Maths Guru Alakh Pandey Became Billionaire RK Srivastava By Teaching Just 1 Rupee Guru Dakshina | Best Teachers: Two young teachers from Kanyakumari in Kashmir, let’s meet them

RK Srivastava Guru of Mathematics: From Kanyakumari to Kashmir, two young teachers from India are everywhere. Their hard work and dedication give them the passion to learn that by believing in themselves and working hard, success is definitely achieved one day. Today we tell you the inspiring story of Professors Alakh Pandey and RK Srivastava. Yes, this is the same Alakh Pandey who is a billionaire right now and RK Srivastava is turning financially poor students into engineers by teaching only ₹1 Guru Dakshina.

Alakh Pandey, a matriculation teacher from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, has the distinction of becoming the owner of the country’s 101st unicorn. His story is nothing short of an inspiration. A 30-year-old has surprised everyone by starting a company worth Rs 777 crore.

With this performance, he has raised the star of Sangam city to the heights. Alakh, who started the company from a small room in 2017, has achieved this feat. At one point, Unacademy had offered him an annual package of Rs 4 crore, but he turned down that package and focused on building his company.

Now let’s talk about the famous auto rickshaw teacher of the country, RK Srivastava from Bihar.

Talk about RK Srivastava Mathematics Guru

A teacher’s way of teaching from Bihar is becoming famous all over the world and is getting praise from people. RK Srivastava from Bikramganj in Rohtas district is also collecting a lot of headlines for his academic work style on social media. The campaign of evening maths classes which are run by them and teaching maths from the jugaad brossa has become a topic of discussion across the country. RK Srivastava’s name is also registered in the World Book of Records. He has started a unique initiative to give hands-on mathematics education to children.

This academic playground teacher who becomes an engineer after studying for ₹1, we are talking about Bihar’s maths guru RK Srivastava.

There is a saying in Bihar that if you become an example of humanity, a personality like maths guru RK Srivastava emerged who always worked in the interest of the society and was easily accepted by the country. In the same way that history does not happen, it is not created, in the same way a teacher is a gift given by nature, it is not created but born. The name of one such creation of nature is Rajinikanth Srivastava, also known as RK Srivastava.

Bihar is still famous for its unique academics across the country. RK Srivastava’s teaching method has drawn such a line that the whole world salutes him for his academic style. Yes, of whom there will hardly be anyone who will not know. The name of RK Srivastava, who became an engineer by teaching hundreds of poor students for just ₹1 under the ₹1 Guru Dakshina scheme, is one of the famous teachers in the world today. Who started the revolutionary change in the field of education. His style of academic work is discussed in renowned magazines and newspapers in the country and abroad.

Google Boy Kautilya Pandit is his disciple

Google Boy Kautilya Pandit is his disciple

We didn’t even think that one day someone leaving the village gate would become a message for the country and the world. But it is often seen that those who live in scarcity prove to be successful in drawing the work on the map of the world from their scholarship. Who knew that a common boy or rather an auto driver took a journey to become a mathematician, who would later become a man of history. But this is what happened to the young mathematician RK Srivastava. Until yesterday, those who were confined to the village roads, would one day be covered on the world map, no one knew that.

We are talking about RK Srivastava, a resident of Bikramganj in Rohtas district of Bihar, who, while spending his life in failure, is making poor and helpless students into an engineer by taking Guru Dakshina of Re 1 rupee. RK Srivastava has turned 540 students into engineers so far and this caravan continues.

Many aspects of life have had the opportunity to see RK Srivastava very closely. He has seen many ups and downs in his life. But he did not give up on any situation and one day he achieved his goal while walking towards his goal. Maths guru RK Srivastava, who has been honored as the president, even drove an auto-rickshaw to run his home.

In fact, the financial situation of his house was very bad. His father died in his childhood. The elder brother took the responsibility of the house, when RK was very young. Growing up, he used to study and when his elder brother came tired, he would take the RK car and go out to win on the roads. The condition of the house began to improve slightly. But RK never gave up on his studies. He started by teaching mathematics to the boys in the same class in which he studied. When the income started coming in, it proved to be conducive to running the family.

But what should I say, something else was acceptable to happen. As the responsibility of the house started to recover, RK Srivastava’s elder brother died prematurely. A mountain of calamity erupted at home. All hopes were dashed in an instant. When RK saw the family torn apart, he took courage and stepped forward with the entire responsibility of the house on his shoulders. In this bad period, his studies turned out to be a blessing for him.

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