Answers to your questions, Sohne Satguru ji

Barnaba The revered Guru Sant Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan along with respected sister Sahibzadi Honeypreet Insan had a live spiritual encounter with millions of sadh-sangat on their Instagram account on Sunday. During this, Spiritual Sister Honeypreet Insan read out the questions sent by the Sadh-Sangat, to which Revered Guru Ji answered and soothed the curiosity of the Sadh-Sangat.

Question: Dad sleeps too much Come on, what to do?
Revered Guru ji: If you sleep more at night, reduce your dinner. Because when you eat less food, that is, if you are 50% hungry, you will not sleep. And even if you sleep more, get checked by a doctor, because there might not be a problem in the brain. Either tension does two things, it either destroys sleep or causes too much sleep. Sumiran, do devotion, it will awaken self-confidence and tension will disappear.

Question: Father, what should a disciple do in such a way that Guru and disciple continue to meet each moment?
Revered Guru ji: For him, service and Sumiran is the greatest remedy. Because it is not the Guru, God comes, He is formless, but if you call from a sincere heart, the saints come in the form of Pir-Fakir and if they are praised more, they reveal their Noorani form. For this, service and Sumiran are the best ways.

Question: Father, I am a student of agriculture, there are talks with farmers, tell me some advice, which I can give to farmers.
Revered Guru ji: The best and most important tips Nowadays, organic farming has to be done even with the least amount of water. So this is very important. Reuse water system is built in the ashram. It can also be put to good use, if you say so. It is the requirement nowadays that a crop must be grown in such a way that it gives more yield in less water.

Question: What to do to make a profit in business?
answer: Speaking of business, if you do it continuously after you have taken its experience, then it may be that after the ups and downs, it can rise immediately, that is, you can advance in business. So that’s why it’s very important to have some patience. If you have experience And choosing the right place is also important. If you open a business in a place where there are no customers, how will the business work? So, before starting all this business, one should study what is needed in which area, and according to that, if you do business, you will surely succeed.

Question: Father, how to connect the people who live in a blind ashram, an old age ashram and a retarded ashram in the name of Ram, because their honor does not allow them to go out.
answer: Son, you can chant the slogan of Dhan-Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asara, so that you can take the name of the Lord. Aum, Hari, Ram, God, Khuda etc. It has many names, so keep chanting it and you can get happiness.

Question: Father, we have taken the name, but if the husband and mother-in-law have not taken the name, what should we do to connect them with the name of Ram?
Revered Guru ji: Make food, etc., chanting the name, son, do it chanting. Pray to the Satguru, prepare the food by praying to Allah, Waheguru, Ram, because it is written in the religions that while you eat food, so should your mind. So the changes will definitely come and they will also be associated with the Ram name.

Question: Dad, exercise done in the morning is more effective or in the evening.
Revered Guru ji: The exercises of the two hours, that is, in the morning and in the evening, have different effects. Therefore, exercise should be done both in the morning and in the evening.

Question: Father, what should be the routine of today’s youth? So that the younger generation does not go down the wrong path.
Revered Guru ji: What about the younger generation who sleep until half past three? But sleep at the right time and wake up at the right time. Then be cool and so on. It is essential to meditate and exercise. And meanwhile, if you are studying high class, then it is very important that you wake up in the morning and study and then you have to exercise, come, then study, then the mind will be fresh and those who remember will not forget.

Question: Dad, you are an inspirational role model and a role model for youth. Some people live in the past and some live in the future. Few people think nowadays. How do you do so well in all fields? Tell us something we can do right now.
Revered Guru ji: There is nothing to be gained by remembering what has happened. And you can’t do anything about what’s to come. The past cannot be recovered and what has come cannot be grasped. So it’s simple, go with what’s yours. That is, learn to live today, that the day of life is the best day, rather wake up in the morning and thank you that I am alive today, you have a lot of grace and then do good deeds, commit yourself. good deeds, for good deeds are yours. It will improve both the time to come and the time that has passed.

Question: Dad gives tips for preparing papers.
Revered Guru ji: Pass the exam correctly. And in the paper, which is the biggest question, that is, the highest marks should be done first and the small ones should be done later. And most importantly, you need to solve these questions first. Along with this, don’t take the tension at all, because many times what comes in tension, they also forget.

Question: Dear father, how to change accumulated karmas?
Revered Guru ji: There is no other way than the name of the Lord to change the accumulated karmas. Only the name of the Lord can change the accumulated karmas and serve, love all creation with a selfless and selfless spirit.

Question: Father, you said that 700 hymns have been written, have you written the script of any new movie?
Revered Guru ji: Only bhajans have been written, the film did not attract attention.

Question: Father, it happens many times that people around us are upset, what should we do to overcome their problems?
Revered Guru ji: Son, as far as possible, if their pain is removed by service, they will sink, definitely do it. If you are financially strong and the financial help you give yourself can bring them even a modicum of happiness, you should definitely do it.

Question: How to place the children in the new environment?
Revered Guru ji: Set the children’s environment in advance, not to place them in a new environment. Train your children according to where you want to live. It has been seen in many countries that young children take up swimming. Thus, at the age of 10-15, they win the gold medal at the Olympic Games. Therefore, putting it in the common environment is not a difficult task. Therefore, when this can be done, you will need to take a little care through Sumiran and comply with the child’s insistence that it is justified. If you do not comply with the illegitimate insistence from the beginning, the child can adapt to each environment.

Question: Guruji, why do bad people stay ahead of good people? And the good people can’t do anything and the bad people keep worrying them.
Revered Guru ji: Hey bro, why can’t good people do something? We stay up 21 hours even though we’re good and get rid of people’s drunkenness day and night, even if we’re good, then show us a half-bad person who’s getting rid of drugs. Don’t make Maya just think you’ve moved on. Humanity is a thing too, son. Many billions and trillions of husbands have been born of Maya, whom no one knows, but he became Saint Kabir, he became Guru Sahiban, he became Pir-Prophet, even today his name is taken with respect , with respect Yes, he did the right thing. done, his memory is still in the hearts as it is. And those who were very rich, we feel that there is a heart in which they must have settled, but more hearts have the place of saints-pires, prophets, the place of great men. So goodness always advances, but if you only talk about Maya, then they say that there is also a sinner’s house and what is the use if you don’t get happiness from it? A man would be like a daily wage earner, and he sleeps on the floor in big lumps, a very good sleep. And one has billions of rupees, still can’t sleep, takes injections, takes pills, so which of these do you consider happy? He who has all the means, can’t sleep all night, keeps changing sides. And on the other hand a poor, well-to-do, hard worker, who takes the name of Ram and sleeps as if he had slept after selling horses. So we think she’s happier, she’s better, she’s more advanced in all aspects of life. Instead of what keeps changing day and night and stays in tension.
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