What is free retention? Difference between freehold and leasehold

What is free retention? What does lease mean? Register of leased land, how old is the land contract? Lease Deed Format? Record of leased land, process of land lease Uttar Pradesh, what is the process of acquiring government land on lease?

Friends, property is currently the most popular investment market. Anyone who has Rs 10-15 lakh, when they think of investments, property comes to their mind. It has also given good returns in recent years. The property is also freehold as well as leasehold. Today in this post we will give you detailed information about freehold and leasehold land. Let’s get started-

What are the property types? (How many property types are there?)

Friends, do you know how many types of properties there are? (How many types of property are there?) Friends, if we talk about India, there can be two types of property here. A freehold and a leasehold. Many times, leasehold property is converted into freehold to fulfill its residential or commercial purposes. For this, measures are taken in accordance with the government rules.

What is free retention? (What is freehold?)

Friends, let us know the meaning of free take now. Free attention means over which no one has any grip or grip. For example, whoever owns the building, the land on which the building is built must also be the owner. That is, in freehold, the owner has full ownership of the property.

What are the advantages of freehold? (What are the advantages of freehold?)

Come on friends, now we tell you what are the advantages of freehold…

  • *Easy to sell, rent or manage.
  • *Complications are minor. Its owner is not responsible to anyone else.
  • * Additional rooms or floors can be made, etc. on free land.

What does lease mean? (What is the meaning of lease?)

Friends, lease is also called patta in Hindi. It is basically a form of contract between the landlord and the tenant. This contract usually lasts no longer than 11 months. It is clear that in this the lessee is not the owner of the land, but pays a fixed amount every month to the owner of the land.

How long can the rental be? (The lease is for how long?)

Many people are confused about the lease period. Want to know how long the lease period is? So we tell you friends that the lease period can be minimum one year and maximum 99 years. During the term of the lease, the lessee may use the property as mentioned in the lease letter, but may not claim ownership over the same. That is, if the tenant wants to make any modifications to the building, he will have to contact the real owner for this.

What are the advantages of owning a rental property? (What are the advantages of rental property?)

Now you must be thinking that what can be the benefits of renting properties. Let us give you information about them-

  • * The main advantage of rental property is that your liabilities are limited.
  • * You don’t have to spend your own money on major repairs or damage.
  • * You can live off the regular maintenance cost.

What is the difference between freehold and leasehold? (What is the difference between freehold and leasehold?)

Now we explain the difference between freehold and leasehold. It has several bases, which are as follows:

What is free retention?  Difference between freehold and leasehold.  Registration of leased land


The freehold is the total property of the owner. At the same time, the lessee cannot claim ownership of the leased property.


Freehold is the owner’s right to the property until it is sold. The lessee can only use the asset for the duration of the lease.


The owner of a freehold has an unlimited right to alter, sell, rent or lease the property. But the lessee cannot sell the property without the permission of the real owner of the land, he cannot transfer it. No structural changes can be made.

Bank loan:

Banks readily finance free assets. At the same time, they give loan against the gene of the lease only if the tenure of the lease is more than 30 years.


The owner of the freehold is responsible for its maintenance and conservation. The tenant does not have to worry about maintenance, repair, etc. of the leased land.

Use of the property:

The owner of a freehold is free to use his property as he wishes. You can invite guests, have pets, rent out the property, etc. But the lessee can only use the leased land for what the land was leased for.

How is the leased land registered? (How is the land registered?)

Friends, as we told you that renting means allowing the use of a property according to the stipulated term by paying a stipulated fee. In this situation, there is no registration of the land because the lessee cannot sell this land.

What is a lease? (What is a lease?)

Friends, we inform you that the lease agreement basically mentions the conditions under which the property owner undertakes to allow the use of the property by the tenant in return for a fixed amount every month. This lease or lease clearly divides the responsibilities and accountabilities between the lessee and the land owner.
The lease can be changed before you sign it.

In legal terms, a lease is a legally binding document, which is certified and signed by both parties. It is mandatory for both parties to follow the instructions mentioned here.

What is the format of the lease deed? (What is the format of the lease deed?)

The lease deed has a fixed format. Also, what information is mentioned in it, is also decided in advance. I like-

Details of both parties with address:

It contains the name and address of each member who occupies the rented accommodation/rental property. The document will be considered valid only if it is signed by all of them.

Lease/rental terms and conditions:

All terms and conditions will be mentioned in the lease deed. In this, the lease period, when will the rent increase and what will be its percentage? If a lease has been made for five years, will there be an interim increase in the lease? What will be the rent amount each month? What will be the payment date? How and when will the rent be paid? etc

Trading limit:

If the property is leased for the operation of any business, the extent of the tenant’s business in question must be clearly indicated. This would give you the legal right to vacate a tenant’s property.

Maintenance and repair:

This is often the real root of the landlord-tenant dispute. Therefore, all matters relating to maintenance and repairs must be made clear in the lease deed. This gives comfort to both parties.


Various clauses can be created depending on the location or condition of the property as well as your individual requirements.

Above all, keep in mind that you rent the property only to its legal owner. not from any third party. Although you may have completed the initial formalities with an agent, the landlord or their legally authorized signatory must be present during the signing of the lease to make it valid. signatory).

What is the process for leasing government land? (What is the process for leasing government land?)

Friends, if we talk about Uttar Pradesh, we tell you that the state government has simplified the process of acquiring government leased land. Whatever government land is available in the district, its list will be available online with the collector. Prior to this, consent will be sought from government departments regarding the requirement of the land in question. If any government department does not require land, it can be leased.

Can the government take back the leased land? (Can the government take back the land given on rent?)

Do we, many of you, think that the government can take back the leased land? So guys, the answer is yes. If your land is coming in the way of development activities like industrialization or urbanization, the government can take a decision to reclaim that land. It is a different matter that you will be paid a fixed price in square feet depending on the land.

Can leased land be converted into freehold? (Can leased land be converted into freehold?)

If you ask, can the leased land be converted into freehold? So the answer is yes. If you want to convert your leasehold to freehold, first of all, talk to the leaseholder and ask if they are okay with selling the property.

If they do, you will now need to prepare a clear deed of sale. NOC will have to be assumed for this. You will also have to pay a certain conversion fee to the government to change the status of the property.

What are the documents required to convert the leased property into freehold? (What are the documents required to change the land from lease to freehold?)

Friends, now we are telling you that if a person wants to convert the leased property into freehold, what documents will he ask for. Is it like that-

  • * Copy of the lease or sublease deed.
  • * Copy of the lease.
  • *Copy of the power of attorney.
  • Proof of ownership, such as a property tax receipt.
  • * Award letter issued by the government.
  • * NIGHT (if necessary).

What type of property do people prefer for housing and business? (What type of property do people prefer for residence and business?)

Friends, people like both types of property according to their requirement. For example, a freehold residential property gives the buyer good control and convenience over the property. Hence, people prefer vacant properties for residential purposes. But if it is for commercial use, then they give more importance to the leased property, because it reduces their expenses. The liability and legal hassle on them is also less.

What does free retention mean?

Free hold literally means to be free of hold. In this, the owner has full ownership of the property.

What is meant by lease?

In the lease, the property is given for a specified use in exchange for the payment of a fixed rent.

What is the biggest difference between leasehold and freehold?

The biggest difference between these two types of property is ownership.

What type of property do people prefer for residential purposes?

People prefer freehold for residential purposes.

Which property do people prefer for business purposes?

People prefer leased property for business purposes.

Can leased property become freehold?

Yes, leased assets can be converted into freehold.

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