Need to treat the poor: Brijesh

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  • Deputy CM Brijesh Pathak came to honor the doctors who did excellent work during the Corona period
  • Emphasis on system improvement in government hospitals, says doctor who earns trust as gatekeeper

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Meerut: Deputy CM and Health Minister Brijesh Pathak arrived in Meerut to attend the felicitation ceremony for doctors who have done good work in the field of medicine. Doctors who cared for patients during the Corona period and did good work in different fields were honored here. In his speech at the programme, the Deputy CM said that if a patient is found in the hospital who has no slippers on his feet, food in his stomach and clothes on his body, then he should be treated.

Government hospitals should have the data of their staff and patients

Addressing the doctors, the Deputy CM said that in any hospital, whether public or private, the complete details of its staff and patients should be with the head of the hospital. It also includes all the resources that are present in the hospital. There are 37 hospitals across the state where patient records are done from the computer.

While a large number of patient names are written in the records even today. In this situation, hospitals should have the complete data of their patients. If possible, take pictures of the patients and send them to the mobile so that their records can be kept.

The record of 1.5 thousand patients reaches the government every day.

He said that the first priority of the Yogi government is that no patient goes without treatment. The government receives the figure of more than one and a half million patients every day. Of these, 12,000 patients are in the serious category, in which there are victims of accidents and other accidents.

that need immediate treatment. There are 8,000 patients suffering from serious illnesses such as patients with heart and kidney diseases. Along with this, 5000 operations are done daily in the state, in which medical colleges and PGI should be left out.

It is important to gain the trust of patients

The deputy CM told the doctors that he had to play porter. Just like there is an inquiry counter at the railway station, people prefer to go to the porter instead of going there. In the same way, people also need to have faith in doctors who have to find the doctors in white coats in the same way that the porters in red coats look for them. This trust must be established only then will a relationship between patients and doctors be established.

generic drugs are real

In order to provide affordable medicines to the general public, the government has emphasized on the promotion of generic medicines. There is a sense of security in patients towards generic drugs. Generic medicines are genuine, they are cheaper simply because they are not wrapped in a company wrapper.

Doctors have also been asked to prescribe generic drug salts. The Deputy CM honored the doctors who are doing good work in the field of medicine including Dr. Adhir, Dr. Sanjeev Saxena, Dr. Subhash Yadav, Dr. Puneet Kalra, Dr. Dhruv, Dr. Shivani Kalra, Dr. Virottam Tomar, Dr. 50 doctors including Dnyaneshwar Tonk participated.

100% women’s birth should be done in hospitals

A woman who goes into labor should not be sent back to any hospital. The delivery of each maternity must be done under the supervision of the doctors of the hospitals. In addition, the woman and her baby must be kept under the supervision of doctors in the hospital for 48 hours after delivery. All services and facilities should be provided free of charge. Mother and child should get all vaccinations, all these facilities are free in government hospitals.

MP CM Pathak went to the residence of the Minister of State for Power

Meerut: Deputy Chief Minister of the state Brajesh Pathak arrived in Meerut where he participated in various programmes. During this, the Minister of State for Power reached the residence of Somendra Tomar in Shastrinagar where the workers present received him. Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak was honored by Minister of State Somendra Tomar with a bouquet and a memento.

On this occasion, Bharatiya Janata Party District President Vimal Sharma, State General Secretary Ashwani Tyagi, Meerut Cantt MP Amit Agarwal, MLC Dharmendra Bhardwaj, District Panchayat President Gaurav Chaudhary, former MLA Satyaveer Tyagi, Ex-District President Shiv Kumar Rana, Mandal President Pradeep Kapoor, Mandal President Ram Kumar Choubey, Mandal President Pramod Dixit, Mandal President Deepak Verma, Assembly Coordinator Rahul Gupta , the metropolitan vice president Dr. Vakul Rastogi etc.

Deputy CM honored Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Meerut: State MP CM Brajesh Pathak inaugurated the Dialysis Center set up by the Rotary Club in Ganganagar on Saturday. On this occasion, the Deputy CM honored all the doctors including Dr. Sanjay Gupta of Healthcare.

Also honored by a media group at Crystal Palace. Cantt MP Amit Agarwal, MLC Dharmendra Bharadwaj, Ashwini Tyagi etc were present on this occasion.

– Announcement –

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