What to give children to eat during rainy days and what to avoid

Monsoon is the time when the earth blooms, there is vegetation everywhere and many new creatures are born. The smell of the earth after rain is liked by everyone from children to the elderly and there is hardly anyone who does not like to get wet in the rain, especially children. However, despite all these good things, the monsoon brings with it infections and diseases caused by germs. Here we are sharing with you such information which will help you to prevent baby from getting sick during rainy season. Remember to only give nutritious things to your children and keep their immunity strong as they may be vulnerable to diseases.

Foods to boost your baby’s immunity during monsoon

Here is a list of some of the best foods to boost kids immunity during monsoon. Here’s what you can include in your children’s diet:

1. Garlic


Garlic is an antioxidant herb that helps boost immunity and also improves the digestive power of the body. Garlic is used in many ways (medicine and food), such as it can be used in different foods along with spices to make food tasty. Serving a spoonful of garlic chutney with a meal on a plate is one of the best ways to include garlic in your daily diet. Garlic chutney is delicious and easy to make and kids love it too. Use the amount of chilli in the chutney according to the age of your child as eating too spicy food is not good for young children.

2. Turmeric


It is a wonderful spice, it has antioxidant, antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, as well as strengthening immunity, so it can be added to your child’s daily diet. included Turmeric contains a large component called “curcumin” which makes it a good antioxidant. Give your baby turmeric milk before bedtime to help them sleep well and fight off any infections that affect the immune system.

3. Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is rich in antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Which is very beneficial for your child’s health. Obviously, getting children to consume bitter gourd is quite a challenge, but their health cannot be ignored, especially at a time when the chances of falling ill are high. Bitter gourd is especially known to help with respiratory problems.

4. Seasonal fruits

seasonal fruit

The fruits that arrive during the rainy season are rich in antioxidants and help children fight any disease. Berries, litchis, cherries, peaches and plums are some of the fruits that you and your baby should consume. Pomegranate, apple, banana, pear and papaya are other fruits that you can include in your diet. this vitamin CThey are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and will therefore help protect the child’s body from any infection.

5. Lentils


There are many types of legumes. They are considered very good for the overall development and health of children. Because it is the best source of protein and energy. Lentils are one such food that helps your child fight any type of seasonal infection. If your child already has the flu, try giving him lentil soup as it will help him recover faster.

6. Soup


heat during the rain soup Gives heat to the body. Not only does soup work well to prevent the body from catching a cold, but it is also one of the best foods to feed your baby when he is sick. You can make chicken soup with vegetables or a delicious soup with only vegetables.

7. Nuts and seeds

nuts and seeds

Your kids can have almonds, walnuts and cashews as a healthy snack. Sesame and flax seeds can also be included in the daily diet of children. Nuts like dates and raisins are also beneficial for them. You can also roast it and give it to the kids so that they get a different taste of nuts and seeds.

8. Beetroot


Beetroot contains vitamins, minerals, potassium and folic acid. It is considered a great vegetable that helps detoxify the body. Although your child may feel a little lethargic because of this, but after eating this vegetable, his body’s resistance increases.

9. Tofu


calcium tofu, iron and is rich in amino acids. It can be part of a healthy diet and is also good for your baby’s health. Include it in your baby’s diet during monsoons instead of dairy products like paneer.

10. Brief


Boiling some herbs in water and then giving them to the baby ensures that he will be able to fight off the health problems that occur during the monsoon season. Add spices like cinnamon, fenugreek, cumin, black pepper, ginger and basil. You can add a little honey to sweeten the mixture, but if your baby is under one year old, honey Do not put Also, be aware of the amount of spices you use, because children should not be given very spicy food.

What should children avoid eating during the rainy season?

Here are some foods that children should absolutely avoid during the rainy season:

1. Oily and fried foods

Oily and fried foods

Fried foods and other foods rich in oil (pickles, pickles, etc.). It is not advisable to consume them during the rainy season as it slows down the digestive system. It is very important to have good digestion during monsoon. It might be a little difficult for you to completely give up fried foods, but if you want to keep your baby healthy during this season, go for it.

2. Throat and Ice Lollipop

Throat and Ice Lollipop

Street vendors make ice balls and ice powder from unpurified water. If your child can’t live without popsicles, you can make and feed them at home instead of allowing them to eat tainted candy.

3. Fish and other seafood

fish and other seafood

Not only do fish spoil quickly during the monsoon season, monsoon is the time when most types of fish spawn. This will affect the taste and quality of the fish you get. It is better to consume more poultry at this time.

4. Salty food

salty food

Consumption of very salty food should be avoided during monsoon. This increases the chances of water retention and lethargy in the baby, so it is advised to consume salt in moderation. However, you should never consume too much salt, especially pay special attention in humid weather.

5. Mango


This is the delicious fruit to stay away from during monsoons as its consumption during this season can lead to acne, skin problems and digestive problems. If your child already has skin and digestive problems, its consumption may increase the risk even more.

6. Yogurt


Curd has cooling properties which makes it unsuitable to be consumed during the monsoon season as the chances of catching cold in babies are very high during this season. It can also aggravate the sinuses. Stay away from lassi and other products that use curd.

7. Certain Dairy Products

some dairy products

Drinking milk is allowed during monsoon, but other dairy products can spoil very quickly during this season. So always use dairy products in monsoon only after checking whether it is safe or not.

8. Soft drinks


Fizzy drinks reduce the amount of minerals in our body, which leads to a decrease in enzyme activity in the body. This means that if your child consumes soft drinks, his digestive system, which is already fighting the risk of digestive problems during the monsoon season, will become more vulnerable and eventually fall ill.

9. Salads and Raw Fruits

Salads and Raw Fruits

You may be surprised to hear this and may wonder when fruits and vegetables start to go bad? They are very beneficial for everyone. However, during monsoon, the fruits and vegetables are dirtier than usual and it is very difficult to wash everything thoroughly.

That doesn’t mean you should stop eating them, but make sure you wash them well and serve them in smoothies, juices or steamed vegetables instead of raw salads. Avoid drinking fruit juices from outside stores, as the fruits may have been harvested some time ago and have become contaminated.

10. Street food

street food

Street food is the main reason people get sick during monsoon. The contamination potential of street food is very high, as the water they use is easily contaminated. So foods like pani puri, chaat should be avoided during this season. Also, avoid eating out as much as possible, as many restaurants and street food vendors cut the vegetables and prepare the dough in advance to serve quickly. When these things are prepared in advance, they become contaminated due to germs, viruses and bacteria produced during the rainy season, which can be very dangerous to consume.

India is a land of spices, make sure you make good use of all the spices available while preparing your baby’s food as many of them work on their own and have immunity boosting properties. The same goes for fruits and vegetables, which is why it’s important to know how to consume the right fruits at the right time. Remember to avoid feeding children outside food and feed them home-cooked food with love. This will give them a sense of comfort and belonging.

It is very important to always keep your children well hydrated with fresh and clean water. Water is very important to the human body as it helps strengthen organs and improves overall health. It strengthens your baby and allows it to fight germs, bacteria and viruses, as water contains many essential minerals for the body.

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