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New Delhi23 minutes agoWriters: Deepti Mishra

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Today is the sixth day of the monsoon session. Opposition MPs oppose GST on inflation and food on the premises of Parliament. Congress Rajya Sabha MP Phulo Devi protested against inflation by raising a cylinder on the Parliament premises. This image caught everyone’s attention. There were a lot of people Googling about Phulo Devi Netam. No one in the family is involved in politics, but how did she become a Congress favorite? Chhattisgarh Mahila Congress President Phulo Devi Netam said in a conversation with Woman Bhaskar…

Phulo Devi Netam says to protest against inflation and GST, we went to Parliament with milk, curd, oil and cylinders. All party leaders protested against inflation. A debate on inflation and VAT was called for in Parliament. After that many leaders including Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi left. When the crowd started to decrease, I took the top hat and started raising anti-inflation slogans. During this time some journalists present there took this photograph. After a while, I saw a picture of me carrying my gas cylinder around. This image will be a headline, I didn’t think so. I was just trying to bring out the feelings of the women of the country in front of everyone.

Question: How was the childhood of a tribal girl?
Phoolo Devi– ‘I am a farmer’s daughter. He stayed in the village and worked in the fields. Grazing of buffaloes and goats. Break tendu leaves (from which beedis are made). He chose Mahua and took him home. I did all the things any poor, tribal girl would do. Studied till 12. Played Kabaddi and Kho-Kho in school. When tournaments were held and our team moved to another school, I was made a leader. The masters said that all the girls will stay with you, watch over them and take care of them.

Rajya Sabha MP Phulo Devi Netam.

Rajya Sabha MP Phulo Devi Netam.

As soon as 12th passed, his parents and maternal uncle took a liking to the boy. The match took place, but the marriage took place a year later. Everyone’s marriages were like that then. The husband works in government. He is the blog development officer. The gentleman worked hard at his job and I took care of the household. At the age of 20 I became a mother of a son. Just like this married life was happening.

Question: If no one is involved in politics in the family, then how did single Phulo Devi get into it?
Phoolo Devi- Leave any politics in my maternal house or my in-laws everywhere, there was no Pradhan/Sarpanch or even Mukhiya. It is a matter of 1994 district panchayat election was going on in Chhattisgarh. I also contested the election of member of Farasgaon Zilla Panchayat. It was written for the luck of entering politics, so the situation grew and I kept moving forward. People chose me. I had won the election. He was happy just that. The seat of the district president was reserved for women. Everyone sent my name. He said I am polite. I am familiar with the problems of society. In this way I became the president of the district.

Elections were held in 1998 to the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly. I entered the electoral fray on the Congress party ticket. The people trusted me and brought me to the assembly. In the state government, I was given the responsibility of the Women and Child Welfare Department, which I performed well. He contested the 2003 assembly elections, but lost. At that time there was the status of Minister of State. I was given the status of Minister of State. In 2005, he became the district president of Bastar. In 2008, he contested the Kanker assembly seat but lost again.

Sonia Gandhi trusted me and sent to Rajya Sabha
Whether I won or lost the election, it has not affected my work. I’ve always been in public. Trying to solve the problems of women and children. He worked for the organization. People’s work is like worship to me. I have pleasure That’s why I worked with all my heart. I have never been greedy for office. In 2020, the party, especially Sonia Gandhi, trusted me and sent me to the Rajya Sabha. Since then I raise the issues of child-women, poor and oppressed in Rajya Sabha. I am his voice.

What challenges have you had to face in politics as a woman?
Phoolo Devi- The road to politics is not easy for women. Women are good in politics, they do a good job, they work hard, even then questions arise. There are all kinds of stigmas. Along with the opposition, there are also people in your party, who do not see you moving forward, but if all this is taken care of, you cannot move forward. I always had to work for women, children, region and state, so I focused on public welfare and not on people’s complaints.

Rajya Sabha MP Phulo Devi Netam planting paddy with women farmers in the field.  stock photo

Rajya Sabha MP Phulo Devi Netam planting paddy with women farmers in the field. stock photo

Question- How did you manage both politics and family together?
Phoolo Devi- Before entering politics, she was the mother of one son. The younger son came after joining politics. He always received the full support of the family. My brother accompanied me to the assembly. When I used to join the discussion, my son used to stay with his maternal uncle. While he was busy with elections and organizational tasks, the husband took care of the home and the children. Nobody ever stopped. So it was easy for me to manage both politics and family together. Now the elder son is in real estate and the younger son is doing civil engineering. Children have no interest in politics.

Question- What do you do to keep your spirits up after losing the election?
Phoolo Devi- There are ups and downs in politics. The verdict of the people must be accepted. People have chosen or not, but their decision must be respected. This is what I do. The rest takes care of my household chores. When he used to have time, he would cook food for the family, decorate his house in his own way, but now he has no time.

I have no daughters, so I will marry after growing up, educate the girls of relatives and acquaintances. Currently some girls are staying at my house, when I come home, they cook my favorite food. It is a great pleasure to see smiling faces of daughters. Well, what’s your favorite food? In response to this, the answer is immediately received: urad dal ka bada and kheer ..after that he smiles.

Question- Effect of inflation on women?
Phoolo Devi- Curd, buttermilk, oil-ghee, pulses, flour, spices and gas cylinders touch the sky. The poor get kicked in the stomach. Women are upset. It is increasingly difficult for poor and disadvantaged families to get two meals a day. Along with food, GST has been imposed on pencils, eraser cutters, everything. After all, how do people fill their stomachs, how do children read?

In this situation, there is only one demand from our government – ​​reduce GST. Control inflation and the Prime Minister should come to the House and discuss it in Parliament.

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