Why Toddlers Cry At Bedtime: Reasons And Soothing Tips Chote Bacche Sone Se Pehle Kyon Rote Hai

When babies often cry for hours before going to sleep, many parents do not know why their baby cries so much and what they should do. You get tired of taking care of your baby all day and so, the moment you have a chance to sleep, you take a nap, but in this case your baby is nothing like you. The baby would have spent all its time in your womb, where everything happened on its own. Therefore, it is our duty to ensure that the child enjoys a safe and comfortable outdoor environment as well for which you will have to make extra efforts.

Why do babies cry before sleep?

Although babies may cry for a number of reasons, some of the main ones are that they are bothering them, especially when they are trying to sleep.

1. Inability to sleep at night

Looking at many babies, there doesn’t seem to be any problem with them. However, they start crying every night while sleeping. It usually appears in babies younger than 3 months. cry from his body sleep cycle it’s a habit reaction since it’s not normal for them at first. There are many organs and bodily processes, from the heart to the bladder and digestive system, all of which must be in sync with the body’s sleep system. After completing 3 months of delivery, the baby’s body gradually starts to get used to it.

inability to sleep at night

2. Having any type of physical discomfort

Crying for babies is the only way to get their message across to others, so they cry every time they have something to say. And sometimes, they can do it even when they feel awkward or uncomfortable. Also, if the environment of their sleeping place is not conducive, they will start to cry. Also, if the child is cold or hot, even then he will cry. Children’s teeth develop mainly at night, so they feel more pain. Not only that, sometimes children get jealous because of potty in diapers or tight clothes and start crying because of the discomfort.

3. Attempts to compromise

There is another important reason why a baby starts crying at the right time in bed, which is more directly related to his behavior. Because of his need to get attention and make social connections, he tries to talk to you by calling loudly. Some babies know that bedtime means they won’t see their mother anymore, which makes them cry. Children who are tired after playing all day or have a lot of energy, do not like the peace of the night. Some kind of illness or hunger also keeps him awake or he needs you to play for a while before sleeping.

Tips for calming a crying baby

When a small child cries, especially at bedtime, parents are most needed to soothe them. Here are some tips that work with all types of kids most of the time.

1. Create a pleasant environment for children

For the baby to fall asleep easily, the temperature in his room must be at the optimal level. This can be recognized very well if you check the temperature around your baby’s tummy or back. Choose her clothes according to the season and dress her accordingly. Avoid wrapping her in a blanket even in the winter, as doing so can suffocate her and lead to SIDS. Try to keep them warm during the winter and use a light fan to keep the air in during the summer.

2. Wrap the baby well before putting him to sleep

Even while sleeping, your baby needs to feel secure, just like being hugged and held by mom. The baby is usually wrapped in a light blanket so that it feels like this. It also helps to control any movement of the baby, especially the legs, which may accidentally wake the baby from sleep. of light muslin wrap it in a cloth like this let the chin, ears and head remain open. made for the little ones asleep bag Collecting is also a good option.

Swab well before putting the baby to sleep

3. Choose the right clothes for sleeping

Children are extremely sensitive to their smallest choices. Even the slightest disturbance in them makes it difficult for them to sleep. Of such baby clothes they play an important role and it is important to choose them properly. You can dress the baby in tight clothes during the day, but have him wear longer clothes when he sleeps at night. But the clothes chosen should be loose and thick enough to keep them warm and comfortable. Do not cover their head unless they are sick as it can make them very uncomfortable or disturb their sleep. Stay away from any clothes that have laces or laces that could get into your baby’s mouth.

Knowing why babies finally cry before going to sleep at night will be a great help in dealing with it and you won’t have to worry about your baby. most children 4 to 6 months By age 12, they start sleeping for a long time at night and their crying also starts to decrease. If your baby’s crying continues uncontrollably even after these tips, you should take your baby to the doctor.

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