BJP offer: Center gives 75% to buy paddy, CM said: Center does not give money. BJP offer: Center gives 75% to buy paddy, CM said: Center does not give money

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The first supplementary budget of Rs 2,904.41 crore was passed in the assembly, the chief minister also made many big announcements.

The third day of the monsoon session of the Vidhan Sabha was also an uproar. While the opposition MPs talked about giving money by the central government for the purchase of rice, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that the Center does not give money for the purchase of rice. Following this, the BJP MLAs staged a march from the house creating a ruckus.

During question hour, Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik asked how much was paid to farmers instead of buying paddy and how much was between the Center and the state. Responding to this, Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat said that Rs 51,563 crore 47 lakh has been paid to farmers for purchase of rice, while under Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana, 11 one thousand 148 million rupees 45 lakh. The central government does not give the advance amount.

The CM intervened and said that the central government is not giving money for the purchase of rice. Markfed buys paddy by borrowing. When the rice is deposited in the central pool after milling, the central government gives money. The CM said his government had also raised an objection with the Center over the incentive amount and it was initiated after getting permission. Kaushik said that 75 percent of the amount is being given by the Center for the purchase of rice. On this, the Prime Minister said that the central government is not giving a single penny for the purchase of rice, after which the ruckus started.

On the basis of this permission, we gave 25 hundred rupees in the first year, but later the central government issued a decree giving incentive money to farmers, so it will not take rice from the central pool. The opposition accused of giving less than 2,500 rupees in the purchase of rice. In this matter, there was a fierce fight between the legislators of the party and the opposition. Following this, the BJP MLAs staged a march from the house creating a ruckus.

Uproar in the house due to the movement of employees, the procedures had to be stopped
The opposition created a ruckus in the house regarding the movement of employee unions along with teaching assistants across the state. The opposition lawmakers gave their adjournment accusing the government of breaking the promise. But Asandi dismissed it, after which opposition MPs created an uproar in the House.

Ruckus Growing Country President Satyanarayan Sharma adjourned the house for five minutes. BJP MP Shivratan Sharma said employee organizations across the state are protesting their demands. Even today there is a great movement of teaching assistants.

Brijmohan Agarwal said there are pandals of strikers everywhere in my assembly constituency. Janata Congress MP Dharamjit Singh said the promises made by the government in its manifesto must be fulfilled. Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik said more than 1 lakh 9,000 assistant teachers in the state are protesting. They are also prevented from reaching the capital. Kaushik alleged that the government’s focus is not on education but on alcohol. President Satyanarayan Sharma said it was impermissible after the opposition started a ruckus. Meanwhile, the sessions of the House have been adjourned for five minutes.

The opposition alleges that the PWD money is only in Durg district

Jaijaipur MP Keshav Chandra said the budget allocation has not been made for the roads which were approved once. Janata Congress MP Dharamjit Singh said all PWD schemes have been made only for Durg district. If so, the government should withdraw all approved works in Mungeli. The opposition staged a march amid the uproar.

Instead of Tamradhwaj Sahu, Forest Minister Mohammad Akbar answered the questions but the MLAs were not satisfied and left the house creating a ruckus.

Disturbances in the work of the CAMPA, the forest minister suspended the Ranger
Forest Minister Mohammad Akbar has announced the suspension of a ranger from Bilaspur forest division in the House. Dharamlal Kaushik drew the government’s attention to the irregularities in the Bilaspur Forest Division. He said in the September 2021 whistleblower investigation report, the issue of fraud with the government had come to the fore.

happened The payment was made by generating fake certificates. 8 lakh 59 thousand 407 has been deposited in the accounts of 15 persons fraudulently. This is direct embezzlement. In response, Forest Minister Mohammad Akbar said, “Initially, irregularities have appeared in the inquiry report. Based on this, he announced the suspension of the then Belgahna Ranger.

Brijmohan’s objection to non-response to attract attention
During the call for attention, MP Brijmohan Agrawal expressed his displeasure. Aggarwal said that in Raipur I gave in writing to discuss the occupation of government land. A written reply came from the Finance Minister, in which Korba is mentioned, but the details of Raipur are missing. This is the first time I’ve seen it in my 33 years in the legislature.

It was clearly mentioned in the list of business which was released on 22 July on the assembly proceedings that Dharamjit Singh, Saurabh Singh and Brijmohan Agarwal would draw the attention of the Finance Minister towards the encroachment of government land by part of the land mafia in the state.

When it was brought to the attention of the House, Brijmohan Agrawal found that no written response was forthcoming from the Finance Minister regarding the illegal occupations and constructions in the capital Raipur to which he had drawn his attention in writing .

In the Finance Minister’s written reply, there was mention of the occupations in Korba leaving Raipur and the action being taken in this regard. He said officials have tried to mislead the House. Here the executive has insulted the assembly. President Satyanarayan Sharma said that the call to attention notice has not been read yet.

MLAs will get 1.60 lakh every month
The member of the Legislative Assembly presented the bill to amend the Law on Wages, Allowances and Pensions. After the bill is passed, the salary and allowances of all MPs along with Chief Minister, Minister, Leader of Opposition, Speaker and Deputy Speaker will be increased. MLAs will get Rs 1.60 lakh as salary and allowances every month. Whereas earlier I used to get Rs 95 lakh.

Constituency allowance of MLAs has been increased by Rs 25,000 and medical and telephone allowance by Rs 5,000. This will put an additional financial burden of Rs 4 crore 68 lakh on the state annually. There is a provision to increase the chief minister’s salary by Rs 15,000, constituency allowance by Rs 40,000 per month and daily allowance by Rs 500. While the Leader of the Opposition’s salary will remain the same, the allowance will be reduced by Rs 500. However, there is a provision to increase the constituency allowance by Rs 30,000 per month.

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