Weekly horoscope numerology prediction from 25th to 31st July 2022 saptahik ank jyotish

This week the lord of Radix 3 is changing the movement of Jupiter while all this week Mercury, the lord of Radix 5, will move with the Sun in Cancer and finally change the zodiac. Among this change of planets, the combination of numbers and equations will also change. In this situation, the week will be favorable for the people of Radix 5 and 9. How will the last week of July be for other radix, you know what numerology calculation says.

Base 1: Opponents will continue to be abused this week

Being clear in your thoughts is the hallmark of your personality, and because of this clarity of thought, your determined work will be completed in the last week of July. People who work with you may also resent you because of your determined and stubborn nature. But apparently everyone will respect you. In general, your opponents will also be abused by your work capacity and personality. Housewives should control your anger, otherwise the atmosphere in the house can be spoiled for the whole week. This week will become a regular activity for politicians and the media. Red and white clothes will bode well for you this week, but don’t wear these colors on Thursday and Saturday.

Base 2: You will have a good relationship with people


Due to the gentle personality of Radix 2 and the predominance of the planet Moon, this week of July can remain completely imaginative, artistic and romantic. Due to the strong imagination, many practical tasks may be pending. This week you will have a good relationship with people, although it may not be of much use to them, but they will not be able to live without being influenced by you. You are likely to be shaky and unwell by mid-week. Due to the predominance of thoughts, there may be a lack of continuity in your plans during this period. This week you must especially avoid the reaction of others, otherwise the excess of sensitivity can make the environment around you sad and even depressed.

Base 3: Will be able to make the right decisions


Radix 3 and Jupiter are considered to be in great coordination and that is why this Thursday of the last week of July is considered something special for you. Your number coordination is better than the 3, 6 and 9, so the 27th and 30th this week will be important for you. This week you will be unnecessarily worried about people who are settled in distant places. You’ll be more unhappy this week because you can’t meet your friends face to face and be out of your mind. Your projections are likely to be more accurate this week compared to last week, so you can confidently make the right decisions for the future.

Radius 4: The mind will be happy


Being unconventional in thoughts and positive attitude is an important part of your personality for Radix 4. Because of this personality, not only your friends but also your opponents will be convinced of you this week. You will be extraordinarily sensitive this week, so you may feel bad about the jokes of a dear friend and you may also get mentally upset. Work in the middle of the week can take you away from your family, so your absence in some serious family matters can make your family angry with you. The cooperative attitude of the children will delight the mind and you will want to have fun with them all week long.

Base 5: There will be great relief in financial matters


The behavior or attitude of children during the last week of July can be a little disturbing for the people of Radix 5, but you will find your friends by your side every step of the way. This week you can get great relief in financial matters, you may also get stuck with money unintentionally. This week you can reap benefits from stock, partnership or agency work. A clear vision is expected to develop this week. If you are single or in a relationship with someone, be careful this week, unnecessary conversations and arguments can create bitterness in your relationships. Green and white clothing will bode well for you this week, but don’t wear green and white clothing on Thursday.

Radix 6: Will be working on plans this week


Those with Radix 6 will work on pending plans and ideas this week of July. Traders may experience a cash crunch this week. Also, the problems they will face will be general in nature and you will demonstrate that you are fully capable of dealing with them as well. Government issues that are causing you problems, this week is favorable to resolve these issues. New love relationships can begin in the middle of the week, the intensity of these relationships will also remain for a long time. Blue, green and red clothes will be favorable for you this week.

Number 7: You will be able to solve problems


Radix 7 people will be satisfied and happy this week of July because of their actions. This week is the best for solving problems while sitting in the office or at home. If you are going through a problem, everyone should be able to express their views in the meeting, only then your problem will also be solved. In the middle of the week, there may be some upheaval in love relationships, but conversations will resolve the situation. Concerns related to the health of the elderly and worries of children can disturb the entire week, so to deal with these problems, you will give maximum time to religious and spiritual activities.

Base 8: will progress in all areas


According to numerology, romantic feelings will take their toll this week among Radix 8 people. The married life of married people will be happy and the love of beloved couples will remain at its peak. Family members will also offer you all possible support this week and thus you will make progress in all important aspects and areas. This week in July, you will be successful in launching the most ambitious plan of your life. After a long time, there is a possibility of peace of mind. Financially, this time will be good. Big financial problems will be solved.

Radix 9: You will get relief from complex problems


The people of Radix 9 have an unprecedented ability to fight against situations, and thanks to this ability, your opponents will also be defeated this week. You are likely to get relief from some complex issues this week. Avoid excessive emotional thinking, this thinking can cause you great harm. The last three days of the week can yield amazing results, and these results will be auspicious for you. For people related to literature, music and art, this week can be successful and desired. Avoid cough and respiratory diseases.

Pinaki Mishra (Numerologist) Dr.


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