After killing the drunken son, the corpse was cut into pieces with a grinder, the doctor gave life by writing ‘I love you mom-dad’ in MP. After killing the drunken son, the corpse was cut into pieces with a grinder, the doctor gave her life by writing ‘I love you mom-dad’ in MP.

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  • After killing the drunken son, the corpse was cut into pieces with a grinder, the lady doctor gave him life by writing “I Love You Mom Papa” in MP

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1. Writing “I love you mom and dad”, the doctor gave her life by giving herself an injection of anesthesia

Indore, the young doctor at MY Hospital, committed suicide by taking an anesthetic injection. Police also found a suicide note from the spot. In which the doctor said after losing his life and giving life of his own free will. The note also said “I love you mom-dad”. Apoorva, a doctor originally from Seoni, was said to be depressed. That’s why he took this step.

2. Giving birth to a boy 9 days ago in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, Sonia missed her reet exam due to delay

Jhunjhunu’s mother Sonia did not get REET admission in Rajasthan. Sonia explained that she gave birth to a son 9 days ago on July 14 by caesarean section. Due to the broken road, the car had to drive slowly. That’s why I arrived at the exam center five minutes late. The doctor’s medical certificate was also shown to the policemen at the door, but they were not allowed to enter. At the exam center on the Seth Motilal College campus, women took part barefoot in the Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Race.

3. The actress attacked, under the suspicion of having an affair with her husband, the woman attacked the thugs; The actress ran away from the car

A video of Oriya actress Prakriti Mishra is going viral on social media where her co-actor Babushan Mohanty’s wife is seen beating her. In the viral video, Prakriti is seen holding a woman in her car. You can also see people coming out of the surrounding area making videos and nature asking for help. Somehow she gets out of the car. After that, the woman starts following him in the car. To avoid him, he sits in the car.

4. 15-year-old girl said- Father hits me with a stick, hold me; the lover was carried away

In Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, a 15-year-old girl eloped with her lover and got married in a temple. When the girl’s father reported to the police, the police team also went to catch them. The police also recovered the girl. When asked, he said that the girlfriend called and said that my father was beating me with a stick. try to burn To save his girlfriend from being beaten by her father, he took her away from home. The police, who went to catch the pair of lovers, were attacked with bricks and stones by the lover’s friends.

5. Right not to write mother’s name on certificate, Kerala High Court orders

The Kerala High Court has given an important judgment, which said that a person has every right not to write the father’s name on his identity documents. The court passed this order in view of the hardships faced by single mothers and children of rape victims. The court directed that the certificate be issued only in the name of the mother as parents of the petitioner. The court cited the example of Karna, the Mahabharata character and said “we want a society where there is no Karna, who curses his life”. He had to face the humiliation of not knowing his parents’ names.

6. Dia Mirza’s son was seen playing with the book, the mother shared a cute video

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza has shared a cute video of her son on social media. In this video, Avyan is seen playing with books. Watching the video, it looks like Avyan is looking for books to read, now this cute video of his is getting a lot of likes. Let us tell you that Diya has named her son Avyan Azad Rekhi.

7. Telangana Governor turned IPS messiah, gave first aid when flight stopped breathing

An IPS officer’s health suddenly deteriorated on an Indigo Airlines flight from Delhi to Hyderabad. During this, Telangana Governor Tamilisai Sundararajan, who was on the flight, saved his life. Kripanand Tripathi Ujela, a 1994 batch officer, had dengue. Halfway through the flight, he developed a high fever, due to the fever, Kripanand began to feel restless. Seeing IPS officer Kripanand in trouble, the governor approached him and took care of him till the flight reached Hyderabad. The Governor of Telangana is a doctor by profession.

8. The son was killed by the retired officer, the dead body was thrown in different areas shredding it to pieces.

Police were investigating the incident after several bodies were found in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. CCTV footage has now revealed that the young man was killed by his father. After that, the police arrested the accused father. The retired officer’s father said his son was addicted to alcohol. He often beat her while intoxicated. Frustrated by this, after the murder, he cut the corpse with a grinder and threw it in different areas. The accused’s wife is dead and he was living with his son.

9. Cricketer Krunal Pandya became a father, shared the photo and said the name of the child

Cricketer Krunal Pandya has become a father. He shared the photo of the boy with his wife Pankhuri. In the caption, he wrote the boy’s name: Kaveer Krunal Pandya. After this post, the process of congratulations on social media began. In his post, KL Rahul wrote “Congratulations to both of you.” While Hardik’s wife Natasha shared the written heart emoji.

10. Rajbhar said Akhilesh couldn’t handle sister in law and uncle what will he handle

Subhaspa boss Omprakash Rajbhar has targeted Akhilesh Yadav. He said, ‘Akhilesh Yadav could not cope with his sister-in-law Aparna Yadav. If even the real uncle can’t handle Shivpal Yadav, then what will handle me? He doesn’t listen to anyone. AC air has damaged UP politics. Rajbhar also said that in BJP, it is not of Yogi ji but of Modiji and Amit Shah.

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