fact, you need to train to become a “machine”. Not only the cutter (mango pocket person) needs special training. He who was once a machine himself will be able to prepare a new machine. The machine is not only capable of cutting pockets.

The dangerous truth of zebra training

He further says: “Not everyone is able to make a machine in our work (in Jebatrashi). If someone converts, then he understands that we all respect him more. To become a machine, the boys (common pickpockets who they want to be machines) they have to train for months and years during training. Only our community (gang of pickpockets) can recognize the machine. Each pickpocket can see the folded fingers of the hands in a crowd of thousands who, in front of the machine (the most dangerous level of pickpockets) is standing. While as for the identification of the cutter, we can intertwine it. It is not in the power of the common man to recognize the pickpocket easily. There is some something special or difficult in training to become a dangerous zebrageist like a machine? When asked, he said, “First of all, it’s hard to make them crooked forever by catching iron and wood in your fingers. But it takes a long time. So later we took the shorter route.

That’s why you break your fingers

On his own, he used to break the fingers of the pickpocket whose fingers had to be crooked to make him capable of becoming a machine. After that we used to go to the doctor and get the same plaster for two hundred to four hundred rupees on the broken fingers as we needed the finger to be crooked. Would it be painful and risky to break your fingers? On being asked, the answer was received: “Then what happened, for the sake of another person or for non-violence, not breaking one’s fingers even a little, it sinks in. Even if it is done , he is a machine.Even the most respectable money comes into his pocket.

When pickpockets aspire to get someone’s wealth by picking their pockets? So why do pickpockets often commit knife incidents while pickpocketing? When asked, he said: “No one pulls out a knife until someone has the full apprehension of being caught. When the public prepares only after being surrounded and killed, what will anyone (the pickpocket) do to save his life ?Holding a knife only makes us worse. The police station, the police jail and I don’t know what problems follow. Otherwise, cut your pocket, take the money and move on quietly.

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