Mates me safety rules for children 196120 Children must be left alone at home by force, they must be taught these things

Raising children is not an easy task, especially in a nuclear family when both parents work. Yes, the working couple has to go to work to earn a living and faces a dilemma, how to leave their child alone at home. Parents are concerned about the child’s safety. Most parents living in cities often go through this problem. In this situation, you have to allow your child how to explain to your children the situation of being alone at home. Today we will tell you about this…

safety rules for kids, peers and me, relationship advice

give the emergency number

If your child can use the phone alone, give them some emergency numbers before you leave them home alone. You can contact this number in case of any difficulty or need. The emergency number is also important so that in case your phone is not available, they can call this number to know your situation.

watch out for lightning

If you have a small child in the house, you should cut all the electricity in the house with the boards below. Because when your child enters the house, he will surely go to his house, you must have seen him turn on and off the button, then he will also do the same thing by putting a finger in the plug, which can lead to electrocution. . If you press the cloth in front of your child, do not leave him like that after pressing the cloth. If you turned the button off and don’t remove the press, your child will burn their arm or leg from behind by turning the button on behind you. Therefore, you should not keep any such items outdoors or under.

Keep baby food in the house

While leaving the child alone in the house, you must keep in mind that there must be food for the child in the house. In this situation, the child should also be informed about what things to consume when he is hungry. In this way, when the child is hungry, he can use the food present in the house on his own.

safety rules for kids, peers and me, relationship advice

don’t leave the door open

Your child may be in danger behind you. Have you ever thought that if your child leaves the house from the back and gets lost, isn’t it important that you close the door properly while leaving the house and put the lock and the house lock up high? so that your child’s hand can’t go there and can’t open it behind you and get out.

Keep sharp objects out of reach of children

Before leaving children alone in the house, you must make sure that sharp objects such as knives, knives, etc. they must be kept out of the reach of children. Apart from this, it is very important that children should be informed about these things that their misuse can harm them.

watch out for animals

By the way, if you have any animal at home, it is also like a member of your house. As much as you love your child, your pet in your home loves your child too. But it is still said that caution is not taken and the accident happened. In this situation, if you have a dog or any stomach at home, you should make a separate cage for it and keep it in the house without tying a chain with the child or without the cage.

don’t talk to strangers

When you leave the house, give your children strict instructions that if someone walks out the door and calls them or asks for their parents, do not speak to them at all. Conversations or interactions with strangers can cause problems for you and your baby.

safety rules for kids, peers and me, relationship advice

Ignore outside movements

Many people may try to call children out by falsely pretending that they are not present in the house. Therefore, teach children not to pay attention to any outside movement or to leave the house after hearing any noise. People looking for this opportunity can create problems for you.

Do not lock children in the room

Children should not be locked in the house while left home alone and should be instructed not to lock themselves in any room. If you leave the house for some work, then they should be taught when they are alone in the house that they should not go to play on the terrace when they are alone. Doing so can be dangerous for them.

learn how to call the police

Sometimes the situation really gets worse, which can become a problem for any child. In this situation, teach your children to call the police and talk to them. In any stressful situation, this method is very important for your safety.

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